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Best insulated tumblers
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The world of insulated tumblers is overwhelming. There are more options than ever, and each one seems to boast some game-changing technology or eye-catching feature. But when it comes down to the basics, what you really need is something that will keep your cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot, prevent spilling, hold up to the bumps and bruises of life, and look pretty good doing so. With those criteria in mind, we went on a journey of finding the very best options you can buy.

When it comes to insulated tumblers, the materials are pretty standard. You won’t find many designs straying from stainless steel, as it provides excellent temperature control and is easy to clean. Still, you will want to consider your primary tumbler use. A casual beer drinker at a tailgate may not worry about tossing a whole bottle in a backpack with no spillage, but a hiker sure would. There are different tumblers for different occasions, whether you’re looking to keep your coffee warm on your desk as you finish up a morning of meetings or your wine chilled as you make your way to the perfect spot in the park for an alfresco movie viewing.

Ahead, you’ll find our suggestions for the best-insulated tumblers. Each one was researched and tested in our Brooklyn lab for several factors: temperature control for hot and cold beverages, whether or not they’re spill-proof, ease of cleaning, design durability, and comfort. These are the best insulated tumblers you can buy now.

Best Overall

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Unique, eye-catching design

  • Rich color options

  • Long-lasting temperature control

What We Don't Like
  • Can be hard to hold for long periods of time to grip for smaller hands

  • Too big for some car cup holders

We had high hopes for this tumbler, and it didn't disappoint. The limited-edition color and shape are joyful and eye-catching—it almost looks like an Apple product—and it kept both hot and cold liquids very close to their original temperatures after an hour-long test. The mug stayed securely in an extra large-sized car cup holder and came out easily, though it is a little short. It also fits nicely into a backpack pouch. "It's really trendy and cute, is great for people looking for a smaller tumbler, fits well in your hand, feels well-made, and the materials look and feel nice," one of our lab testers commented.

The thermos circumference is a little wide—those with smaller hands may have trouble comfortably holding this cup for long periods. But if you can overlook that, there's a big perk: This design-forward tumbler features a ceramic interior that keeps odors and other flavors from long-ago pours at bay. And one of the hardest things to find when it comes to an insulated coffee tumbler won't pick up old coffee scents and tastes. The lid also features a thinned drinking lip, making it easier to sip without spilling.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic lid, inner ceramic coating | Weight: 11 ounces | Capacity: 12 or 16 ounces

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best Budget

RTIC 20-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

RTIC 20-Ounce Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler


What We Like
  • Great cold and hot temperature retention

  • Strong and durable construction

  • Fit well in backpacks and standard and XL cupholders

What We Don't Like
  • Slight metallic taste

  • Could be better looking with a design on the outside

RTIC's Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler does exactly what an insulated tumbler should do. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. And at a price point less than its competitors, our testers didn't see a drop-off in performance. Our testers found the RTIC tumbler held the same temperature an hour after the liquid was placed in the container for cold beverages. And for hot drinks, the temperature did cool, but it stayed hot enough. This excellent temperature regulation is thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation and the stainless steel construction.

That metal construction and size make this tumbler great for travel and adventure. Our testers liked how well it fit in standard and extra-large-sized cupholders. They also liked how easily it fits into a backpack. What puts this tumbler ahead of others is its splash-proof lid with a straw-compatible flip lid closure.

Price at time of publish: $25

Material: Stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated | Weight: 0.7 pounds | Capacity: 20 ounces

RTIC Double-Wall Insulated Vacuum Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for Coffee

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Double Wall Travel Mug



What We Like
  • Kept coffee very hot

  • Lid is secure

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a brush for cleaning

Transporting coffee and hot tea might be one of the most popular reasons people purchase a tumbler. And of the more than two dozen we tested, our testers liked the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug best for coffee. "I'm afraid to drink it after an hour because it's still really hot—like it was just poured," one tester commented immediately after the test. Technically the temperature of the coffee dropped from 172 degrees to 148 degrees an hour after being poured, but "that's still plenty hot to drink," concluded another tester.

