The Best Guided Viking Tours in the Scandinavian Region

Fortress Ruins Atop Helgafell, Iceland

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If you're a fan of history and want to visit the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, or Iceland, you can learn about the first seafarers of this northern European region and experience Viking history on a guided Viking Tour.

During the late 8th through 11th centuries, these seafaring conquerors raided and traded with countries across Europe and into the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Bolstered by advanced navigational and sailing skills aboard long ships, the Vikings were able to travel the globe well before Christopher Columbus "discovered" America; in fact, Vikings were the first non-native people to step foot on the United States' east coast.

If you are planning a trip to Scandinavia and want to get a taste of what life was like for these sailing adventurers during the height of the Viking Age, there's no better way to do it than take a guided tour to some of the area's most historically significant sites.

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Stockholm, Sweden: The Viking History Day Tour

Church Ruins in Sigtuna
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This full-day guided tour is an interesting, authentic Viking tour and very popular with visitors. If you want to learn about the Vikings, their Scandinavian home, and their way of life, this guided tour will introduce you to the basics of Viking culture, both past and present.

The tour takes you to Stockholm's best spots for Viking history, like the ruins of the 400 A.D. Viking settlement at Granby, the old Viking Parliament, Vira Bruk, and Sigtuna, which is home to two large ruins and a huge grave field dating back to the Germanic Era.

This fully guided eight-hour tour departs daily year-round with free pickup from your hotel in Stockholm, making it an easy addition to your vacation itinerary.

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Oslo, Norway: The Oslo Experience Cruise & Tour

Viking Ship Museum
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If you're in Norway and have an afternoon to spare, learn about the Vikings' historical spots in Oslo, the capital of Norway, on the Oslo Experience Cruise Tour.

This five-hour guided tour focuses on the Vikings' influence on the city and is part bus tour, part boat tour. Among other stops, it leads you to exhibited Viking ships in Oslo and the Kon-Tiki Raft. Also, on the program is the memorable Norwegian Folk Museum and Vigeland Park...the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist.

This guided tour is seasonal and departs from Oslo City Hall at 1 p.m. daily between late May and late August.

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Reykjavik, Iceland: The Viking Horse & Gullfoss

Arnessysla, Iceland
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The Icelandic horse is a breed the Vikings brought to Iceland, and these unique animals haven't changed much over the centuries since being introduced to the region. This year-round guided tour is great fun for big and small Vikings among us and a perfect day-tour for families visiting Iceland.

First, the tour takes guests riding on these Viking horses, and after a nice lunch break, the nine-hour tour heads to the Gullfoss waterfall, the National Park of Iceland, the unique Geysir hot springs, the village of Hveragerdi, and Pingvellir, the oldest functioning parliament in the world.

It departs daily from Reykjavik at 10 a.m. with free hotel pickup.