Top Best-Located Budget Hotels in Shanghai

It's easy to spend a fortune in Shanghai on shopping and eating, so it makes sense to choose a budget hotel that puts you in the heart of the city but saves you money to spend on other pursuits.

Shanghai is historically a place where people from all over the world came to make their fortunes. Far more lost their shirts than stocked up on gold bars, but Shanghai's decadence and capacity to soak up every last Taipan's dime is not lost on travelers today.

A Note About Budget Hotels in China

You can easily book hotels based on price on websites like Agoda (my preferred) and so there is not longer a real need for someone like me to make recommendations. However, I can share some pertinent information about Chinese-run large chain hotels:

  • There's really no such thing as non-smoking rooms. If you book a non-smoking room, it really just means that you will not be smoking in it, but everyone before and after you will be. It will smell of smoke, and there will be ashtrays everywhere. So be warned.
  • Chinese-style mattresses are extremely firm, and, by this, I mean that the wood floor might be more comfortable.
  • If there is a breakfast buffet included, then I recommend you arrive at least one hour before the end-time of the buffet. This means, if the buffet ends at 9:00 am, you need to arrive at 8:00 to enjoy any sort of breakfast. Food is not typically refreshed for very long and dishes are just left until it runs out.
  • Chains that are going to fall into this category are places like Motel 168, Jinjiang Inn and Hanting Inn.


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Anting Villa Hotel

anting villa hotel shanghai
Photo courtesy of the Anting Villa Hotel. All rights reserved.
  • Address: 46 Anting Road near Yongjia Road | 安亭路46号近永嘉路
  • Telephone: 021-6433-1188
  • Description : The Anting Villa Hotel is in an old mansion in the heart of the former French Concession. It's on a quiet street, so you can escape the craziness of Shanghai traffic, but still be within reasonable walking distance to Heng Shan Road metro stop. Heng Shan Road itself has a number of good restaurants and bars from which to choose.
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Captain Hostel

Fuzhou S Rd, Fengcheng Shi, Shanghai, SH, China
+86 21 6323 5053
  • Address: 37 Fuzhou Road, near Sichuan Zhong Road | 福州路37号近四川中路
  • Telephone: 021-6323-5053
  • Description : The Captain Hostel is in a 1920s art-deco building within walking distance to the Bund, Nanjing Road, People's Square, and Yuyuan Garden. With "Special Class" for those with a higher budget and "Sailor Bunks" for backpackers, the hotel can serve all types of needs. Visit Noah's, its rooftop bar, that affords a fantastic view of the Huang Pu River, the Shanghai skyline and Pudong.
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City Hotel Shanghai

5 Shaanxi S Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200020
+86 21 6255 1133
  • Address: 5 South Shanxi Road, between Yan'an Road and Julu Road | 陕西南路5号近延安路和巨鹿路
  • Telephone: 021-6255-1133
  • Description : City Hotel has a fantastically convenient location, downtown walking distance to Nanjing Road, the former French Concession and Huaihai Middle Road - all of the best areas for shopping and walking. It is also a short cab ride to the tourist spots such as the Bund, People's Square, and Yuyuan Garden. While not much to look at outside, the rooms are well-fitted and the hotel has good facilities.
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Astor House Hotel

15 Huangpu Rd, Hongkou Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200080
+86 21 6324 6388
  • Address: 15 Huang Pu Road, near the Bund
  • Telephone: 021-6324-6388
  • Description: If you want to stay in one of the most historic buildings the most famous district in Shanghai, then the Astor House Hotel, also called the Pujiang Hotel, is the right choice. Minutes away from the colossal buildings on the Bund, the old Astor House was, at the time of its building in 1846, the most luxurious hotel in Asia, having had the first light-bulb in China. Now it hosts budget-conscious travelers who want to experience historical Shanghai.
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ibis Shanghai Yu Garden

85 Zhoujin Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200010
+86 21 3366 2868
  • Address: No 85 Zhoujin Road, (Entrance of Jin Yu Dept Store - 15 Huang Pu Road, near the Bund) | 周锦路85号近黄埔路
  • Telephone: 021-3366-2868
  • Description: ibis hotels are generally good and very economical. This one, near the Bund and Yu Garden, is a in a convenient location with easy access to all sights along the Bund and the Old City.


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