Best Latin Food in Vancouver - Vancouver's Top Latin Restaurants

Where to Find Great Latin American Food in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is famous for being a food-destination city. We have some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Canada (with our share of celebrity chefs), are home to the best Chinese food in the world, and have lots of options for truly-authentic Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indian cuisine.

But finding authentic and delicious Latin food in Vancouver isn't as easy. Use this Guide to the Best Latin Food in Vancouver to find Vancouver's top Latin American restaurants for every budget!

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    Best Latin Food in Vancouver: Boteca Brasil
    Feijoada at Boteca Brasil. Photo by Dana Lynch

    My partner is Brazilian, so when it comes to Latin food in Vancouver, Brazilian options are always at the top of his wish-list. Opened in winter 2011, Boteco Brasil has an out-of-the-way location (2545 Nanaimo Street), but it's worth the trip if you want home-style Brazilian cuisine made by Brazilians. Boteco Brasil is reasonably priced and serves every-day Brazilian dishes, including coxhinas, feijoada (black beans stewed with pork), and picanha (beef seasoned with sea salt). And yes, they also have Guarana.

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    El Salvadorean cuisine is a popular subset of Latin food in Vancouver, and one of the most popular El Salvadorean restaurants is Rinconcito Salvadorean on Commercial Drive (2062 Commercial Dr.). To be perfectly honest, I find Rinconcito just "OK," but I'm including it here because I know many devout fans of this restaurant, including native El Salvadoreans who tell me they serve the "best pupusas ever." For vegan Latin-food lovers, the pupusas are a terrific option!

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    Las Margaritas

    To include Las Margaritas (1999 West 4th Avenue) on a list of best Latin food in Vancouver is a bit of a cheat: Las Margaritas is California-style Mexican food; it's not remotely Latin. But it is very, very tasty, and it absolutely hits the spot after a day at Kits Beach, when a salmon burrito smothered in cheese sounds like heaven.

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    With two locations (322 W. Hastings & 2549 Cambie), La Taqueria is making quite a name for itself as a top spot for Latin food in Vancouver. More specifically, it serves delicious tacos! Originally created to mimic a pinche taco stand, La Taqueria's tacos are inexpensive ($2.50 each) and come in a wide variety, including vegetarian options.