The Best Tours Hong Kong Has to Offer

Hong Kong Skyline

d3sign/Getty Images

If this is your first visit to Hong Kong, then don't feel that taking a Hong Kong tour is a must. It isn't. Unlike London or Tokyo, where there are lots of grand old buildings to take in, Hong Kong doesn't have many bonafide sights.

Instead, the best of the city is in its culture - and that's the everyday culture in temples, festivals and food markets, rather than concerts or art museums. Try a one day tour of Hong Kong for a flavor of the city and an introduction to the fantastic food on offer. 

Luckily, the culture angle is something the tour operators have cottoned on to, and many of Hong Kong's best tours are based on an aspect of the city's identity. So you'll find tours that aim to introduce you to Hong Kong's very traditional take on Chinese culture, let you practice tai chi in the park or meet the boat people in Aberdeen. Of course, there are some more traditional tours. How about a helicopter flight around the city's jaw-dropping skyline?

City Tours

Most first time visitors are here to see skyscraper city. This city tour will bring you through the concrete jungle and show you the best of Hong Kong's gleaming downtown districts.

  • Hong Kong’s Famed and Famous - Explore traditions in some of Hong Kong's famous temples, meet the boat people who live in Aberdeen harbor and try Dim Sum under the bright lights of Jumbo Floating Restaurant. The real highlight, however, is the helicopter tour that whisks you over the island.

Culture and Heritage Tours

Contrary to popular belief, Hong Kong is not the cultural wasteland the popular press sometimes makes it out to be. Hop on the tour below to see the city's temples and traditions.

  • Traditional Lifestyles Tour - Traditional Chinese culture is still very much a part of Hong Kong life. This tours will give you an introduction to Feng Shui and its importance to the city with a trip out to Tsing Ma bridge with a Feng Shui expert, before trying some Tai Chi from the terrace of a skyscraper. Finish the day with a lesson in Chinese tea drinking. 

Night Tours

Hong Kong is arguably more impressive at than by day when it's lit up under the neon glow of advertising beacons and the late night lights of the skyscrapers. 

  • Splendid Night of Delights - See Hong Kong's famous nighttime neon lights on its most vibrant streets, including the blindingly brilliant Nathan Road. You'll also visit the Temple Street night market for a crash course in bartering and to see the Cantonese opera singers live on the street side.