10 Best Kolkata Hotels for All Budgets

Where to Stay in Kolkata

Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata.
Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata. Jeremy Horner/Getty Images

Hotels in Kolkata range from the luxurious to the quirky, with many reflecting the city's colonial charm. The most convenient areas are around Park Street and Sudder Street, in the city center. Here are 10 of the best places to stay in Kolkata to suit all budgets.

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    Undoubtedly the best luxury hotel in Kolkata with a central location, and often voted the top luxury hotel in India, The Oberoi Grand is the place to stay if you want to indulge yourself. Housed in a palatial villa dating back to the 1880s, this elegant hotel has a prime central location on Jawaharlal Nehru Road close to the nightlife of Park Street and shopping in New Market. It's highly regard for its classic style and modern facilities, including three restaurants and a wellness spa. Interestingly, it was the first hotel to be acquired by the founder of the Oberoi Group. Double rooms start from around 12,000 rupees per night, including tax.

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    Anyone who's familiar with Kolkata's history will know that the landmark Park Hotel is over four decades old. It opened in 1967. You wouldn't know it from looking at the hotel though. The Park Hotel is the most happening hotel in Kolkata, and it's a real entertainment destination with multiple restaurants, cafes, pub, bar and nightclub. It's also sporting a new look after renovations completed in mid 2011, resplendent with shiny disco balls in the lobby. It's possible to get a room there for under 8,000 rupees per night, including tax.

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    A lesser known, recently renovated hotel, Sapphire Suites is centrally situated on Lindsay Street opposite the city's famous New Market (perfect for bargain shopping!). It has 29 contemporary rooms, decorated in minimalist black and white. The cheapest rooms are on the smaller side but they're still very decent. The best rooms are spacious and overlook the clock tower. Rates start from around 4,000 rupees per night, including tax.

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    Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata.
    Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata. Jeremy Horner/Getty Images

    In a word, the renowned 215 year old family-owned Fairlawn Hotel is unique. It's certain that you won't come across another hotel like it. The hotel's colonial charm, rich history, leafy green setting, and quirky nature make it sought after by those who appreciate the unusual. If you don't mind a few idiosyncrasies, it's likely that you'll enjoy staying at the Fairlawn. The hotel has a central location on Sudder Street (where travelers hangout), and its outdoor garden bar is the place to relax. Double rooms cost from 4,000 rupees, including breakfast and tax. Note that the hotel underwent renovation during 2010, so guests can look forward to updated bathrooms and bedrooms.

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    If you're looking for a cozy and centrally located budget stay, look no further than Central Bed and Breakfast! The accommodations consist of four guest rooms inside a big apartment on south Kolkata's Sarat Bose Road, less than 10 minutes from Park Street. The property offers fabulous city views, a communal living room, fully equipped kitchen that guests can use, and a treadmill for fitness fanatics. It's clean, safe, and great value for money -- and the hospitality is outstanding. You'll feel at home. Book well in advance. Expect to pay about 4,000 rupees per night upwards, including tax.

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    Blending old-world charm with new-age facilities, the Victorian-style Astor was built in 1905 and recently renovated. Although the rooms are modern and contemporary, the owners have aimed to keep the hotel's heritage alive. It has a convenient location on Shakespeare Sarani, only 10 minutes from Park Street. The hotel's legendary Kebab-e-que restaurant serves some of the best Kebabs in the city, while the outdoor Deck 88 cafe and bar is an ideal place to relax in the evening with a cocktail. It has a cool garden party vibe. If you want to party on into the night, The Astor also has one of Kolkata's hottest new clubs, Phoenix. Room rates start from around 7,000 rupees per night, including breakfast and tax.

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    Situated on Ho Chi Minh Sarani (formerly Harrington Street), the Harrington Residency is less than 10 minutes walk from Park Street. This hidden gem has only two rooms and is super quiet, as the US Consulate is opposite it and the area is closed to traffic for security reasons. The property is part of the Harrington Street Arts Center and its very comfortable rooms are attached to the art gallery. The building is an historical Colonial one that's been recently renovated, and service is personalized and welcoming. Expect to pay 6,500 rupees per night, including tax and breakfast.

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    If you're a writer or an art lover, you'll particularly enjoy staying at The Bodhi Tree. The owner, a keen global traveler, is both and the property also has an art gallery on the premises. In terms of accommodations, the Bodhi Tree is an eclectic cross between boutique hotel and homestay. Buddhist spirituality is an underlying theme of the design, and you'll find it to be very tranquil, ambient, and soothing to the soul. It's decorated with many beautiful artifacts and paintings. Those who want to be close to the city center may find the location, around 25 minutes away in south Kolkata's Swiss Park neighborhood, to be drawback though. There are six rooms and rates start from 2,900 rupees per night, including breakfast and tax.

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    Don't be fooled by its unremarkable exterior, the popular Hotel Cecil has had a makeover inside, and is attractive and welcoming. The biggest and best room has a balcony overlooking the College Street, where the hotel is located. This central Kolkata neighborhood is about 10 minutes north of Park Street, and is renowned for its secondhand book market and historic Indian Coffee House. The hotel is well-run, with helpful and efficient staff. It's kept super clean and comfortable. Plus, female travelers will feel safe there. Rates start from 2,800 rupees per night, including breakfast and tax.

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    Can't find decent, inexpensive accommodations on Sudder Street? Check out the Sunflower Guesthouse nearby, situated just off Park Street. This rambling mansion has 30 rooms of all different sizes and a traveler vibe. It's one of the better choices for the budget conscious, especially backpackers. Head up to the rooftop at sunset for a great view. The main downside is the poor attitude of the staff at times. Expect to pay around 1,900 rupees upwards per night, for a non air-conditioned double room including tax.