The Best Heated Jackets to Ward off the Winter Breeze

These battery-powered jackets offer refuge from the worst of winter

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Best Heated Jackets

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Gone are the days of throwing on multiple bulky layers to head outdoors during cold weather months. Whether you work outside all day, spend hours at your kid’s soccer game or practice, or commute through the cold winter, heated jackets can make your life—and core—much more comfortable. Available in various styles, most heated jackets involve many heating elements in the core area. These battery-powered jackets will give you varying levels of warmth depending on the weather or your preference. As a bonus, many battery packs double as backup power for your mobile devices when you are on the go.

Read on for our picks of the best heated jackets available. 

The Rundown

Best Overall: Ororo Heated Jacket at Amazon

"A fleece lining ups the cozy factor while the water- and wind-resistant outer softshell fabric ensures you stay protected."

Best Value: Ororo Heated Vest at Amazon

"Either worn on its own or under an outer shell, the vest uses four carbon fiber heating elements."

Best Softshell: Bosch 12V Heated Jacket at Amazon

"You can expect up to six hours of runtime on the low heat setting from the 12-volt battery."

Best Down: Ravean Down X Heated Jacket at Ravean

"The heated jacket is stuffed with 750-fill responsibly-sourced down, with a DWR treated outer shell to keep out any rain or snow."

Best Hybrid: ProSmart Heated Jacket at Amazon

"Designed for versatility, this jacket features a synthetic insulated core and a waterproof outer shell."

Best for Motorcycles: Venture Heat 12V Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner at Amazon

"Thin, flexible heating panels are built-in to the back, chest, arms, and even neck."

Best for Outdoor Work: Milwaukee Tool M12 Heated Toughshell Jacket at Amazon

"An LED controller allows you to select from three heat settings—high, medium, and low."

Best for Hunting: DeWalt Realtree XTRA at Amazon

"Features three heating elements—two at the chest, and one at the back—that can be controlled separately."

Best for Climbing: Ravean Rugged Heated Jacket at Amazon

"With its three different heating zones and wind-resistant design, this jacket is practically a cocoon of warmth."

Best Overall: Ororo Heated Jacket

It's tough to beat a brand launched with the mission of making heated apparel. And that's what you get with Ororo, which was founded in 2015 by Midwesterners that personally know some types of cold don't care about your fancy down jacket. Enter the Ororo Heated Jacket. Ororo's heated jacket has three carbon fiber heating elements—left and right chest and mid-back—that generate heat across your core. A simple press of a button located on your chest lets you toggle between three heat settings of high (131 degrees), medium (113 degrees), and low (100 degrees). Red, white, and blue LED lights to indicate the current heat setting inside the button.

The 7.4V battery will last up to ten hours on low and features a USB port so you can charge your phone while on the go. A fleece lining boosts the cozy factor while the water- and wind-resistant outer softshell fabric ensures you stay protected from the elements. If you don't want or need the hood, detach it and stow it for another time. Ororo's Heated Jacket is available for both men and women. We love that the jacket is washing machine-friendly. Just be sure to remove the battery first.

Best Value: Ororo Heated Vest

Grab one of these heated vests instead if you’re looking for extra warmth but don’t want to invest in an entirely new jacket. Either worn on its own or under an outer shell, the heated vest uses four carbon fiber heating elements on the collar, left and right chest, and mid-back, to generate heat across your core. A button on the chest enables you to toggle between three heat settings. The vest is lightly insulated, wind- and water-resistant, so great for layering even without the heating turned on. The 7.4V battery fits in its pocket and features a USB port for charging up your phone on the go. The battery will last up to eight hours on low. Available for both men and women, the heated vest is machine washable.

Best Softshell: Bosch 12V Heated Jacket

Powered by the Bosch 12V Max power tool battery system, this heated jacket will be your best friend as your work outdoors in the cold weather. The jacket features three quick warming heat zones—two on the chest and one on the back—that start warming in a matter of seconds. Choose between three different heat settings—high, medium, and low—depending on the weather or your desired comfort level. You can expect up to six hours of runtime on the low heat setting. The battery features a USB charger for keeping your devices powered. Five internal and external pockets give you plenty of storage room. The jacket's fabric is wind- and water-resistant, with adjustable sleeves and waist to cinch down against the elements. This 100 percent polyester heated softshell jacket is available for both men and women.

