The 9 Best Golf Push Carts of 2023

Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX provides excellent control and agility

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Best Golf Push Carts

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Three-wheeled models like the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX provide the most control, obstacle clearance, and agility without sacrificing stability or weight. And this push cart has just the right number of add-ons without overdoing it. But if you typically navigate uneven, hilly terrain, the four-wheeled Big Max Blade Quattro is an excellent option with a foot brake and high-clearance wheels, and it weighs less than some three-wheeled versions.

Using a push golf cart gives you the best of both worlds—you acquire the health benefits and calm of walking a course rather than driving a motorized cart, but you don’t have to haul your bag on your shoulder for all 18 holes. Modern push carts have evolved considerably since they were first introduced. Today you can shop models with two, three, or four wheels at a variety of price points. Almost all of them will be able to navigate tricky terrain while carrying your golf bag, and they all fold down to make for easier transport. Most also include various add-on features like cup holders, coolers, and stands for your umbrella. Spend less time wrangling your bag on the links and more time partaking in the spirited conversation.

The Rundown

Best Overall: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart at Amazon

"Sun Mountain's years-long experience with innovation shows in their Speed Cart GX."

Best Budget: BagBoy M-340 2-Wheel Golf Pull Cart at Amazon

"This minimalistic option shaves off much of the heft (and price) common to other larger carts."

Best for Juniors: TourTrek 2018 Junior Push Cart at Dick's Sporting Goods

"Thanks to an adjustable handle, this cart will grow with your aspiring junior golfer."

Best Lightweight: Big Max Blade Quatro at Big Max Golf

"The Big Max offers the added stability of a four-wheel cart without the extra weight."

Best Compact: Motocaddy CUBE at Amazon

"The cart collapses into a small, nearly-rectangular 22- by 14-inch package."

Best Four-Wheel: CaddyTek Explorer V8 at Amazon

"Get the stability you want with a four-wheel cart without the added heft."

Best Three-Wheeled: ClicGear 4.0 at Amazon

"Extra heft delivers superior control across all types of terrain."

Best Folding: Spin It Golf Easy Drive at Amazon

"Compress this push cart with a single press of a button."

Best Electric: Foresight ForeCaddy Smart Cart at Foresight Sports

"Layers in elements of a traditional electric golf cart and newer, more high-tech functionality."

Best Overall: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Push Cart

Sun Mountain led the pushcart market in 1999 when it introduced the first ergonomic three-wheel folding design. And that innovation is still evident in the Speed Cart GX. A redesigned handle allows for a larger mesh headcover tray, improved upper and lower bag brackets, and secure bungees adjusted to fit golf bags of any size. The larger-than-average wheels and their three-spoke configuration will conquer variable terrain and won't collect debris, and the cart is easy to maneuver and tilt as needed; it practically glides on its own.

The wide mesh bag below the frame lets you store extra layers and accessories, and a padded storage tray offers an ideal place for your phone, umbrella, and scorecard. It also comes with a standard-sized cup holder and a built-in bracket that can accommodate Sun Mountain's Speed Cart seat or an industrial bottle holder—just a few of the brand's many cart accessories. The cart folds down in two fluid motions, with collapsed dimensions that fit easily in your car's trunk. Weighing just under 18 pounds, it's not the lightest on the market, but golfers report it's easy to carry.

Price at time of publication: $250

Best Budget: BagBoy M-340 2-Wheel Golf Pull Cart

With two wide, 9.5-inch-diameter wheels, BagBoy's M-340 pull cart can also be easily pushed on most fairway conditions with the grace and ease typical of three-wheeled carts. With only two wheels and a slim frame, this minimalistic option shaves off much of the heft (and price) common to larger carts. It weighs only 10 pounds, and a simple folding mechanism makes it easy to collapse into a very stow-friendly size of 35 x 16 x 14 inches.

A quick-release, hook-and-loop fastener bag strap is included for easy set-up. A durable aluminum frame will stand up to frequent trips to the links. Accessories-wise, it helps you stay organized with a holder for your scorecard, tees, pencil, and balls.

