Best Hotels Near Disneyland - Find the Best Place for You

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    Finding the Best Hotels near Disneyland Made Easy

    ••• Disneyland Hotel. Courtesy of Disneyland

    I'm here to help you find the best hotel near Disneyland. One that - as Goldilocks might say - is just... right. For you. Not for your neighbor, your hairdresser or your sister's best friend.

    Find the Perfect Hotel Near Disneyland for You

    To find YOUR perfect Disneyland hotel, you need to set a few priorities before you start researching. Taking a few minutes to do that now will save you hours of wandering around in cyberspace, looking for something without knowing exactly what it is.

    First - Ignore anything your well-meaning family members, neighbors, co-workers or those online forums may have told you — unless you know them very well and have exactly the same lifestyle and preferences. Taking their advice without evaluating what you need is like buying a pair of shoes because someone else likes them: Just think what would happen if big-footed Goofy bought his shoes based on what fits Tinkerbelle's tiny toes.

    What Are Your Priorities for a Hotel Near Disneyland?

    If any of these...MORE apply to your trip, your choices are limited. Use the links to get right to the list you need.

    • Do you want to stay in a Disney-owned hotel? Why? Is it a must or just a nice idea? If a Disney hotel is a must, you can find out more about them now. Otherwise, keep thinking.
    • If you think you must stay in a hotel within walking distance from Disneyland, don't be fooled by marketing hype. One person's walking distance may be another's forced march. Use this guide - it debunks all the hype about walking to Disneyland from your hotel.
    • If you're looking for the best hotel near Disneyland, click on to page 2 to find out how to find the one that's not "best" by some vague definition, but best for you.
    • If you're on a strict budgetuse this guide to find the best of the lower-priced hotels in the area.
    • Do you want your group to stay in one room, but need a suite with some privacy? Go straight to page 8 of this guide for a list of Disneyland Hotels That Have Real Suites.
    • Will you be traveling with a pet? Your options are somewhat limited. Jump right to page 7 for Pet-Friendly Disneyland Hotels
    • Will you be traveling with a very large group who need to stay in one room? Only a few places have rooms that will accommodate you. Go to the list of hotels with room for large groups on page 9.

    Otherwise, think about these factors that influence your priorities:

    • Is the lowest possible hotel cost more important than any other concerns? What is your hotel budget?
    • Are comfort, convenience, and cleanliness worth more to you? How much more?
    • Is a hotel close enough that you can go back to for a mid-day rest important? Or are you one of those people like me who can't bear to leave once they get inside the park?
    • Will you have a vehicle you can drive to Disneyland and park? Or are you depending on walking, shuttles and other transportation?
    • Are Good Neighbor hotel benefits (early entry, vacation packages, and extras) important?

    If you're a visual person who prefers to search on a map, you can go straight to a map that shows the hotels near Disneyland in an interactive version, get more information about each hotel and see where they all are - all at once.

    About Finding Hotels near Disneyland

    It may seem like finding good hotels near Disneyland that meet your needs and for the lowest possible rate is more difficult than getting an advanced degree in rocket science. When I'm looking for a place to stay there, I think the same thing.

    To help you through the process, I have created some lists and tips that can help any traveler find the perfect hotel near Disneyland for their trip.

    We figure you'd rather spend your time doing something else instead of researching hotels for your Disneyland vacation. To make it easier, I refer you to my go-to resource TripAdvisor. Using it, you can read reviews, check the options and select hotels with few complaints, competitive rates, and convenient locations that meet your specific needs.

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    Defining the Best Hotels Near Disneyland

    Bed Jump
    ••• How to Find a Disneyland Hotel That Make You Feel Like This. ferrantraite / Getty Images

    What do you mean when you think of finding the "best" hotel near Disneyland? Do you mean the best-rated hotel? Or are you looking for the hotel that's best for you? 

    Finding the Best-Rated Hotels

    You can get a short list of best-rated Disneyland area hotels by searching TripAdvisor. They're my favorite hotel search engine and offer more reviews than anyone else. 

