The 8 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs of 2019

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If you had to play an entire golf course with a putter and only one other club, a hybrid wouldn’t be a bad option. These clubs — hybrids of woods and irons — are so versatile you can use them from the tee box through your approach.

Hybrids are a great option for high- and mid-handicap golfers, as well as seniors, women and juniors, to replace the difficult-to-use long irons like 2s, 3s and 4s. With a club head that is shaped like a fairway wood, but is smaller in size, hybrids are sleek, sporty and functional.

The most important feature of a hybrid is the club’s sole. Some have edge soles for a sharper intersection with the club face, while others feature dual-tiered soles. All hybrid soles give golfers a better experience in sweeping the ball out of the rough than the nearly soleless long irons. Hybrid clubs also allow manufacturers to create deeper face cavities for larger sweet spots.

Additionally, many hybrid clubs are adjustable in lie and loft to fit the specific style and needs of a golfer. Check out our best hybrid clubs and fit one of them to your playing style.

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Best Overall: Callaway Rogue

Callaway Rogue


The Callaway Rogue is an excellent hybrid. With the face of an iron and the club head of a fairway wood, this club lets golfers of all skill levels hit better and farther all over the course. The Callaway Rogue features “jailbreak technology,” which means that two screw-like steel bars are placed into the club head for added stiffness. This leads to more speed and distance but doesn’t require a stiffer club shaft.

There are several other Rogue features that are only available from Callaway hybrid clubs. The Internal Standing Wave design delivers a lower center of gravity that is farther forward and lets golfers hit the CG with more consistency. The Rogue is also built with an ultra-thin steel face that features the customary Callaway face-cup. All of these features lead to better ball speed and greater distance.

This hybrid is rated best overall because of its reliable performance hitting balls straight and fast. The club also simply features a beautiful design that any golfer will enjoy. You can get this hybrid with regular or stiff flexes and in 2 to 5 club options. The Rogue is also available as a women’s club.

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Best Budget: Pine Meadow Men’s Excel EGI Hybrid Club

Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid Golf Club


A budget hybrid club is a truly excellent club for anyone who is just learning to golf, from juniors to seniors. The extra ease of use and distance that a hybrid affords new golfers makes it perfect for training and par-3 courses. One of the best budget hybrid clubs is the Pine Meadow Excel EGI hybrid club because of its proven performance.

The Excel EGI club features a regular flex and graphite shaft with options for loft angles ranging from 19 to 45 degrees. The graphite shaft helps reduce torque so that beginners’ arms won’t be sore after a few tough hits. With a smooth sole, the Excel EGI has a relaxed red and black design and is available in right or left-hand orientations. The inexpensive hybrid club even comes with a headcover.

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Best Improvement Hybrids: Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum

Great for improvement and perfect as a gift, the Tour Edge Golf Bazooka Platinum hybrids are a complete set of clubs. Each of the seven hybrid clubs in the set features a graphite shaft and a regular flex. What makes these hybrid clubs ideal for golfers who want to drop their handicap is the construction of the club head. Made of steel and completely hollow, the club heads have great forgiveness because the perimeter of the face holds the weight.

Although the perimeter weighting and great forgiveness make these clubs all great for improvement, each club is not created equal. The “long-iron” hybrids look more like fairway woods, with rounded club head backs and longer sole. However, the hybrid clubs that replace the short irons, appear and act more like an iron, but with all the benefits of a hybrid. This set includes hybrids from the 4 through the pitching wedge.

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Best Senior Set: Senior Majek K5 All Hybrid Set

Senior golfers may be resistant to start using “rescue clubs,” but the hybrid clubs have come a long way since they were first introduced to the game and now simply allow any amateur golfer to hit farther and better than they can with an iron. Hybrids are especially well suited to golfers who don’t have the swing speed they once did. Majek offers a complete hybrid set for golfers called the K5.

Majek’s K5 hybrid set has a deeper club face cavity and more weight positioned toward the back, both to improve hit contact and your sweet spot. The clubs also feature a lower center of gravity for better distance and reduced drag for faster shots. With hybrid 3-irons through 9-​irons, as well as a pitching wedge, this set gives senior golfers just about everything they need. The clubs feature a lightweight graphite shaft and senior-size grips.

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Most Adjustable: TaylorMade M3 Hybrid Rescue Club

If you want a hybrid club that you can adjust to your specifications, there are a variety of options, but the TaylorMade M3 Hybrid Rescue Club stands tall above the rest. The graphite-shafted club can be purchased with a regular, stiff, senior or extra stiff flex as a 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-hybrid. You can even adjust the head in two different locations with a simple hex wrench for optimal customization. This allows you to simply shift the 30 grams of club head weight to your preferred configuration. You can also adjust loft and lie from the club’s sole.

Regardless of which type of TaylorMade M3 hybrid club you choose, they all feature a speed pocket. This club face cavity adds forgiveness and ball speed while reducing spin and errant shots. It brings all of your balls closer to the sweet spot with every shot. The club head is stylish with a black and silver design that TaylorMade explains can help you align the best shot possible.

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Best User-Friendly Hybrid: Ping G Hybrid

Ping G Hybrid

Dick's Sporting Goods

The Ping G hybrid clubs are great clubs on the fairway that golfers do not have to overthink. These sport iron replacements allow you to crush the ball across the course.

One of the first things that any golfer will notice about the Ping G hybrid when using it is the markings on the top of the club head. These tear-drop shaped marks are the crown turbulators and contrasting grooves. These help your eyes center the ball into the best spot on the club.

Additionally, the Ping G hybrid clubs have a carpenter 455 steel face made with a machine-precision variable thickness to reduce overall weight and add flex. The club also features a center of gravity in the rear and the back for higher launch angles, as well as a tiered internal sole for additional ball speed. Available in 2- through 6-hybrid options and with an array of grips or flexes, just about any golfer will love the Ping G hybrids

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Most Versatile Hybrid: Cobra King F8 One Length Hybrid

One of the best hybrid clubs around is also one of the most versatile. The Cobra King F8 hybrid has a number of features focused on delivering benefits for golfers of all types. The club has a dual rail system for strength in a variety of shots and greater forgiveness regardless of where your ball is. Additionally, the Cobra has a rear-positioned center of gravity and a thin, 455 stainless steel face with added flex for faster and farther ball strikes. The crown even has improved aerodynamics with polymer trips around the perimeter for less drag on the downswing.

The Cobra King F8 is designed to be the length, loft and lie angle of a 7-iron and can be purchased with 3-, 4- or 5-hybrid configurations. Golfers can opt for a lite, regular or stiff flex and the Cobra King F8 clubs all have a graphite shaft.

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Best Women’s Hybrid: Tour Edge Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series

Hybrid clubs have become very popular on the women’s golf circuit. The Tour Edge Women’s Launch 2 hybrid irons are among the most popular, with a reasonable price and solid production. Available as a set or individually, Tour Edge offers this hybrid in every club configuration from 4-hybrid to sand wedge.

The Tour Edge Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series has a heavy, but aerodynamic sole design for a lower center of gravity and a higher launch angle. Additionally, the club features a hollow body and a thin face for extra distance and forgiveness with each shot. The ladies flex club has a graphite shaft and is available for righties and lefties.

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