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Little Rock has some great nightlife, especially downtown Little Rock. There are plenty of bars that cater to beer drinkers, and you'll find no shortage of live music. Anywhere on the River Market is a good bet for beer drinkers on a Saturday night; these are just the local favorites.

If you're looking for specialty brew pubs or craft beer, there is a separate list for that. We have a great brewing scene in Little Rock. These are places with a great bar or club atmosphere, but some do serve craft beer.

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    The Flying Saucer (Downtown)

    The Flying Saucers offers a comfy seating area, over 100 beers and is a favorite local hangout. The Flying Saucer is a chain of beer bars but it seems to fit right into the downtown area. My friend Michael gave me a quote about the saucer that sums up local opinion, "[the saucer] is never a bad idea for a beer drinker. Well, actually probably occasionally a bad idea, the beers might be too delicious."

    • 323 President Clinton Avenue
    • Monday-Thursday 11 am-1 am; Friday 11 am-2 am; Saturday 11 am-1 am
    • No cover charge
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    Willy D's and Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bars (Downtown)

    There are two piano bars in downtown Little Rock Willy D's and Ernie Biggs. Both have a similar atmosphere and both are open until around 2 am. You can find a crowd at either one any Saturday night.

    Willy D's

    • 322 President Clinton Avenue
    • Monday-Friday 6 pm-2 am, Sat 6 pm-1 am
    • Cover varies

    Ernie Biggs

    • 307 Clinton Avenue
    • 7 pm-2 am, 7 days a week
    • Cover varies
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    While they are best known for their slightly upscale restaurant, Cajun's has live music and "deck parties" on Thursday nights. Thursday does seem an odd night for a party, but that doesn't stop Little Rock residents. It's the place to be on Thursday. The restaurant just stays open until around 11 but the bar stays open late.

    • 2400 Cantrell Rd
    • Bar: Monday-Saturday 4:30 pm until whenever
    • $5 cover charge after 8:00 pm
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    For the more Southern among us, the Electric Cowboy (formerly BJ's) offers country music (some top 40 stuff is mixed in) and line dancing. They also have a mechanical bull, the occasional wet t-shirt contest and other similar entertainment, pool tables, and big screen TVs. This is the bar your mother warned you about. They are normally packed on the weekends. Caters to those aged 24-35.

    • 9515 Interstate 30
    • Wednesday-Sunday 7:30pm-5:00am
    • $5 cover charge
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    Grumpy's Too (West Little Rock)

    Grumpy's is a sports bar with live entertainment divided into four sections: projection screen television near the stage, dining area, sitting area near dart boards, pool tables and more televisions. It's one of the only clubs that stays open late in West Little Rock.

    • 1801 Green Mountain Drive
    • No cover charge
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    Vino's (Downtown)

    Vino's is a pizza place, a brewery, and a place to hear some great live music. Check their site for a schedule and to find out more about the bands (they're mostly alternative). Try their beer, too. I hear the Firehouse Pale Ale is quite nice.

    • 923 West 7th
    • Cover fee and hours vary, check the schedule.
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    They call it a rock'n'roll chicken shack and that's exactly what it is. They feature mostly rock musicians from around Arkansas but do occasionally have some hip-hop or bluegrass and some out of town acts. They do have a rather annoyingly designed schedule that also includes the Rev Room (another downtown hangout).

    • 107 S Commerce
    • Monday-Friday 11 am-2 pm, 4 pm-whenever; Saturday 11 am-1 am
    • Check schedule for cover fee.
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    Discovery has 4 different dance clubs. Altogether there are 35,000 square feet of space inside its doors. Includes all types of techno, top 40, trance, and bands for dancing. Discovery was once regarded as a gay bar but has since turned more mainstream. You will see drag shows (specifically at 12:00 am and 2:00 am) and alternative lifestyles are welcome. Caters to those aged 24-35.

    • Jessie Road
    • Open Saturdays from 9 pm til 5 am (only 1 night each week)
    • "Membership Charge" (i.e. cover charge)
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    West End has pool tables but they also have live music and great food. If you like sports, West End has numerous television sets all set to different (sometimes the same) sporting events.

    • 215 N Shackleford Rd
    • Monday-Thursday: 3 pm to 2 am; Friday-Sunday: 11 am to 2 am
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    Midtown Billiards is open until 5:00 am so they get the really late owls and sometimes celebrities come in when they're in town. It is a private club (member fee) with live music on some nights. They're said to have one of the best burgers in town so if you're out late and looking for good food, this is the place to go!

    • 1316 S. Main St.
    • Open from 3 pm-5 am, grill open until 4:30 am
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    Cornerstone Pub (North Little Rock)

    Cornerstone Pub advertises music and libations. They have several TVs so you can catch the latest game and, of course, a large selection of libations.

    • 314 Main St. (NLR)
    • 21+ only
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    Fox and Hound (NLR)

    Fox and the Hound is a chain sports bar located in North Little Rock. You, or someone in your party, must be a member to get in (it's just a $5 fee). They have pool tables, dart boards and televisions galore. Open until 1:30.

    • 2800 Lakewood Village Drive