Top Ten Movies in or About Las Vegas

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If you ever need a little motivation to pack your bags and head to Las Vegas how about Hollywood's version of Las Vegas. These are just a few of the movies that get me ready and motivated for a trip to the desert. Although The Hangover is probably the most recent movie that highlights Las Vegas and all that there is to do, the movies below do a real good job motivating you as well.

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Viva Las Vegas

Elvis plays a race car driver who is trying to win the Las Vegas Grand Prix, of course, he meets some hot girl and starts to sing. Classic Las Vegas and classic Elvis. If it involves Elvis how can you not watch it and think Las Vegas? Start singing the song during the movie, it should make your friends extremely agitated. "Bright light city gonna set my soul on fire....

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Honeymoon in Vegas

Nicholas Cage gets in a high stakes poker game and bets his girlfriend who he was supposed to marry, It makes you long for Elvis and the poker tables. Watch this with your significant other and bring up the indecent proposal question of you sleeping with someone else for a million dollars. The answer could go over really well or disastrous.

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The quintessential mob film about gambling, Las Vegas and violence. It is long but you get DeNiro and Pesci as well as Sharon stone in 1970's clothing.

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How it all started, well, kind of. But it makes you want to head out to the desert and claim your piece of the American dream. Try to imagine the strip as a single casino on a lonely road. Who would have thought they would have placed a volcano on Las Vegas Blvd? Get out onto the 15 and look for a spot to raise your arms like Bugsy does. The Highway Patrol loves it when you do that.

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Leaving Las Vegas

Nicholas Cage goes out and captures the underbelly of drinking and existing in Las Vegas as a person intent on creating his own demise. Can you say depressing? How can one person have such a bad time having alcohol? You have a prostitute and unlimited drinks and you go and end it all, go figure.

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Very Bad Things

So you want a bachelor party in Las Vegas. This is what could go wrong, show it to your best man but hide it from your bride-to-be. This one is just plain scary, it reminds me of the time when I was with a group of friends and the stripper started to lick...maybe that's too much information.

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Two guys living it up in Las Vegas, do you always double down on eleven, of course you do. Vegas baby! Vegas! It's not really about Las Vegas, but the sudden urge to go to Las Vegas is reason enough to watch this fantastic movie. Although, you really shouldn't recite the lines at parties like I do. People frown on things like that. I'm not sure why though.

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Ocean's Eleven

Brad Pitt and George Clooney steal some money from the Bellagio and my wife makes me watch Brad Pitt eat every imaginable thing throughout the movie. The movie might be really good but this one is like shellfish and avocados, an aphrodisiac so I never get to the end.

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The Cooler

Easily one of those movies that you have to see if you love the idea of old school Las Vegas. Alec Baldwin, William H. Macy and Maria Bello in a compelling story of the transformation of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas and a lot of naked women. A bad movie with bad acting and a lot of nudity. I tried looking for a positive thing to say but all I come up with is naked women.

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