The Best Late Night Meals On The Las Vegas Strip

Where To eat After You Leave A Las Vegas Nightclub

Right as you leave the nightclub for the night you instantly think about one more option to extend the evening, right? After the club scene cools off you need to re-energize with a decent meal so you might want to have a list of options. Toucan Harry's at the Stardust was once my favorite spot for the very late night meal, these days I have my meal of Bourbon and ice at any bar that will serve me. You on the other hand should have a slice of pizza. Or Banana Pancakes. Or Fried Chicken. Yeah, I'm always craving something when it comes to late night meals.

Looking for late night eating off the strip?

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    ••• Off The Strip at LINQ Las Vegas.

    You can eat all day and all night at Off The strip located inside the LINQ Las Vegas entertainment district. This 24 hour restaurant not only does a late night meal well, it does the art of a late night drink even better. During the summer months the nightcap on their patio is a welcome addition to the Las Vegas strip late night food options.


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    It's a lounge so you'll actually kill two birds with one stone here. End your night at the bar with a scorpion by the fire and then stroll over the the coffee house and fill up on a stack of pancakes and coffee. That's Vegas, Baby!
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    Citizens at Mandalay Bay

    I'll get up early or stay out really late just for some Banana Pancakes. You should as well. Whatever you do, do not try the ultimate slider challenge late in to the evening. 24 sliders in 24 minutes is a recipe for disaster after a long night out. Your friends will be entertained but you will not wake up happy.
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    Walk down a quite hallway into a tiny room with a counter, a few chairs and a few guys tossing pizzas. It's simple, no frills and some decent pizza late at night at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
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    If you need late night noodles this is the spot however it only is good on the weekends as they close early every night but Saturday and Sunday. You should watch your heat level as well if you plan on sleeping. If you plan on pulling an all-nighter the spicy Thai cuisine will help you plenty.
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    La Cave For Upscale Yet Still Casual Late Night Vegas Eats

    ••• Chorizo, Italian, Andouille Sausage FlatBread at La Cave.

    A glass of wine or a micro brew and a few selections from the menu that includes quite a few sharing plates will make this a new favorite for you and a few friends. La Cave is comfortably casual and if you have spent anytime at Wynn Las Vegas in the past you know that there was always a need for a place where you could really feel casual amongst the opulence. The kitchen stays open late so you can walk over from Tryst or XS or make a reservation for after Le Reve and keep the night going.

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    If you won't make it there before they close just pick up a Woody Allen and put it in a safe place for later. Huge sandwiches make for perfect late night meals and this much Pastrami and Corned Beef will satisfy your craving for the salted cured meats for awhile.
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    Everybody needs tacos late at night and the best part is that they are cheap and just the right size to help you digest all the extra cocktails that you might have decided to consume. If you spent the evening at  Surrender, XS, TAO or LAVO Tacos El Gordo is a great spot, unfortunately you will have to go off the strip to find one now but they are worth.

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    Pastrami at 4am is always a good idea and Downtown Las Vegas has a few options for th elate night meal. This gem inside the El Cortez Casino has a wide ranging menu that highlights some great deli ideas. Breakfast is solid but meat after the club is a much better idea so do not ignore the corned beef or the Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich.