Top 5 Grass Types for Arizona Lawns

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Good grass is big business. Golf courses and professional playing fields require even, predictable grass surfaces that are resilient to wear and tear, shaded areas, and variable mowing heights. This has fostered an industry that has artificially bred several different brands of grasses, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In Arizona, buying sod used to be relegated to the resorts, several companies have become distributors to individual consumers with very affordable pricing.

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Celebration Bermudagrass

Celebration Bermudagrass thrives in the Arizona climate, and its dense structure lends itself to a very soft, very fine grass. With a gorgeous blue-green color, this is definitely a grass that you will be tempted to walk barefoot on. Considered one of the most versatile grasses on the market, Celebration can be found anywhere from the golf course to your neighbor's house.

Celebration Bermudagrass is best for any Phoenix resident who desires low-maintenance and high-quality grass for their lawn. Celebration is a high-quality grass that can be cut with both reel and rotary lawnmowers, so it gives you options for care. It's also very resilient to wear and tear, so if you have kids who love to play in the grass, it is considered to be very hardy. Fertilization is also minimal, so for a quality grass that is low maintenance, Celebration is often considered the standard in Phoenix.

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Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto does very well in both sunny and shaded areas but truly stands out because of its shade performance. Most grasses will not do well if they are left in the shade for the majority of the day, and Palmetto can stay green and lush with just 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. It also stays green long into fall and begins greening soon in the spring. It will take several heavy frosts to make it go dormant.

Palmetto St. Augustine is best for Phoenix homeowners with heavily shaded lawns who want their grass to stay green as long as possible and don't want to overseed in the winter. Palmetto doesn't do well with overseeding, so being able to accept a brown lawn in winter is something to consider.

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Midiron is Phoenix's most popular variety of grass for a number of reasons, not least of which is its durability. Able to thrive in our harsh sunshine, it is able to repair itself quickly and is one of the easiest varieties to maintain. With a medium leaf and dark color, it has become a very popular choice.

Midiron is best for Phoenix yards with heavy traffic and homeowners who want a low maintenance, durable lawn. One of Midiron's advantages is its ability to recover from pet urine. More resilient than most, it resists browning and re-greens quickly. It is considered a low maintenance, hardy grass. Good for active children and their pets.

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Tifway 419

Tifway 419 is the choice of most professional sports fields and golf courses in Arizona. Chosen for maximum durability, fine texture, and drought resistance, it is especially suitable for the tough summer climate in Phoenix. However, it does require more maintenance than other grasses. If you have the time to keep it up, it can be a beautiful choice.

Tifway 419 is best for sports fields and golf courses, and those individual consumers who will sacrifice several days a week mowing to have a luxury golf course-type lawn. It is most functional and beautiful at ¾ inch height, so it will require significantly more maintenance than other lawns.

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Tifgreen 328

Originally developed for golf course greens, Tifgreen 328 has a superfine texture that is extremely drought and wear-tolerant. This beauty comes with high maintenance though. It must be mowed often, fertilized once a month, and dethatched regularly to keep up its appearance. However, this is quite possibly the most comfortable grass you will ever walk on in Phoenix.

Tifgreen 328 is best for Phoenix homeowners who take extensive pride in their lawns and prefer a highly manicured lawn. Expect to mow at least once a week with a walking reel mower.

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