    Start by searching for Anaheim hotels. Ignore the "Hotel Class" filter. It is based on what amenities a hotel has and not on how good it really is. Instead, sort by ranking. Ignore the sponsored ads that may show up at the top of the list. Ignore any hotel with fewer than a few hundred reviews. Filter for a few miles from 1313 Disneyland Drive, which is the address of the Disneyland Resort.

    Doing that search, I turned up 12 hotels rated 4.5 out of 5 by TripAdvisor users. From there, you could filter by price or other needs.

    Finding the Best Hotel for You

    Finding the best hotel for your trip is a little...MORE harder, but if you spend a few minutes thinking about your needs before you start, this guide will help you make it as fast and painless as possible. 

    If you're traveling with a pet — or with a group of five or more people who want to stay in the same room — or if you want to stay in a hotel suite with more than one room and privacy, your options are far fewer. You can go to the pages near the end of this guide to find lists of hotels that meet your needs.

    Otherwise, skip back to the first page of this guide, answer the questions there and then move on to our tips that will save you time and money, no matter what you're looking for.

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    Disney-Owned Hotels

    Disneyland Hotel
    ••• Disneyland Hotel. © 2007 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by permission

    Disney owns three hotels at the Disneyland Resort: the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier and the Grand Californian. Together, they have more than 2,200 rooms. Each of them continues the Disney theme to create an immersive vacation experience and they all offer Disney's top-notch customer service.

    On the downside, these are some of the most expensive hotels in the Disneyland area, but some think they're worth it for the advantages.

    Evaluating Reasons to Stay in a Disney-Owned Hotel 

    They have a Disney theme and Disney service: Absolutely true. No other hotel in the area will provide those things.

    The location is convenient: True. All three are within walking distance of the Disneyland entrance. However, some hotels on Harbor Boulevard are just as close to the main entrance. I know because I counted the steps.

    They offer early entry at Disneyland: True, but so do many Disney Good Neighbor hotels in the area. And early entry may not be exactly what you think it is. Read more about that...MORE in the guide to Disneyland early entry.

    You can get a deal on a package: Maybe. I worked for a while as a Disney vacation package travel agent. I know they offer a few extras that you can't get elsewhere, but I have also seen their prices and compared them to what I could get on my own. I think you can save more money by buying each piece of your vacation separately.

    On the negative side, Disneyland hotels are among the most expensive hotels in the area and they often fill up first.

    If Nothing But a Disney-Owned Hotel Will Do

    You can find out more about them in the Guide to Hotels at the Disneyland Resort.

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    How to Find Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland

    Use your credit card to buy me things and stuff
    ••• Looking for a Cheap Hotel. Drazen Lovric / Getty Images

    In some cheap hotels, you may be afraid to take your shoes off or pull the covers back on the bed. You can find those near Disneyland, but you don't have to go that far to get a good deal. 

    You can also find hotel prices that look cheap at first, but then you find out they charge for parking and they charge a "resort fee" and that free breakfast? You ate a bagel and drank a cup of coffee. It turns out that you would have been better off at a hotel with a higher nightly rate that didn't surprise you with all those ugly little extras. 

    To find out everything you need to know to get a hotel that really costs you less overall, use the Guide to Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland.

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    Hotels Across the Street or Within Walking Distance

    Walking to Disneyland
    ••• Walking to Disneyland. Tom Simpson/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    A lot of Disneyland visitors latch onto the idea that they must stay close to the park. They look for hotels across the street or within walking distance. They may not know that hotels can use true but deceptive statements in their descriptions and they don't take other factors into account such as parking fees.

    If you're like a lot of Disneyland visitors who arrive in their own cars, you can stay anywhere you want. A hotel within walking distance might still be the right thing for you, but don't make that assumption too quickly.

    If you're flying to Disneyland and not going anywhere else, you may not need a rental car, but if you decide to do that, plan as far ahead as you can. Hotels close to the park are the most popular and they can fill up early. 