Contigo uses a Thermalock Vacuum Insulation, which claims to keep hot drinks hot for up to seven hours. Auto seal technology in the lid help drinks stays securely where they should. The tumbler's shape makes it impossible to clean it without a brush properly. It also makes it tougher to fit into cupholders since the bottom is wider than the top. Still, for anyone looking to safely and securely transport hot beverages like coffee or tea, this Contigo was as good as tumblers get.

Price at time of publish: $37

Material: Stainless steel, Thermalock Vacuum Insulation | Weight: 0.73 pounds | Capacity: 20 ounces

Contigo West Autoseal Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best with Handle

Yeti Rambler 24 oz Mug with Magslider Lid

Yeti Rambler mug with lid

Courtesy of Yeti 

What We Like
  • Comfortable handle design

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Classic Yeti durability and insulation

What We Don't Like
  • Not leak-proof

  • Heavy

Yeti has basically become synonymous with high-end coolers and tumblers. The Rambler Tumbler is Yeti’s version of a beer mug, but it’s a fantastic option for holding any kind of beverage. That's thanks to Yeti's double-wall vacuum insulation, which does a good job of keeping cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for long periods of time. Another perk of the Yeti Rambler is it's dishwasher safe, increasing the ease of cleaning.

Because of the size and heft of this insulated tumbler, our testers found the handle helpful. While the handle was helpful for holding, it did the opposite when trying to fit into a cupholder (Yeti says on its own site the handle isn't necessarily designed with cupholders in mind). "Nice to have a handle, but in the cold, you have to keep your hands outside [your gloves] to hold it. It also would take up more space in a bag," one tester pointed out.

If you're set on the Yeti Rambler, but also want something more cupholder-compatible, Yeti makes a travel version of the same mug with a higher-placed handle and thinner bottom. There's also a straight tumbler with no handle.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: 18/8 Stainless steel | Weight: 1 pound, 6 ounces | Capacity: 24 ounces

Yeti Rambler Tumbler Mug
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best Style

Miir Travel Tumbler

Miir Travel Tumbler

Courtesy of Walmart

What We Like
  • Leak-proof lid

  • Sleek design

  • Great travel size

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky lid lock can get in the way of drinking

The travel tumbler from Miir is sleek. With minimal branding, classic color options, and a lid that features a flip top that locks in place, this bottle is just as easy to sip from as it is to show off on your morning commute. After lots of use, there was no notable odor or "extra flavors" clinging to the interior. This is the insulated tumbler you gift a friend (or yourself) who spends way too much agonizing over various design details and product silhouettes—it's an insulated tumbler for those who don't want to look like they're imbibing from an insulated tumbler.

No surprise, Miir's Flip Traveler is an ideal travel companion, fitting easily into standard-sized cupholders and a backpack. It also performed very well in our cold insulation and leak-proof tests. "This fits great in a backpack pocket," a tester noted. "It was easy to slide in and is smaller in diameter than the pocket, so it feels secure. However, it's early impossible to open the tumbler without twisting entire lid off."

Price at time of publish: $25

Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 3.98 ounces | Capacity: 12 ounces

Miir Flip Traveler Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for Camping

Hydro Flask 22 Ounce Insulated Tumbler Cup

Hydro Flask 22-Ounce Insulated Tumbler Cup

Courtesy of

What We Like
  • Durable design

  • Temperature control

What We Don't Like
  • The lid can be hard to remove

If your hikes and camping adventures aren't complete without a midday sip of ice water—yes, actual cubes—you've found your match. Hydro Flask is a beloved brand for a reason. The double-insulated design (which is also BPA-free) keeps water cold for hours and will withstand any drops or bumps it may face as you head out into the wilderness. One thing to keep in mind: Removing the lid can be a bit unwieldy, so make sure you've got a good grip on the base of the cup before popping off the lid (especially if you have hot liquids inside). This is an excellent option for tossing water in your backpack or enjoying some hot chocolate at the end of a long day.