Price at time of publication: $150

Best for Juniors: TourTrek 2018 Junior Push Cart

TourTrek 2018 Junior Push Cart

Courtesy of Golf Galaxy

Thanks to an adjustable handle, the 2018 Junior Push Cart from TourTrek will grow with your aspiring junior golfer, year after year. And its simplistic design puts more emphasis on utility than unnecessary accessories like a cooler or cigar holder, which is ideal for those just learning the basics. The frame is constructed of durable steel with high-strength support cables at the top and bottom, reinforcing the frame’s architecture.

Adjustable clip buckles at the base and midway up the cart let you secure your golf bag. Oversized wheels glide smoothly over rough terrain, and the scorecard holder below the handle includes a pencil clip and additional storage for tees and balls. A quick-release latch folds the cart smoothly into a modestly-sized package.

Price at time of publication: $60

Best Lightweight: Big Max Blade Quatro

Big Max Blade Quatro

Courtesy of Big Max

Yes, the Big Max Blade Quattro is a four-wheeled push cart—but at only 6.5 pounds, it’s more than 5 pounds lighter than Big Max’s lightest three-wheeled model so that you can benefit from the added stability of a four-wheel cart without the extra weight. The handle allows for vertical adjustment, and an easy-to-engage foot brake lets you lock the cart in place (an essential feature when navigating hillier courses).

The bag clips will suit standard-sized golf bags, including Big Max’s High Tech Smart Organizer Panel nestled between the frame, just below that padded handle. Perhaps best of all, it folds down quickly with one simple handle movement so that it won’t swallow much space in your trunk or when you’re back home. It’s also compatible with all of Big Max’s push cart accessories, including a cooler bag, a variety of storage nets, and holders for an umbrella, GPS, golf glove, and water bottle.

Price at time of publication: $299

Best Compact: Motocaddy CUBE

Almost all push carts collapse in some fashion—often into pretty awkward configurations that look almost like a tripod on wheels, which introduces a lot of negative space in your trunk or closet. However, Motocaddy’s CUBE push trolly has a much sleeker compact appearance. Follow a simple, two-step sequence, and the 15-pound cart collapses into a small, nearly-rectangular 22- by 14-inch package. The CUBE also doesn’t hold back on its features. The aluminum frame is pretty strong to handle the dings of the course (or pulling it out of your trunk), with an adjustable handle and bag supports, a parking brake on the left rear wheel, and oversized wheels that move smoothly and will conquer rough terrain.

You’ll find a scorecard holder, a drink holder, and a bracket for an umbrella holder in front of the ergonomic handle. And if you happen to have a Motocaddy golf bag, the push cart is compatible with the brand’s EASILOCK system, which utilizes two pins that attach the bag directly to the cart for optimal secure steering. (The pins can be removed to accommodate other bag models).

Price at time of publication: $299

Best Four-Wheeled: CaddyTek Explorer V8

The Explorer V8 from CaddyTek delivers the stability you want with a four-wheeled cart but without the added heft typical to most quad-wheeled models. It weighs a perfectly manageable 14 pounds thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame, with a 16.3-inch-wide wheel span, adding stability and agile movement. The wheel sizes (9.5 inches in the front and 10.5 inches in the back) help navigate over uneven, rough terrain.

Better still, it folds up with two simple steps, reducing to a compact package that measures 23.4 inches long and only 13.8 inches tall. A new clamp-type bag holder accommodates all golf bags, and the space between the front wheels can expand up to 12.5 inches to hold larger bags securely. In addition to a welcome front brake, the Explorer V8 also packs in the extras, including an umbrella holder, a storage basket with a built-in cooler, a scorecard holder with a storage compartment, a cell phone pocket, a beverage holder, and an additional mesh storage net.

