12 Best Homestays in Coorg for All Budgets

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Homestays in Coorg, one of the top tourist destinations in Karnataka, are plentiful and spread all over the region. Many of them are part of working plantations and serve traditional cuisine, giving guests a unique dose of local culture. Deciding which one to pick can be difficult, as they're all so appealing. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

In particular, homestays situated away from the main town (Madikeri) can be quite isolated and are best suited to people who prefer nature over traditional sightseeing. You'll need to have your own car to get around. Do also consider what type of homestay would be best suited to your needs. Some offer private cottages while others are rooms in a home. Many don't have TVs.

Here are 12 of the best Coorg homestays for all budgets to consider, in order of proximity to Madikeri town.

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Leafy and Green: Gowri Nivas

Bungalow with covered porch at the end of a stone path, set within tall trees and many palms and plants. Gowri Nivas, Madikeri, India.

Gowri Nivas

Gowri Nivas is a delightfully transformed old ancestral property with a convenient town location, within walking distance of Raja's Seat—one of the main attractions. The hosts aim to provide a luxurious stay at an affordable price. There are four uniquely decorated guest rooms, two in the main house and two cottage rooms. The cottage rooms are much quieter and private, and have lovely porches to sit out on. However, families with kids may prefer the room with an attic in the house. The hosts also have an estate, 40 kilometers from Madikeri at the foothills of Tadiyendamol, Coorg's highest peak. It's a peaceful place for a picnic.

  • Location: In Madikeri town.
  • Cost: 4,000-6,000 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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Ideal for Families: Sai Sadan

Large multiple-level white house with red roof and trim behind a wrought iron entry gate. Sai Sadan, Madikeri, India.

Sai Sadan Homestay

At Sai Sadan, guests get the whole bottom floor of the host's bungalow to themselves. It's fully furnished and self-contained, and also situated in town. There are two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and hall. The rooms are clean and simple, and with plenty of toys and games to keep children occupied. This makes it a fabulous option for families. Tasty vegetarian home-cooked food is served, for those who prefer it.

  • Location: In Madikeri town.
  • Cost: Around 4,000 rupees per night for two people, including meals.
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Great for Groups: Notting Hill Homestay

Brick staircase leading up to large red house with many windows, flanked by landscaped gardens. Notting Hill Homestay, near Madikeri, India.

Notting Hill Homestay

If you're a group of friends traveling together (or a large family), you'll really appreciate the accommodations at Notting Hill Homestay. The cozy maroon-colored cottage is self-contained with three bedrooms (two have attached bathrooms), a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The hosts provide excellent service and hospitality. It will really feel like a home away from home!

  • Location: Overlooking Madikeri town, near Raja's Seat, and within walking distance of attractions.
  • Cost: 9,000 rupees per night for the whole house. Individual rooms can also be booked.
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Luxury Cottages: Serene Woods

Enclosed and covered private balcony with two chairs and small table overlooking trees. Serene Woods Homestay, near Madikeri, India.

Serene Woods

This premium homestay is quite close to town but you'd never think so because it's so serene (just like its name!) and surrounded by forest. All you'll hear is the sound of birds. Guest accommodations are provided in five separate luxury cottages with balconies. There's also a common dining area with kitchen that serves local cuisine and a range of other dishes. A range of games are available for entertainment. Guests can also walk around the estate, and to a seasonal private waterfall.

  • Location: 2 kilometers east of Madikeri.
  • Cost: Around 5,500-6000 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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A Tree House: Honey Pot Homes

Large multi-level cream house with terracotta and red wooden roof, wrap-around porch, and modern architectural detailing. Palm fronds, tall trees, and flowers adorn the surrounding landscape. Honey Pot Homes, near Madikeri, India.

Honey Pot Homes

Honey Pot Homes has three modern, architecturally designed cottages in a small cluster, situated a short distance away from the hosts' residence. Each cottage has a loft, which is great for children to sleep in. There's also a separate building with additional guest rooms. Kids will love playing the tree house on the property. The homestay is set on a huge 225 acre plantation, and the hosts offer daily tours of it.

  • Location: 5 kilometers east of Madikeri.
  • Cost: 4,500-5,500 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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Ancestral Home: BB Estate Homestay

Red and grey brick walkway next to pale yellow house with deep red roof and black shutters. Terracotta potted plants line the pathway which is surrounded by palm trees, shrubbery, and flowers. BB Estate Homestay near Madikeri, India.

BB Estate Homestay

BB Estate is a versatile and popular homestay with two guest suites in an estate bungalow, plus three guest rooms in a 175 year old ancestral house (ideal for groups). It's situated on a very peaceful 120 acre coffee plantation. If you feel like being active, wildlife safaris, trekking, golf, fishing, and visits to Buddhist monasteries are possible nearby.

  • Location: 6 kilometers east of Madikeri on the Madikeri-Sidapur Highway.
  • Cost: 3,200 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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Colonial Aristocracy: Victorian Verandaz

Blue sky above a stone house shingled roof surrounded by palm trees and other greenery. Victorian Verandaz near Madikeri, India.