Best Down: Ravean Down X Heated Jacket

Ravean Down X Heated Jacket

 Courtesy of Ravean

This versatile down jacket will keep you comfortable regardless of the weather. Wear the coat as-is for those chilly fall afternoons, or toggle between the low, medium, and high heat settings to keep you warm in temperatures down to minus 10 degrees. The built-in heating system warms your back, chest, and pockets to keep your core and hands warm. The 12V battery runs for 6.5 hours on low and can recharge your phone up to four times. A battery level indicator lets you know how much juice you have left.

The heated jacket is stuffed with 750-fill responsible down, with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated outer shell to fend off rain or snow. An aluminum heat-reflective lining helps retain all that earned warmth. The jacket weighs less than half a pound and packs down small, so it's easy to take with you anywhere. While available for both men and women, the women's version includes a removable faux-fur hood liner for added coverage and coziness. After a long weekend playing outdoors, throw the jacket in the washing machine to clean it up.

Best Hybrid: ProSmart Heated Jacket

Designed for versatility, the ProSmart Heated Jacket features a synthetic-insulated core with a lightweight waterproof and wind-resistant outer shell. Two microwire heating zones in the back and chest can be ramped up through three heat levels (low, medium, and high) to reach 140 degrees. The 12V battery delivers from six to 16 hours of heat.

Best for Motorcycles: Venture Heat 12V Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner

There's not much worse than riding in the cold. So make things much more enjoyable on your bike by wearing the Motorcycle 12V Heated Jacket Liner from Venture Heat. Wear it underneath your regular motorcycle jacket or on its own, and keep your core and extremities warm while you hit the open road. Seven thin, flexible heating panels are built-in to the back, chest, arms, and neck. This lightweight, form-fitting nylon jacket liner is designed to slide easily under your normal riding jacket to limit extra bulk.

Changing between the high, medium, and low settings is safe and can be done with a button on the jacket liner or from a wireless remote control that attaches to your handlebars. You never have to worry about recharging batteries as the heated jacket plugs right into your motorcycle battery. The included wiring harness has to be installed once and is ready to go whenever you are.

Best for Outdoor Work: Milwaukee Tool M12 Heated Toughshell Jacket

Milwaukee Tool M12 Heated Toughshell Jacket

Courtesy of Home Depot

Built as tough as Milwaukee's line of heavy-duty power and hand tools, the M12 Heated ToughShell Jacket will keep you warm while working outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. The heated jacket uses carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to your chest, back, and front hand pockets, reducing the need to layer. An LED controller allows you to select from three heat settings. Powered by a REDLITHIUM battery, the jacket will keep you warm for up to eight hours on low.

The wind- and water-resistant ToughShell Stretch Polyester exterior is reinforced in the high-wear zones for added durability. A drop tail waist ensures no cold air gets in under your jackets when you raise your arms or bend over as you work. A dedicated battery pocket is accompanied by three outer pockets and one internal zip pocket for plenty of storage. Available for both men and women, the heated jacket is washer and dryer safe. We're unsure what would happen if you left the battery in the jacket and threw it in the washer. But we'd advise not finding out.

Best for Hunting: DeWalt Realtree XTRA

With three heating elements—two at the chest and one at the back—DeWalt’s Realtree XTRA provides up to nine hours of warmth. This camo layer is controlled by an LED interface that includes three temp settings and pre-heat functions. Less of a jacket than others on this list, this hooded sweatshirt splits the difference for most hunters. The Realtree XTRA can be layered underneath a favorite camo hunting jacket or go on top as it features hunting-specific add-ons.

The traditional design includes two kangaroo pockets, two additional utility pockets, a wind-resistant outer layer, thermal fleece lining, pulls at the hood, and a center zip. The whole thing runs on DeWalt’s 20 MAX XR lithium-ion batteries and is also compatible with the brand’s 20V MAX compact 1.5Ah battery. However, that one only powers the jacket’s heat sensors for about 5.5 hours when running on the low setting.

Best for Climbing: Ravean Rugged

Ravean Rugged Heated Jacket

Courtesy of Ravean

Wearing a heated jacket in the midst of a climb or while bouldering probably isn’t ideal. You’ll heat up way too much, and the jacket’s bulk may prove cumbersome on a crux move. But a heated jacket may be a godsend when you’re belaying your partner on a frigid winter outing. Ravean’s Rugged heated jacket is made of outdoor-worthy materials. It features a DWR-treated coating on the tough outer shell, a reflective aluminum liner with two internal stuff pockets, one chest pocket, and two external hand pockets.