Our testers enjoyed the design of Hydro Flask's tumbler and found it easy to fit in a backpack but a bit snug in a standard-sized cupholder. While the cold insulation was solid, testers noted the taste of cold water wasn't as crisp after an hour as some other tested tumblers. Overall, if you're looking for a solid camp mug that can go from coffee to water to beer in one day—while also showing the resiliency to take a few falls along the way—this Hydro Flask tumbler is a solid option.

Price at time of publish: $38

Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 11.7 ounces | Capacity: 22 ounces

Hydro Flask Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best Stainless Steel

Bubba Envy Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw

Bubba Envy Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Clean, nice aesthetic

  • Very good cold insulation

What We Don't Like
  • Didn't fit in standard cupholder

If you're looking for another budget option, look no further than Bubba's double-walled vacuum-insulated BPA-free stainless steel tumbler. We were thoroughly impressed by the insulating capabilities of the Bubba Envy, as the cold temperature test basically stayed the same an hour after we filled it with ice water. Our testers also liked how this tumbler looked and how easy it was to carry around.

While it did fit well in a backpack, it didn't fit in a standard cupholder. We also didn't love that the only lid option has a straw hole. But, if you can live with those two minor issues, this is an excellent tumbler option, especially considering the price.

Price at time of publish: $10

Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 0.9 pounds | Capacity: 24 ounces

Bubba Brands Envy Insulated Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for Wine

Maars Bev Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid

Maars Bev Wine Glass Tumbler


What We Like
  • Stainless steel construction helps with insulation and cleaning

  • Explicitly designed for wine

What We Don't Like
  • We'd like to see a taller and thinner option

Like many other tumblers on this list, the Maars Bev Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation. Unlike many other tumblers on this list, the Maars tumbler is explicitly designed with wine enthusiasts in mind. (Just because it's a wine glass tumbler doesn't mean you only have to drink wine in it—we envision this being good for any setting where a smaller tumbler is preferred.)

Our testers liked the insulating capability of this tumbler and that there was no metallic taste in the water during testing. One tester did note they'd like to see this model be a bit taller and thinner and with a cover to close the lid's drinking hole. "This wine tumbler style isn't something I'd recommend to a friend, although the quality of this one is good," concluded another tester. "If you like wine-style tumblers, this one is the one to buy."

Price at time of publish: $8

Material: 18/8 Stainless steel | Weight: 0.4 pounds | Capacity: 12 ounces

Maars Insulated Wine Glass Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for Beer

Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler

Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler


What We Like
  • Large variety of colors

  • BPA-free design

  • Huge capacity

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky design

  • Not super durable

If you've never sipped suds from an insulated tumbler, it's time to give it a try. Seriously. You can thank us later. And if you're going to partake, you might as well do it with the Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler. Available in over a dozen colors, the Beast Stainless-Steel Tumbler comes in three sizes: 20, 30, and 40 ounces. We find that perfect for beer drinking as froth does tend to be more of an issue in insulated tumblers, so the extra space for a 12- or 16-ounce beer is helpful. Not necessarily relevant to beer drinking, each tumbler also comes with two straws (one curved design for water and one straight design for thicker drinks like smoothies) and a lifetime guarantee. The lid has a flip spout, which is surprisingly easy to clean.

We were only able to fit this tumbler in the extra-large cupholder. Our testers were very impressed with this tumbler's leak-proof ability (it didn't leak when held upside down or shaken)—suitable for consuming beer. And they weren't impressed with its ability to insulate heat—also suitable for consuming beer. Our testers did say the separately-sold handle would be a bonus. "The Beast was a little large in my hand, and while it was easy to grip the external material, it could benefit from a handle," one tester noted. "But a great value considering the capacity and its stellar performance preventing leaks."

