Best Ice Cream Shops in Memphis

••• Levee Creamery / Holly Whitfield.

Ice cream is the perfect treat for everyone. It's cold, it's sweet, and it comes in enough varieties to suit almost any taste. Fortunately for local ice cream lovers, the Memphis area has no shortage of shops that serve up this frosty dessert. From Chunky Monkey to Cherry Cheesecake, Truffles in Paradise to Oreo Overload, you are sure to find the perfect flavor at one of these Mid-South ice cream shops.

Updated by Holly Whitfield July 2017

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    Maggie Moo's is a national chain with one location in downtown Memphis. They make their ice cream right there in the shop. And each flavor can be customized with the add-ins of your choice. For example, what about cheesecake ice cream with fresh raspberries mixed in? Or what about Irish Cream ice cream with cappucino chips? Yum! There are two 

    125 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103

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    Jerry's Sno-Cones

    Jerry's Sno-Cones is a local legend. Kids and adults alike all seem to flock there when the weather turns warm. Though sno cones are this shop's specialty, they also offer soft serve ice cream in the cone (called "a Supreme" or the dish. Whatever frozen treat you get, you can be sure it will be delicious. Jerry's is cash-only.

    1657 Wells Station Rd, Memphis, TN 38108

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    Thanks to its 60-year history and status as a national chain, Baskin Robbins is a household name. Home of the 31 Flavors, these shops offer a different flavor for every day of the month! If you are looking for a change from plain old ice cream, Baskin Robbins also offers a nice variety of shakes, malts, smoothies, banana splits, and sundaes. There are ten Baskin Robbins' locations in the Mid-South, making their treats accessible to almost everyone!

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    ••• Sweet Noshing Sign / Holly Whitfield.

    Sweet Noshings is a local sweets shop in Overton Square has a homey, old-fashioned feel with shelves full of candies and chocolates in glass bins as well as a full menu of coffee and ice cream, the latter prepared on site. You can order ice cream in a cup or cone, use it to make a milkshake, or put it between two fresh-baked cookies for an ice cream sandwich.

    2113 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

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    Half Baked...Karamel Sutra...Cherry Garcia...Phish Food. Is your mouth watering yet? Sure, you could get your Ben and Jerry's fix from the grocery store, but there's just something about going to a Scoop Shop that makes the ice cream taste better. Ben and Jerry's has one Memphis location, which is conveniently located right in front of the Malco Paradiso movie theater in East Memphis.

    5007 Black Road, Space 110 Memphis, TN 38117 

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    ••• Area 51 Ice Cream / Holly Whitfield.

    Area 51 is an Hernando Mississippi-based locally owned homemade ice cream shop that specializes in using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients to create unique flavors for their ice cream. Visit their north Mississippi location or stay tuned for their new location opening in late summer 2017 inside the Crosstown Concourse.

    117 W Commerce St, Hernando, MS 38632

    Coming Soon: 1350 Concourse Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104

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    ••• La Michoacana / I Love Memphis Flickr.

     A Memphis Summer Avenue staple, most people know La Michoacana for their creatively flavored paletas (Mexican popsicles), but don't skip their delicious and rich ice cream, either. Go for classic flavors or branch out with tastes like corn, pine nut, Mexican cake, and more. They also have traditional Latin American sweet treats with fresh fruit or enormous banana splits and chocolate sundaes. 

    4091 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122

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    ••• Levee Creamery / Holly Whitfield.

    Levee Creamery in Collierville opened in mid-2017 to provide the 'burbs with homemade ice cream with lots of toppings (including the house made egg-free "cookie dough") as well as fresh brewed coffee and espresso drinks.

    2059 S Houston Levee Rd Suite 116, Collierville, TN 38017

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    It's a bit of an ice cream imposter but Sheridan's frozen custard is so good, we just couldn't leave it off the list. And while the frozen custard is fabulous in its unadulterated state, it is even better with one or two of their toppings mixed in. They've got mangos, cashews, Ande's Mints, and just about any other topping you could dream up. There are two Sheridan's locations in the Memphis area--one in Cordova and one in Bartlett.

    8075 Macon Rd Cordova, TN 38108

    6745 Stage Rd Bartlett TN 38134

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    A. Scwab Trading Co.

    ••• A. Schwab Soda Fountain / Holly Whitfield.

     If you want to enjoy your ice cream at the counter of an old-fashioned "soda fountain" on historic Beale Street, then A. Schwab is the perfect choice for a sweet treat. You choose from milkshakes, malts, cones, floats, sundaes, and more. 

    163 Beale St. Memphis TN 38103