Best Hong Kong airport hotels

Independent reviews of the best Hong Kong hotels at Hong Kong Airport

There are only three Airport Hotels in Hong Kong and we’ve got all three reviewed below. It’s worth noting that while Hong Kong airport is on Lantau Island, this is only forty minutes from the centre of Hong Kong via the Airport Express. Unless you've got an especially tight turn around or a red-eye start, you might consider staying over in the city centre. 

If you do decide on Lantau, you'll find easy access to Hong Kong Disneyland and the Ngong Ping cable car. Our favourite spot on the island is Tai O - this traditional village still has a laid back appeal and some of the best seafood in the city.

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    Regal Airport Hotel

    ••• Hong Kong Airport - Marriott Hotel. Courtesy of Regal Hotels

    The airport's flagship hotel. The Regal boasts a thousand plus rooms, meaning there is always a spare bed to grab forty winks. Style wise it's a somewhat stark and serious affair, not unlike sleeping in your office, but luckily this businesslike approach also extends to the generous facilities. The hotel boasts indoor and outdoor pools, spa facilities and five restaurants. Spacious rooms are well appointed and modern, if a little characterless, with many featuring views over the South China Sea. The hotel is attached to the airport complex itself.

    • Address: 9 Cheong Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport
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    Skycity Marriott Hotel

    ••• Marriott Hotel - Hong Kong Airport. Courtesy of the Marriott Group

    The plushest pick of the Airport hotels, this five-star Marriott is a match for some of the city’s chicest stays. Contemporary rooms are cavernous and come fitted with feather stuffed beds that can easily contribute to you missing your morning flight. The hotel facilities are equally grandiose; geared towards the jetlagged traveller who needs to unwind, you’ll find six restaurants, the award winning Quan spa and even a dedicated 9-hole golf course. The hotel offers a free on request shuttle bus to the airport.

    • Address: 1 Skycity Road East, Hong Kong International Airport
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    Novotel Citygate Hong Kong

    ••• Novotel Citygate. Courtesy of Accor Hotels

    The only budget option within easy reach of the hotel, the Novotel is also a good chance to get away from the international feel of the airport and step into Hong Kong. Set in skyscraper that looks like a giant flat screen TV, this particular Novotel is a step up from your standard chain experience with swanky interiors, an outdoor pool and a pair of very decent restaurants. Mall rats will be glad to hear the hotel is linked to the Tung Chung shopping mall, as well as the Hong Kong metro. The hotel features a complimentary shuttle service to the airport at fifteen minute intervals between 6:00a.m. – 11:45p.m.

    • Address: 51 Man Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island
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    Tai O Heritage Hotel

    Tai O Heritage Hotel

    Tai O is one of our favourite places in Hong Kong. But first things first, while the Tai O Heritage Hotel is on Lantau Island it isn’t at Hong Kong Airport – it’s a thirty minute cab ride away. Your reward for this extra effort is a stay in a beautifully refurbished colonial era building in the heart of one of Hong Kong’s cutest villages. It’s a stunning setting, with views over the South China Sea and the signature stilt houses that have made Tai O famous. The Heritage Hotel’s glass roofed restaurant is a highlight, although the ramshackle stalls in Tai O serve up some of the best seafood in Hong Kong.  

    • Address: Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O, Lantau Island
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