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: 18/8 stainless steel | Weight: 0.9 pounds | Capacity: 20, 30, or 40 ounces

Beast Insulated Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for the Beach

Brumate Winesulator + 2 Uncork'd XL Wine Tumblers

Brumate Winesulator
Brumate Winesulator.
What We Like
  • Great idea to include everything needed to safely transport and consume what would normally come in glass bottles and glasses

  • Good material and size to fit into a backpack

What We Don't Like
  • Our testers had difficulty opening lids on the tumblers

For those looking to safely transport wine, water, or any other beverage to the beach, picnic, or other outdoor settings in a classy way, behold the Winesulator with two Uncork'd wine tumblers. Brumate's Winesulator is an insulated tumbler; the brand claims is big enough to hold one bottle of wine. (The specs say it holds 25 ounces, which would be about 11 ounces shy of an entire bottle of wine.) The Winesulator package includes two 14-ounce insulated tumblers to drink with a partner.

Our testers liked how easily the Winesulator and insulated tumblers fit in a backpack. One issue our testers did report was how tough it was to open the tumblers' lids. Besides that, our testers approved. "This is a clutch option to bring to the park or on some sort of adventure if you can't have glass or are at risk of breaking a real bottle," one tester noted. "It did its job of keeping wine (or in this case, water) cool. It's also relatively leakproof and only leaks a smidge when shaken."

Price at time of publish: $25

Material: Proprietary "BevGuard" tech| Weight: 0.9 pounds (Winesulator) and 0.5 pounds for each tumbler | Capacity: 25 ounces (Winesulator) and 14 ounces (tumblers)

Brumate Winesulator and Uncork'd Tumblers
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Best for Cold Drinks

Simple Modern Slim Cruiser Tumbler with Clear Flip Lid and Straw

Simple modern slim cruiser

Simple Modern

What We Like
  • Great cold insulation

  • Fits well in cupholders and backpack

What We Don't Like
  • Not recommended for hot drinks as the lid popped off multiple times while testing hot coffee

Simple Modern's Tumbler earned some of the highest marks during our test for cold insulation. An hour after we put cold water in the tumbler, the water temperature only increased by 1 degree—better than nearly every other tumbler we tested. Like others on this list, that's because of the 18/8 stainless steel construction combined with the double-wall and vacuum-insulated design.

However, this tumbler did have one significant issue—the lid popped off because of the heat. "As a whole, this tumbler is pretty strong, and I would recommend (it), just wouldn't recommend hot products in it," one tester concluded.

Price at time of publish: $24

Material: 18/8 Stainless steel | Weight: 0.7 pounds | Capacity: 22 ounces

Simple Modern Slim Cruiser Tumbler
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Final Verdict

When choosing an insulated tumbler, most options are stainless steel, which combats odors and lingering flavors. And most now have double-wall vacuum insulation. Take time to consider where you'll be storing your tumbler or whether or not you'll be lugging it around often, and what you'll be putting in the mug (for the most part). For an insulated tumbler that checks all of the boxes, go with the Fellow Carter Everywhere Travel Mug (view at Amazon)—the sleek look is just as appropriate at the office as traveling. The Miir Travel Tumbler (view at Walmart) is another excellent option if you want something more minimal and stylish. For those looking for comfort while you sip, opt for the Yeti Rambler Mug with Magslider Lid (view at Yeti). You won't realize just how unwieldy some handles can be until you've experienced the ease of holding this tumbler.

Tumbler testing
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Other Tumblers We Tested

Contigo Snapseal Byron (view at Amazon): The Contigo Snapseal Byron did everything you'd hope for in a tumbler. But as one tester put it, it didn't "wow" us compared to its competitors. It didn't fit well in any of the cupholders, the twist-off top was a bit difficult, and it wasn't easy to clean. Still, when the beverages were in the tumbler, it was solid.