Price at time of publication: $199

Best Three-Wheeled: ClicGear 4.0

Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Built on a heavy-duty metal frame, the ClicGear 4.0 weighs more than most push carts, tipping the scales at 21 pounds. But this extra heft delivers superior control across all types of terrain, with oversized wheels that easily clear the rough and an ergonomic handle that includes a vertical mount to let the cart pivot smoothly. The bag saddle has been lowered from previous versions, adding even more stability to the cart, along with two adjustable silicone bag straps; the main handle and the top strap are also height-adjustable to accommodate taller or shorter bags and players.

It also has an integrated hand brake for the front wheel, making it easy to lock down the cart on uneven terrain. In addition to the four accessory mounts compatible with other ClicGear products, the 4.0 model comes with a cup holder and a larger console bag at the top, which includes space for your scorecard, balls, pencils, and tees. Folded down, it collapses into a 13- by 15- by 24-inch package.

Price at time of publication: $299

Best Folding: Spin It Golf Easy Drive

Unlike most push carts, which require two or more motions to compress the cart, the Easy Drive from Spin It Golf folds with the single push of a button. It also boasts a front swivel wheel, which lets you pilot the cart more precisely than those with fixed front wheels. A wide rear wheel base enhances stability, and smooth-action large-format rear wheels help reduce debris collection. Constructed of lightweight aluminum (available in several colors), the Easy Drive also has an adjustable storage area with space for your scorecard, cup, extra gloves, and umbrella.

Price at time of publication: $240

Best Electric: Foresight ForeCaddy Smart Cart

Foresight ForeCaddy Smart Cart

Courtesy of Foresight

ForeCaddy from Foresight layers in elements of a traditional electric golf cart and newer, more high-tech functionality. It comes with two high-powered motors that can handle two 18-hole rounds of golf on a single battery charge. Plus, four modes of operation give you the flexibility of use: You can use the remote control to pilot the electric cart, activate “follow” mode so that the cart rolls behind you, opt for Power Assist to reduce the weight of the cart when pushing (much like an e-bike assists when you’re pedaling); or go full manual for the old-school feel.

You can also use the two buttons on the handle to speed up and slow down the cart. Beyond the electrical drivers, Foresight also added some other welcome features like a charging port, a range finder magnet, a bottle holder, a hook, and holders for scorecards, umbrellas, and balls. With two presses of a button, the cart collapses into a fairly manageable package.

Price at time of publication: $1,500

What to Look for in a Golf Push Cart

Number of Wheels

The number of wheels remains one of the biggest distinctions among push carts. Two wheels can be pushed—but can prove a bit unstable, meaning you’ll likely end up pulling it behind you. Three-wheeled models add loads of stability and maneuverability, especially if the front wheel pivots or spins. Having four wheels amps the stability even more and helps navigate uneven terrain more confidently, though you sacrifice some of the easy handling found on three-wheeled models.

Features and Storage

Naturally, ensure your bag fits—most are suitable to all standard golf bags. Then, think about what else you might want to carry on the push cart. Accessories abound, from dedicated pockets for cell phones, water bottle holders, added zip-close pouches, and umbrella holders. Some even come with flip-down seats. Think through what accessories you deem essential (or simply nice) to have on the links and ensure that your future push cart can accommodate those needs.


Storage size is also important—both within your trunk and when you’re back home. Those with minimal storage space should go with a cart that easily folds up and compresses into an easy-to-carry, small, light package. Those without space restrictions can lean into some of the stronger, more tricked-out models.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are three or four wheels better for a golf push cart?

    It partially depends on your preferences and where you play. As mentioned above, three-wheeled carts maximize maneuverability while four wheels increase stability, especially over rugged terrain. Four-wheeled carts can generally fold down smaller than three-wheelers but are more expensive.

  • When and why do you need a golf push cart?

    Golf push carts provide the ideal compromise between riding in a motorized cart and lugging around your bag (and straining your back). By using a push cart, you get the benefits of walking the nine or 18 holes in a less physically demanding way. Any golfer can benefit from using them, particularly those who want to make walking the course easier.

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