Victorian Verandaz

Victorian Verandaz offers a colonial experience staying in an old British style cottage with a veranda in front. It's set next to a planter’s bungalow that's played host to Coorg aristocracy, British officials, army officers and planters over its 100 years of existence. The cottage has two simple guest rooms with attached bathroom, and a dining room. This makes it appealingly private for friends and family traveling together. A highlight is a tour around the hosts' lush estate in a 1966 Willys jeep.

  • Location: Near Kadagadal Village, around 8 kilometers northeast of Madikeri.
  • Cost: 2,950 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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Eco-Friendly: Silver Brook Estate Homestay

Wraparound porch of a large yellow bungalow with colorful red and yellow tiled floor and tall columns. Silver Brook Estate Homestay near Madikeri, India.

Silver Brook Estate Homestay

This award-winning and eco-friendly homestay is on a coffee and spice estate with a perennial brook flowing through it. Its abundant natural surroundings attract many birds and butterflies. There are five guest rooms: Two are in the main bungalow, two are interconnected and separately located, and one is totally independent. The main bungalow is beautifully furnished with antiques, floor tiles made by artisans in a remote village in Tamil Nadu, and windows and doors crafted out of recycled wood from demolished homes. Facilities include board games, hammocks, library, and TVs. Gourmet vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are served.

  • Location: About 10 kilometers southeast of Madikeri.
  • Cost: 5,000-6,000 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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With a Swimming Pool: Kedakal Estate

Large white house white red shingled roof and open-air top floor. Circular driveway and plants out front. Kedakal Estate near Madikeri, India.

Kedakal Estate

Kedakal Estate has one feature that sets it apart from most homestays—an outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi! The three guest rooms are contained in the host's renovated four-bedroom colonial bungalow (the hosts occupy the remaining room). It was built in the early 1900s on the estate's coffee plantation. The hosts also own a pristine evergreen forest with ​a river a short distance away, which can be visited on a day trip. Quad bike riding is an additional activity that's available for those who love adventure.

  • Location: Off the Mysore-Madikeri Highway, about 10 kilometers east of Madikeri.
  • Cost: From around 6,000 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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Luxury Farm Stay: Eco Habitat

Private bungalow with attached private pool set within many palm trees. Bungalow is white with bright blue trim. Eco Habitat, near Madikeri, India.

Eco Habitat

Possibly Coorg's most luxurious homestay, Eco Habitat has two gorgeous villas, each with its own enclosed private plunge pool! As its name suggests, the homestay has an eco-friendly focus. It has an organic coconut farm, as well as vanilla and cardamom plants, and a small dairy to provide milk and biogas for the kitchen. Water is heated by firewood sourced from the farm. Guests can simply relax and do nothing, or participate in all kinds of activities including organic farming, four-wheel driving, river rafting, jungle safaris, trekking, and interacting with elephants. Kids will love the farm animals too!

  • Location: Off the Mysore-Madikeri Highway, 30 kilometers east of Madikeri, near Khusalnagar and Bylakuppe.
  • Cost: 6,000-7,000 rupees per night for a double. Breakfast, served in the garden if you wish, is included.
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Go Golfing: Casa Coorg

Large terracotta-colored house with similar-colored shingled roof and multiple covered porches, surrounded by forest of trees. Casa Coorg, near Madikeri, India.

Casa Coorg

Golf enthusiasts will love Casa Coorg, as it's located on a coffee estate adjoining a golf course. In addition to being an avid golfer who frequents the course, the host is an adventure enthusiast who can suggest plenty of activities to keep guests occupied. His wife is an excellent cook, and they're a vibrant couple. This homestay would best suit anyone who wants to get away from it all, as there aren't any typical tourist attractions in the area. It offers two modern rooms and a cottage, accommodating 10 people in total.

  • Location: Bittangala, in Virajpet district, around 30 kilometers south of Madikeri.
  • Cost: 3,500 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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For Nature Lovers: Little Jungle Homestay

Wraparound porch of a large bungalow with wicker furniture, reddish tiled floor, and tall columns. Little Jungle Home Stay near Madikeri, India.

Little Jungle Home Stay

Picturesque Little Jungle Homestay has a tranquil charm that will greatly appeal to anyone wanting to relax and rejuvenate amid nature. The congenial husband and wife hosts left their corporate careers to open the homestay, which is their passion. The property is situated deep inside the forest on a 30-acre coffee, spice and fruit estate. Guest accommodations are provided in three blocks with simply furnished rooms of various sizes, making it an appealing getaway for families and friends. There's also a common dining area. Pet owners, do note that this homestay is pet-friendly!​

  • Location: Belur Village, midway between Kudige and Somvarpet, about 35 kilometers northeast of Madikeri.
  • Cost: 4,500 rupees per night for two people, including breakfast.
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