S'well Stainless Steel Tumbler (view at S'well): Our testers liked S'well's stainless steel tumbler. It held ice for over an hour, even without a lid. "Not only did it maintain ice for more than an hour, but it is also incredibly cute and a joy to drink from," one tester noted.

Ello Campy Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Slider Lid (view at Amazon): Our testers saw this as an ideal gift for the outdoors enthusiast in your life. The vacuum insulation helped keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks hot and easy to hold even with hot drinks. "The speckled design is an ode to camping adventures and immediately brings to mind the Tin Cup Style, a nice touch for anyone who loves the outdoors," a tester reported. "There's something innately happy about that design—and I say that despite hating camping."

Corkcicle Stemless Double-Walled Glass Set (view at Amazon): Another solid wine tumbler option for the wine enthusiasts—we just liked the ones listed above better. "While it's not so great for hot drinks, this is ideal for keeping beverages icy cold around the house, as our test found the temperature unchanged after an hour of sitting out at room temperature," one tester noted, adding there were no odd changes in taste to water or coffee tested in the mug.

CIVAGO Tumbler with Lid and Straw (20 ounces, view at Amazon): The Civago tumbler was a budget option that performed like one. While it did fine insulating cold beverages (we found most in our test did), it did not do well at insulating hot drinks and left such a metallic taste that our testers wondered if this one is meant for hot beverages (it is).

Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler (view at Amazon): Our testers liked how grippy the Coleman Tumbler was and how easy it was to clean. However, the tumbler didn't perform well in the heat insulation test. The tumbler also leaked a bit too much for our testers' liking.

Corkcicle Classic 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Stemless Cup (view at Amazon): Corkcicle's classic 12-ounce stainless steel mug is for anyone sipping wine or a chilled cocktail on the patio, beach, or picnic. But beyond that, our testers didn't see a diverse use for this tumbler. "It feels nice, but not something I'd put coffee in due to its shape," one tester concluded. "It's rounded with flat sides to grip, with slippery material—I would be nervous about dropping this with gloves on."

Yeti Rambler 10-Ounce Wine Tumbler (view at Yeti): We found this tumbler attractive and had a solid performance, as most Yeti tumblers do. Honestly, our testers didn't find anything they didn't like about this mug. For its intended use—sipping wine from—it met and surpassed all expectations. "This probably isn't a tumbler someone would drink hot chocolate or coffee from," a tester said. "It is totally sufficient for keeping wine cool. Whether you're looking to keep white wine cool or red wine around room temperature, this tumbler will do just that. Plus, if it just so happens to get knocked over, you don't have to worry about spills."

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler with Straw Lid (view at Klean Kanteen): True to Klean Kanteen, this insulated tumbler was one of the best we tested at not leaking. We inverted it, shook it, and water did not leak. A weird issue we did have with the straw is that it easily attracted lint and dust.

Chillout Life Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Handle (view at Amazon): This mug did well in our sealing and cold insulation tests. But it performed so poorly in the hot insulation test our testers couldn't recommend it for a superlative. "Very much like licking a metal pole," is how one tester described their experience drinking hot coffee from this mug. "For someone who is out all day and needs a source of hydration, it makes sense, but it does feel excessive," another tester concluded.

Otterbox Elevation Tumbler (view at Amazon): We were surprised when our testers didn't like this Otterbox tumbler. After all, Otterbox is a reasonably reputable brand, especially regarding protection and insulation. But our testers were not fans of the size and shape of this tumbler and its (lack of) insulation chops.

Thermo-Steel CeramiSteel Ultimate Insulated Wine Glass (view at Amazon): "This had amazing insulation despite not having a lid. We thought it would underperform, but it surprised us with how cold it kept the liquid," one tester said of the CeramiSteel Insulated Wine Glass. For a budget wine-focused insulated tumbler, this is a great option. However, it should be noted there is no lid.