    Some hotels claim to be within walking distance of Disneyland but beware. One person's walking distance may be another's forced march — and you might have to trudge too far in the late evening or cross a noisy freeway...MORE bridge to reach your destination. Use this guide - it debunks all the hype about walking to Disneyland from your hotel.

    If you don't have an automobile, you can also stay at a hotel on the Anaheim Trolley Route. You'll have more options for hotels if you expand your search to hotels on the Anaheim Resort Trolley Route. It will take you a little longer to get to the park and back - and will cost you a few dollars more per person per day.

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    When to Choose a Hotel Farther Away

    ART Bus at the Anaheim ARTIC Transit Center
    ••• ART Bus at the Anaheim ARTIC Transit Center. Courtesy of Visit Anaheim

    Having an automobile to drive while you're at Disneyland gives you more flexibility about where to stay, but it doesn't mean that driving to the Disneyland parking garage every day is your best option.

    The most cost-effective solution for you depends on your preferences - and on how many people are in your group. If you choose a hotel too far from Disneyland to walk, you have to get there somehow. These are your options:

    If you have 4 adults or fewer, you can leave the car parked at the hotel and use the Anaheim Resort Trolley instead of parking in Disney's lots. They have a list of hotels they go to on their website.

    If your group includes 5 or more adults and you all go to Disneyland in the same vehicle, you'll save money by doing that and parking in the Disneyland garage.

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    Pet-Friendly Hotels Near Disneyland

    Young male Yellow Labrador Retriever sleeping on hotel room bed
    ••• Relaxing at a Pet Friendly Hotel. Ken Gillespie Photography / Getty Images

    If you're traveling with your pet, the first thing to know is that most Disneyland area hotels don't allow any animals other than service dogs. You may also want to know that Disneyland has a kennel where you can leave your pet during the day. 

    These hotels are all well rated by people who stayed there. They all allow pets, but most of them charge an extra nonrefundable deposit or a daily fee.

    Pet-Friendly Disneyland Hotels

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    Do You Need Some Privacy?

    Key in hotel door
    ••• Anders Bergstedt / Getty Images

    Sometimes it's nice for you and your traveling companions to stay in one hotel room. But there are times when you just need some space, too. That's when a hotel suite can be just right.

    Suites are convenient for families with children who'd like to keep the kids in the same room with them, but would like a little privacy at the same time. Suites can also be a cost-saver, accommodating six to eight people at a daily rate that may be cheaper than two or three standard hotel rooms. Some suites also have partial or full kitchens, a great help if you want to save a little money (or eat more healthily) by cooking for yourself.

    Before you make your reservation, don't just assume all suites are the same or you may be in for an aggravating (or even embarrassing) surprise.  So-called "studio" suites may have two rooms, or somewhat-separated living and sleeping areas, but may not have a door that can be closed for privacy. 

    Finding out exactly what kind of suites a hotel...MORE offers can take a lot of time. I know because I researched them for you. every hotel in this list has at least two bedrooms - and a door for privacy.

    Hotel Suites Near Disneyland

    These links will take you to TripAdvisor, my go-to resource for hotel reviews, ratings and price comparisons.

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    Disneyland Hotels Suitable for a Big Group

    Lots of People in a Hotel Room
    ••• Lots of People in a Hotel Room. Rosebud Pictures / Getty Images

    Most hotel rooms in the Disneyland area accommodate five people at most. Finding places that have room for more than that is time-consuming. You have to dig through every single hotel website trying to find the answer.

    I know because I did it — so you don't have to. This list below includes every hotel I could find that can handle larger groups.

    These hotels near Disneyland have rooms that are big enough for large families and groups. All of them have enough space for at least 7 people in a single room. That may include getting a rollaway bed, but you'll all fit in.

    See our guide to finding Anaheim Disneyland hotels for tips to help you get the best rate possible.

    Anaheim Disneyland Hotels For Big Groups

    Hotels within walking distance: (which I define as two blocks or less from the main entrance)

    Hotels further from the main gate:

    Most of these properties are in the city of Garden Grove which is just next to Anaheim