The 14 Best Kosher Restaurants in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to a wide variety of unique kosher restaurants. For example, you can order an authentic kosher pastrami sandwich in an old-school deli that also doubles as an art gallery. If you’re traveling with someone who keeps kosher—or if that someone is you—you’ll have a multitude of options that are rarely found in many parts of the country, and we’ve highlighted some of the best in Brooklyn.

There are four neighborhoods that have a large Orthodox population and are teeming with Kosher eateries—Crown Heights, Midwood, Borough Park, and Williamsburg. If you’d like to complement your meal with a visit to a kosher bakery or grocery store, you’ll have abundant options in these areas.

If you aren't familiar with kosher cuisine, note that milk and meat can't be served together (e.g. a cheeseburger won't be on the menu), so most restaurants specialize in either dairy or meat. In addition, a majority of these restaurants are closed early on Friday nights for Shabbat (or Shabbos), and most don't open again until Sunday, but some restaurants open a few hours after sundown on Saturday nights.

Whether you're looking for a vegan cafe or a retro burger joint, you'll find something to satisfy your appetite.

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Bison & Bourbon

Bison and Bourbon
Bison and Bourbon

Attention bourbon fans, this spacious and gorgeous restaurant in the increasingly trendy Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn has a menu that will satiate any carnivore. This steakhouse was formerly a warehouse but has been artfully and thoughtfully transformed. The menu's casual fare includes chicken-and-waffle sandwiches, street tacos, and a large selection of steaks. Meat lovers should indulge in classics like beef Wellington or a 12-ounce smoked brisket. Although Bison & Bourbon does have a couple of veggie options on the menu, it's not the best choice if you or someone in your group is vegetarian.

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Kale pizza from Basil

David Berkowitz/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 

This intimate restaurant on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights has a stellar wine list and serves delightful pizzas. Since Basil is a kosher dairy restaurant, there is no meat served at the restaurant, but you can order an array of fish dishes (no shellfish). The menu offers pizzas topped with vegetarian options like figs or Tuscan kale, and also has a selection of salads, seasonal soups, and fish. Pair one of your dishes with a glass of wine, and enjoy a meal at this charming Italian restaurant.

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Mill Basin Deli

Pastrami piled high on bread
Mill Basin Deli

Step into Mill Basin Deli, a kosher restaurant also home to the art gallery, NYMuseum. Enjoy a hot pastrami on rye while checking out the artwork, which is hung on the walls throughout the deli. In addition to being a haven for art lovers, this quirky deli also serves up high-quality food, such as overstuffed sandwiches and bowls of matzoh ball soup. The portions are large, so don't fill up on the pickles and coleslaw.

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Carlos & Gabby’s

There's no shortage of Mexican restaurants in New York City, but it's hard to find a kosher Mexican restaurant. This one on Coney Island Avenue in Midwood (one of a few locations) has kosher items as well as classic Mexican dishes.

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Olympia Pita

meats on a grill
Olympic Pita

Fans of Middle Eastern cuisine should head to this popular restaurant known for its lamb, chicken, and beef shish kebabs, shawarma, falafel, and other regional specialties. The casual restaurant has a very hospitable wait staff and caters to a local crowd. Located on Coney Island Avenue in the heart of Midwood, you can stroll down the avenue to check out Eichler's Judaica shop and also pick up a dessert at the bakery Sesame. 

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On the hunt for kosher sushi? If so, you must head to Noribar. The restaurant has two locations, one in Borough Park and another in Crown Heights. Both locations are well designed and have a menu of sushi and sashimi. Order familiar favorites like a salmon teriyaki bento box or miso soup, or try one of Noribar's many inventive special rolls, including the Kingston Ave, a roll of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado.

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Gottlieb’s Restaurant

sliced beef on a plate with carrots
Gottlieb's Restaurant

Williamsburg might be known as the heart of Brooklyn's hipster nightlife scene, but there is a large section of South Williamsburg that's home to a Hasidic community. Locals like to go to Gottlieb's Restaurant to chow down on traditional deli fare, including corned beef sandwiches and matzoh ball soup. Gottlieb's also has varieties of kugel, including potato and apple.

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Pescada Carne

Beef and beet salad
Pescada Carne

A recent addition to the kosher restaurant scene, Pescada Carne is the newer meat-focused location. Its first location was the dairy-specialized restaurant, Pescada New York. Pescada Carne has a well-rounded menu that includes duck tataki, beef tartare, short rib tortellini, and many Italian inspired dishes. There are a few non-meat options if you are dining with a vegetarian. It has a high-end vibe, but the food is moderately priced.

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Healthy and delicious Maple Smoked Salmon

 Courtesy of Bordeaux


Bordeaux is an upscale steakhouse known for its incredible wait staff, fantastic ambiance, and stellar cuisine. Meat eaters will love their dishes, especially the 12-ounce prime filet or baby lamb rack. Save room for dessert, and try one of the creative takes on old favorites, like bourbon s'mores. Located in Midwood, you might want to check out the shops in the area before you head to dinner.

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Essen Deli

deli case with meats
Essen Deli

Essen's is a Glatt Kosher deli in Midwood, located on a stretch of Coney Island Avenue dotted with Judiaca stores. The charming deli has all of the traditional favorites, and it also serves Chinese food, so this is a great place to dine on knishes, brisket, and egg rolls. If you are heading to Coney Island, Essen Deli makes a great pit stop on your way to the beach.

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Kasai Kosher Hibachi

3 fried wantons
Kasai Kosher Hibachi

This family-friendly, kosher hibachi restaurant is a popular venue for parties. It's got a lively, festive atmosphere, and it's entertaining to watch as the chef prepares your food in front of you. Pair your freshly made meal with a glass of wine, and save room for dessert—they serve tiramisu, s'mores, and many other treats.

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a plate of empanadas at V Spot
V Spot

Enjoy a tempeh taco plate at this kosher Park Slope restaurant serving Latin-vegan food. Dinner choices include arepas, kale tostadas, avocado fries,and other vegan treats. They have another location in the East Village, but you'll find this Brooklyn spot in North Slope on the bustling Fifth Avenue. VSpot is a short walk from the Barclays Center, so you can also stop there for a drink after an event.

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Retro Grill

burger and fries
Retro Grill

This family-friendly burger joint with a retro vibe is a great place to eat before a trip to the beach. Located at the end of Coney Island Avenue, it's just a short trip to the seaside. It's got a dozen burgers on the menu, including lamb and portobello mushroom versions. The walls are covered in pictures of old comics and other highlights from American pop culture, creating the ideal atmosphere to dine on hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and other American cuisine favorites.

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