Heating elements reside at the chest, back, and cuffs and are powered by a 12-volt system that lasts for up to 3.5 hours on the lowest of three settings. A heating element can set this jacket (say, medium at the chest, low at the cuffs) to give you more flexibility and extend the battery life. It also includes a boost mode, which turns all heating elements high for ten minutes to help you jump-start the warming process after coming off the wall. The battery also includes a USB port for charging smart devices. Ditch the hood when you don’t need it, and the average hem length means it shouldn’t get in the way of your climbing harness.

Final Verdict

Triggered with a single chest button, the Ororo Heated Jacket (view at Amazon) generates warmth across your core, thanks to three carbon fiber heating elements. Fleece lining adds a touch more warmth and comfort, while a weather-resistant outer shell will fend off the elements. You can even ditch the hood when it’s not needed or charge your smartphone via the USB plug. But if you want a heated jacket with a more flexible feel than you typically find in a hard shell, consider the Bosch 12V (view at Amazon). The softshell jacket with three quick-warming heat zones, three heat settings, and up to six hours of warmth (on low) from the 12-volt battery is also solid.

What to Look For in a Heated Jacket


Unlike technical winter jackets, which can run as much as $500, heated jackets typically cost around $120 to $250. Though some with added features like carbon fiber heating elements and more technical outer shell fabrics—which add stretch and weather protection—can raise the price another $100 to $200. Just note that some jackets are sold as a jacket-and-battery bundle, while others are only priced to include the jacket, requiring an additional battery purchase. If you plan on staying out for longer excursions, investing in a backup battery is also a good idea.


Heated jackets should fit like a typical winter jacket, allowing you to wear a few layers underneath for added warmth and comfort. So avoid those that fit too snugly unless you’re doing something like layering the heated jacket under an outer layer, something motorcyclists might want. In that case, you want a jacket that’s svelte enough to fit under your go-to winter jacket without bunching and still allowing freedom of movement. So, again like a winter jacket, consider your intended use and conditions.


Naturally, all heated jackets have the same primary feature—battery-powered heat. But to find the right jacket, consider how you’ll wear it—both in activity and duration. Those looking for extra warmth might be good with a heated vest, which delivers warmth but cuts down on both bulk and price. Others who plan on hours-long outings like outdoor sporting events or tailgating should look first at the battery lengths to help find a jacket that’ll deliver warmth for longer durations and jackets that boast additional insulation like down.

Weather Resistance

The cold is merely one aspect of winter. When selecting a heated jacket, you also want weatherproofing characteristics like a breathable membrane that lets internal moisture evaporate while blocking out the elements or a DWR treatment that will shrug off snow and rain. If your ideal heated jacket doesn’t have that kind of protection, it’s a good idea to carry a weatherproof outer shell to toss over your heated jacket to avoid getting wet.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many heating elements do I need?

    At a bare minimum, look for a heated jacket that will keep your torso—chest and back—warm. This is typically accomplished with three or more distinct heating elements, all controlled at once, with low, medium, and high settings. But if you also want heated pocket warmers, heating at the arms, or additional heat at the collar (the latter of which is very nice for a motorcycle-specific heating jacket), look for jackets with additional heating options. Those models often let you dial the warmth by region, which allows for more customization and longer battery life.

  • How should I clean my jacket?

    Most heated jackets are machine washable—once you’ve removed the rechargeable battery, of course. Some can also go into the dryer, but always check the care guides with the jacket (typically outlined on an inside tag). Materials like down insulation or synthetics coated with DWR can get damaged in the washer or dryer. It’s often a good idea to use detergent suitable for tech fabrics (typically “gentle” versions do the trick), but some jackets may require hand washing so you don’t damage the weather resistance or insulation.

  • How should I recharge my battery?

    Most heated jackets have standard batteries that recharge via USB or standard wall plugs. Battery life can vary from a few hours to up to 16, depending on which heat level you select. It’s always a good idea to recharge the battery whenever you’re back inside, just to maintain the battery level for whenever you head out. It’s also worth noting that some motorcycle-specific heated jackets actually plug into your bike’s battery, meaning you don’t have to charge the jacket outside of when you’re riding. And if your typical winter outings last longer than the longest-lasting battery, invest in a backup so you can swap it in when the first one dies.

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