The 7 Best Golf Push Carts of 2019

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Best Overall: CaddyTek CaddyLite Deluxe

If you want to be able to push your clubs around the course easily, have them handy when you line up your fairway shot and effortlessly maneuver around tough terrain, the CaddyTek CaddyLite Deluxe Golf Cart is the best option for you. Honestly, any golfer would love this push cart.

The CaddyTek CaddyLite Deluxe really is super light. It weighs only 14 pounds, making it easy to push and perfect for lifting into the trunk. Additionally, the ball bearing technology in the three wheels allows for a much smoother ride than a simple axle-wheel cart would deliver. This cart even features a footbrake, so you can stop your cart and be sure it’s in the same place after your swing. Available in black, silver and green designs, the CaddyTek CaddyLite Deluxe boasts a competitive price. Also, this popular push cart has a cup holder, an umbrella compartment and a mesh pocket, so you can be handsfree while you stroll the course. The push cart measures 53.5 x 27 x 45 inches when extended and folds up to a compact 17.5 x 15.75 x 33.6 inches, so it'll fit nicely in your trunk.

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Best Budget: Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

The Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel push cart has few frills. It doesn’t include a cup holder, specialty wheels or bungee straps. But, this two-wheel cart does have an eye-popping low price and it carries your clubs around the course.

In addition to the price, golfers will like the wide wheelbase for better stability, a comfortable horizontal handle and a durable design. This popular push cart also has a plastic-covered scorecard holder, securing straps for large gold bags and steel construction. You can collapse the cart to half its size for simple storage. The push cart measures 9 x 10 x 33.5 inches.

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Best Electric: Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy

The Bat-Caddy X3R may look like a cross between a Segway and a scooter, but it runs like a high-end car. This “push cart” is powered by either a 35Ah sealed lead acid battery or light lithium battery that allows golfers to have complete and effortless control over your bag as you travel around the course.

The X3R is the 10th generation of Bat-Caddy’s top product, so it has been improved repeatedly to the point of near-perfection. You can control this tech-heavy toy from the handlebars or remotely operate it for up to 100 yards. The Bat-Caddy sports wide wheels and a swiveling front wheel for optimal control and stability. In addition to a cup holder and storage area, you can attach a seat for rests while the rest of your foursome try to catch up to your ball. If you’re worried about getting the cart stranded on the course, Bat-Caddy also lets you push the cart by hand for a versatile user experience.

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Best Folding: Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart has one of the sleekest and simplest designs of any push golf cart. With three large wheels, you can push or pull your clubs with stability and comfort. While this cart functions like many others and has some small features like tee, scorecard and cup holders, what makes it stand out is how compact it can become. The popular cart, which can hold large bags, can fold into a 13-by-15-by-24-inch size — about as big as a suitcase. Weighing only 18 pounds, you can easily carry this cart in a trunk or on longer trips. Available in multiple colors, including green, orange, white and black, the Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart is compatible with other Clicgear attachments.

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Best Three-Wheel: Caddymatic Golf 360-degree SwivelEase 3

Caddymatic Golf 360° SwivelEase

There are so many three-wheel push golf carts. It is a popular design because of its balance between stability and maneuverability. However, the Caddymatic Golf 360-degree SwivelEase 3 stands above the rest.

Made of aluminum, this high-quality push cart has a rare 360-degree swivel front wheel that uses ball bearings for seamless and smooth movement throughout the course. Unlike many three-wheel carts that have a fixed front wheel, you can turn on a dime (or a ball marker) with absolute ease. This great push cart has many other popular features, including the umbrella holder and space for drinks as well. Golfers will love the simple brakes, the comfortable handles, the compact size when folded and the quick-release wheels, but it’s the swivel wheel that really makes this cart one-of-a-kind. It measures 49 x 29 x 45 inches (25.5 x 17.5 x 19 inches when folded) and weighs 23.5 pounds.

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Best Four-Wheel: CaddyTek One-Click Folding Cart

CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3

The CaddyTek One-Click Folding four-wheel cart makes pushing your clubs a breeze. Shaped similarly to a high-end baby stroller, this push cart option boasts large, wide wheels, a press foot brake and even a built-in cooler for your brews. This cart is among the best four-wheel carts — all of which give users added stability.

Despite its large four-wheel size, this cart can be easily folded to fit into a car (17 x 13.8 x 25.8 inches) and only weighs 17 pounds. Despite its low weight, the cart has a strong aluminum frame and can deal with the rough terrain of a golf course. Particularly good for senior and women’s golfers, this cart option will allow you to push your carts without having to worry about repairs or tipping over.

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Best for Kids: Clicgear Rovic RV3J Push Cart

Golf is a great sport for kids. Not only does it teach patience, concentration and practice, but it’s a great excuse to take a long walk in a beautiful area. Children can use the Clicgear Rovic RV3J Push Cart to help lighten the load a bit. Your junior golfer can choose between green, orange, white, black and blue for a fun experience on the course. Additionally, the cart folds to a small size for easy storage. Cup holders, umbrella mounts and other accessories are available. This cart is a reliable option that the junior golfer in your life can push, pull and use on their own. It folds to 13.5 x 14.5 x 31 inches and weighs 22 pounds.

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