Best Healthy Restaurants

Most Healthy and Vegetarian Restaurants in Williamsburg

After an epic weekend of indulgence, the next week your body may be craving salads and vegetables. Luckily these restaurants are either vegan, vegetarian, or feature plenty of healthy yet delicious options when you want to feel better about your diet.

Edited by Alison Lowenstein

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    191 Bedford Ave.

    Bliss serves up both vegetarian and vegan food all day. Their brunch is delicious: the Breakfast Burrito is an excellent choice, and they only use organic eggs. For lunch or dinner their gigantic salads can't be beat. Throw it back with a Spirit Juice (carrot, beet, lemon and ginger) and you've reached healthy nirvana.They also have a more upscale restaurant in Williamsburg, Bliss Grand, which serves up vegan food. Feast on Senegalese Peanut Stew served w/ quinoa, Sweet Corn Empanadas with margarita cashew creme, and other entrees.

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    212 Bedford Ave.

    If you have a hankering for Chinese food but you don't want all the salt and mystery meat, look no further than Wild Ginger - serving up vegan Asian fusion cuisine. The basil soy protein, or the steamed mixed vegetables are delicious and healthy and the staff is accommodating when it comes to choosing a sauce or substitutions.​

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    55 Waterbury St,

    This tiny Mediterranean cafe in East Williamsburg/Bushwick cafe offers up both vegetarian and vegan dishes. From falafel to panfried halloumi cheese served on homemade black salt rosemary focaccia, there are tons of good eats at Newtown.