The 8 Best Kites to Buy in 2019

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Whether you’re spending a day on the beach or picnicking in the park, flying a kite is a fun and relaxing pastime. They come in all shapes and varieties, such as easy-flying delta kites and classic diamond kites that are great for beginners. There are also fishing kites, stunt kites, as well as traditional Japanese kites – all in various patterns and sizes. Want some advice on which one you should spring for? We've got the short list of the best kites for an easy, breezy day outdoors.

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Best Overall: StuffKidsLove Best Delta Kite

Prism Stowaway Delta Single-Line Kite
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For a quality kite that is great for kids and adults, the “Best Delta Kite” by StuffKidsLove will withstand the test of time. The kite takes just a couple minutes to set up on the beach or at the park and will take off into the sky in a flash – practically flying itself. The kite comes with sturdy (but bendable) resin struts and braces, heavy-duty, rip-stop nylon with zigzag stitching and stainless-steel clips. The delta is available in one design consisting of blue, white, purple and black, and comes with extra parts for any minor repairs from wear and tear. Amazon buyers were impressed with how high it could fly and felt it was an excellent, fun and well-made kite.

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Best Budget: Henga Octopus Kite

For a fun and colorful kite that is enjoyable to fly, but won’t put a dent in the wallet, the Easy Flyer Kite by Henga is an excellent choice. The large kite is shaped like an octopus and is 32 inches wide by 157 inches long – with flailing tails to represent the tentacles. The kite is sold in packs of two in six different colors (think bright orange and green) and is made of nylon. The “Easy Flyer is frameless so it can pack up into a backpack – making it great for travel. No assembly is required: just unpack and let it fly. Amazon buyers were impressed with the quality of the kite for such a low price. 

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Best Oversized: Weifang New Sky Kites Giant Delta iKite

For a heavy-duty kite that holds strong in extreme winds, the Giant Delta iKite is an excellent oversized option. This extremely large kite measures 78 inches wide by 46 inches tall and has a 60-inch windsock tail that swivels in the wind. Constructed from a fiberglass frame with durable polyester cloth, the delta kite comes in yellow, green, red and pink. The kite includes a hand reel, however, because it can fly very high, purchasing a kite reel will make it much easier to bring the kite back down. The iKite can be assembled in less than one minute, and can easily fly in 3 to 30 mile-per-hour winds with very little effort. 

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Best for Travel: Prism Stowaway Delta Kite

Delta kites are very versatile kites that can easily fly at higher altitudes, making them stand out from the crowd. The Prism Stowaway Delta Kite has a sharp, sleek design with eye-popping colors in three different themes: fire (red and yellow hues), ice (blue hues), and spectrum (multi-colored). The kite has a five-foot wingspan that can fold down into 18 inches, making it ideal for travel, and also includes a carry case. Perfect for mountain camping trips and beaches, the kite can handle a variety of wind speeds and is quick and easy to assemble. The Prism Stowaway has a bungee cord frame, braided polyester flying line, a hoop winder and a triple-ribbon tail. 

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Best Diamond Kite: In the Breeze Cool Arch 27-Inch Diamond Kite

Perhaps the most recognizable kite, the diamond kite uses a cross structure for its shape and tends to be smaller and popular with kids. For a well-constructed diamond kite that’s fun for everyone, consider the “Cool Arch Diamond Kite” by In the Breeze. Constructed from lightweight, rip-stop fabric with fiberglass rods, the kite is best in winds from 6 to 20 miles per hour. The easy-to-fly kite is 27 inches long and 23 inches wide, comes in six colorful striped patterns, is quick to assemble, and also includes a handy storage bag. Amazon buyers were impressed with how well the kite could fly despite its simple design. 

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Best Sled Kite: Premier Kites Large Cubic Sled Kite

Popular with kite fishing because they can fly long distances and low altitudes, Sled Kites have a basic two-spar design that resembles a classic sled. The “Large Cubic Sled Kite” by Premier Kites is a great choice for those looking to give the sled kite a try and can perform well in winds ranging from 5 to 20 miles per hour. The kite measures 95 inches wide by 45 inches high and is made of rip-stop nylon fabric. The sled kite is black with bright geometric patterns in red, yellow, green and blue to stand out in the sky. Be aware that the kite has 24 square feet of lifting area and is very powerful, so gloves are recommended. 

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Best Rokkaku Kite: Goomberg Kite Productions Kabuki Rokkaku Koi

Rokkaku kites are a traditional Japanese fighting kite that uses a similar cross structure as the diamonds kites but has an added lower spar, tailless bowed design and hexagonal shape. If you plan on taking aerial photography or want to have a kite battle, the unique Kabuki Rokkaku Koi kite by Gomberg Kite Productions is an ideal choice. The kites have unique, colorful illustrations common in Japanese folklore such as the image of the koi fish, which represents strength and courage, but other patterns include Japanese warriors or waves. The sturdy kites are made from rip-stop sailcloth with zig-zag stitching, overlapping fabric and fiberglass frames. 

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Best Parafoil for Beginners: Prism Synapse 140 Dual Line Parafoil

If you’re new to parafoil kites, the Prism Synapse 140 Dual Line Parafoil is a great way to get your feet wet. These popular kites are perfect for the beach and are highly-maneuverable stunt kites that are challenging and exhilarating to fly. Resembling a paraglider, the soft kites have two lines to control and equalizer support straps for the wrists. As a smaller parafoil, the kite measures 53 by 20 inches and packs down into a convenient storage bag that compresses to 10 inches by 5 by 2.5 – making it the perfect travel kite. Although the kite is ideal for adults, it may be too powerful for young children to fly.