The Best Things To Do for the Guys Night Out in Las Vegas

The Guys In Vegas, What Could Go Wrong?

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, North America
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So, the boys are going to do Vegas? This is a list of a few things you should do. Let's not get crazy, if it's you and the guys things might get out of hand, but you should have a plan. If anyone ends up in jail just don't tell the wives and the girlfriends because they will never let you back out of the cave.

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    Chandelier Bar
    Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan. Zeke Quezada

    Let's be honest, if the guys are parading around the town there will be some drinking and most likely some bad behavior. Before you head to the strip clubs try these places.  If you guys are on the prowl for a Bachelor Party try eyecandy sound bar and lounge at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

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    Yes, you will be having drinks when the boys get together in Las Vegas. You should pace yourself because 77 spot is a lot but imagine the stories you'll tell when you get back home. On second thought, keep it to yourself, do you really want your maturity to come into question.


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    If you're not staying there it might be a challenge getting in. However, place some bets on which one of you can get a girl to get her friends to lend you their keys to sneak into the pool. Is it frowned upon? Of course. Should you do it? Probably not. But, it's Las Vegas, what is the worse that could happen? When you get in make sure to tip the drink girls heavily and you should have a great time looking at all the good looking people. Don't be mean, take the ugly guys with you as well.
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    Play Some Golf with the Guys

    Golf Course Near McCarran Airport
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    Before you completely disregard this advice, consider the fact that the guys are all together, you can gamble on a few holes and you can laugh at each other as you drink and smoke cheap cigars. However, if it's hot, blow off the golf and take a nap. There are golf courses at home.
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    Lagasses's Stadium at Palazzo Las Vegas
    Courtesy of the Palazzo

    Imagine watching an entire game without someone asking you to take out the trash, to take your feet off the table or to keep your voice down. Now, imagine that with hot waitresses bringing you alcohol and gambling on the outcome of the games that are playing on the multitude of big screens. That is heaven. To top it off you can get together with the entire crew and act as if you own your own suite at the Arena. Check Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo Hotel and overdose on sports and chicken wings. Is it a Bachelor party? Even better, start the day here and end it at a place no one can talk about.

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    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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    Is it a cliche' for a group of  guys to end up at a strip club in Las Vegas?  It might be but if the boys are in Las Vegas it's part of the package so get your money together, grab one responsible guy and hit the strip club until the sun comes up.

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    Spend some Time Interacting at eyecandy lounge and bar

    This is the type of place where so much is happening you guys might not ever make it out. That's is part of the beauty of eyecandy sound lounge. A bar a lounge and an interactive experience!

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    The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, North America
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    I have instituted a walking and drinking game for the guys whenever we go out. It's quite simple and there are very little rules so you won't forget anything when you have had seven Martinis and two Heineken's. As you walk down the strip any time you see a bar, a drink or any reference to alcohol you must order a drink. I'm sure you're saying, "I'll be wasted", well yeah, but the only rule is that you only have one drink per casino, this way you can get in a good walk before you puke. Nice.
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    You don't even have to be a sports fan to have fun watching sports. Grab a beer and laugh at the people that get all worked up watching a bunch of men run around in tight pants. I'm a hockey fan so being fanatical is in my blood.