Tervis Double Walled Tabletop Insulated Tumbler Cup (view at Tervis): "These types of cups are great to have around the house as extras. It's basically like a red solo cup but with more insulation," a tester said of the Tervis Insulated Tumbler Cup. However, compared to the other actual insulated tumblers on this list, our testers saw this as a cup without a lid that would be better served as a campsite backup.

Big Betty Stemless Wine Tumbler With Travel Lid (view at Amazon): Big Betty's tumbler impressed our testers with its ability to keep liquid cold. But that was about it. They reported this tumbler doing a "satisfactory" job at keeping liquid warm but had a strong metallic taste and leaked a lot.

Tumbler testing
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

Product Selection

Tumblers were selected based on our extensive knowledge of tumblers and tumbler brands and the popularity of products on major e-commerce sites like Amazon. Products were chosen by editors from TripSavvy, Serious Eats, and The Spruce Eats. We also chose products with a range of price points and intended uses.

Tumblers testing
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

How We Tested

Products were tested in our Brooklyn testing lab. Tumblers were tested for cold insulation, heat insulation, comfort in hand, the taste of liquid in the tumblers, and how much they leaked. We tested the mugs with ice water and hot coffee. A temperature reading of each mug was taken when a liquid was poured in it and an hour later. Tumblers were also tested for their ability to be transported. For this, we placed tumblers in cupholders and backpack pockets.

Tumbler tests
TripSavvy / Tamara Staples.

What to Look for When Buying an Insulated Tumbler


Generally speaking, insulated tumblers are relatively inexpensive. The larger it is and the more liquid it holds, the more expensive it will be—usually only varying from $5 to $10. The more design-forward tumblers (like the options from Miir and Fellow above) will also run a higher price. Don't expect to pay much more than $40 for your insulated tumbler. No matter the product, how much you're willing to spend is personal. We tried to include a range of prices in products selected on this list to offer options for different budgets.


Consider how you’re going to be using your tumbler. There are lighter options for hikers and campers, but they may not hold as much liquid or keep it cold or hot. Going on a super-long road trip and need enough coffee to fuel you for a day straight? Go for something a bit larger that you may not be toting around very often. There are also plenty of minimal options for those who may have their insulated tumbler on display throughout the day (like in an open office plan).


Stainless steel is the standard for insulated mugs since it’s easy to clean, doesn’t cling to odors, and has fantastic temperature control compared to other materials like plastic.


There are insulated tumblers of all sizes, but the most common ones are 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 20 ounces, and 24 ounces. You can undoubtedly find larger ones (like the Beast option above) that will hold 30 ounces and more.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a BPA-free tumbler?

    First off, let’s define BPA—it stands for chemical bisphenol-A, an industrial chemical that is often used to create plastics. In large quantities, it can impact your health, as some medical studies have found it to be an endocrine disruptor, simply meaning it interferes with the body’s hormones. Many prefer to purchase tumblers and water bottles made from BPA-free materials, given this risk.

  • How do I wash my tumbler?

    Many insulated tumblers are dishwasher friendly, but it’s best to check the washing instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Some insulated tumblers come with design details that can be hard to clean without scrubbing them yourself, like built-in straws.

Why Trust TripSavvy

Erika Owen is a big fan of super cold water. A simple water bottle doesn't pass the temperature test. She's been testing insulated tumblers for years and is constantly searching for the perfect travel-friendly option that doesn't eat up (too much) precious carry-on space. 

Nathan Allen is TripSavvy's Outdoor Gear Editor. He knows from too many personal experiences how frustrating it is to finish a bike commute with coffee all over the bottom of your backpack. While he prefers a Nalgene for water and hydration, he exclusively drinks coffee and beer from insulated tumblers. His current rotation includes tumblers of various styles and sizes from Klean Kanteen, Yeti, and Hydro Flask.

Fran Sales, Taylor Rock, Meg Lappe, and Jalyn Robinson tested tumblers together in our Brooklyn testing lab.

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