Best Indian Airlines and Airports for 2017

Top-Rated Airports and Airlines in India by Skytrax

Indigo airlines.
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Each year, Skytrax (the world's largest airline review site) conducts its independent Passenger Choice Awards. Over 10 million questionnaires are completed by passengers to find out the best airports and airlines in the world. In regards to airlines, 38 different items of front-line product and service are evaluated. For airports, traveler experiences are evaluated across 39 different aspects, from check-in, arrivals, and transfer through to departure at the gate. To help you plan for a good travel experience in India, here are the award winners for 2017, for both airlines and airports.

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    IndiGo Airlines.
    IndiGo Airlines.

    IndiGo Airlines ranks highly as the second best airline in Central Asia, and the best in India. Privately owned, Delhi-based IndiGo commenced operations in 2006. Since then, it's grown to dominate the Indian market with a huge share of about 40%. The airline has been consistently acknowledged as India's best low-cost carrier. Despite its cheap fares, it's remained punctual, and maintains a high level of customer service and baggage handling. It also offers excellent connectivity, with flights to 39 domestic destinations and seven international destinations.

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    Jet Airways
    Jet Airways

    With the demise of Kingfisher Airlines in 2012, Jet Airways has taken over the position of being the best full-service airline in India. It ranks as the fourth best airline in Central Asia, up from fifth place in 2016, and ahead of Vistara (seventh) and Air India (eighth). This privately owned airline commenced operating in mid 1993 and has won many awards for quality service. In particular, the airline is known for its outstanding in-flight service, food, punctuality, and baggage handling. It's the second largest airline in India, with about 15% share of the market. Jet Airways flies to 45 destinations in India and 20 internationally. It has its primary base in Mumbai, with secondary bases in bases in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. 

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    Delhi airport.
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    Competition for best airport ranking is fierce between Delhi and Mumbai. While the accolade went to Mumbai last year, this year it's been returned to Delhi. Not only is Delhi airport rated the Best Airport in Central Asia, it's also considered to be the fourth Most Improved Airport in the World. The airport was leased to a private operator in 2006 and has gone through a major upgrade, winning many awards since. The construction of Terminal 3, which opened in 2010, greatly changed the airport's functionality by bringing international and domestic flights (except for low-cost carriers) together under the one roof. The new terminal doubled the airport's capacity. It now handles more than 55 million passengers a year and is the busiest in India. Also of note is the new hospitality district, called Aerocity, that's coming up adjacent to the airport. It provides convenient access to the terminals and has many new hotels and a Delhi Metro Airport Express train station

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    Bangalore Airport.
    Bangalore Airport.

    While Mumbai and Delhi compete for best airport in India, it's Bangalore and Hyderabad that are always neck and neck for best regional airport. This year it's Bangalore, while last year it was Hyderabad. Bangalore is the third busiest airport in India, with over 20 million passengers a year. This brand new airport was constructed by a private company and started operating in May 2008. Since it opened, the airport has been expanded in two phases. The second phase commenced in 2015, and involves the construction of a second runway and second terminal. Both the domestic and international terminals are in the same building and share the same check-in hall. Bangalore airport is ranked the third best airport in Central Asia (after Mumbai and Delhi), ahead of Hyderabad in fourth place.

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    Mumbai airport new Terminal 2.
    Mumbai airport new Terminal 2. Rudi Sebastian/Getty Images.

    Although Mumbai airport was voted the second best airport in Central Asia (with Delhi being the best this year), passengers still consider it to have the best staff. International flights commenced operating from the airport's new integrated international Terminal 2 (T2) in February 2014, and domestic airlines are currently in the process of relocating to T2 in a phased manner. Mumbai airport is the second busiest airport in India. It handles more than 45 million passengers a year -- and, with only one runway! The airport was leased to a private operator in 2006, and has undergone major renovation and upgrade.