The Best Christmas Presents from Hungary

Shopping for Christmas presents in Budapest or another city in Hungary can be rewarding for both you and the recipient of the gift. Hungarian gifts range from traditional folklore items to edible souvenirs to be used in the kitchen. 

In Budapest, one of the best places to look for Hungarian Christmas gifts is the Great Market Hall.

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Hungarian Paprika
CC BY-NC-ND testpatern

Do you have a gourmand on your list or someone who simply likes to eat? Hungary is famous for its paprika, which flavors dishes like goulash soup and gives a kick to other national dishes, too. This tasty seasoning is sold in canisters for easy transport and can be found where Hungarian souvenirs are sold.

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Hungarian Wine or Spirits

Hungarian Wine
CC BY-NC zsoolt

Hungary produces delicious red and white wines that can be purchased anywhere wine and liquor is sold. Many people like the crisp, clean flavor of Hungarian chardonnay, so if your intended recipient prefers white wine, this is a safe bet. Taste a few wines at a restaurant or bar if you're still uncertain, and jot down the name of your preferred wine and take it with you when you shop. Wine from Tokaj is also a favorite.

Palinka, or Hungarian fruit brandy, is also an option. Different varieties and flavors of palinka can be obtained.

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Hungarian Embroidery

Embroidered Tablecloths from Hungary
CC BY-SA m-louis

Hungarian embroidery is often bold and colorful. It adorns garments like blouses and shawls as well as table linens and other decorative cloths. Christmas gifts featuring Hungarian embroidery are sure to make an impression - folk motifs and flowers originate from generations of tradition and can add a unique touch to an outfit or a room.

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Hungarian Porcelain

Herend Porcelain from Hungary
CC BY Greencolander

Hungarian porcelain is world famous, and, though potentially expensive and prone to breakage, can make a beautiful Christmas gift. Porcelain from Hungary is produced using techniques and designs developed by local Hungarian porcelain companies and can be purchased in a wide range of patterns and colors. Stores specializing in Hungarian porcelain will have the greatest variety to choose from. Consider Herend porcelain, which has been the choice of royalty for almost 200 years.

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Hungarian Dolls

Hungarian Dolls
CC BY-NC-ND dlakme

Dolls dressed in Hungarian costume make great gifts for little girls, doll collectors, or Hungarophiles. Hungarian dolls can be purchased in a variety of sizes and qualities - from toy-quality dolls to porcelain collectors quality dolls. Fancy traditional costumes, complete with embroidery and lace, make these dolls special.