Swing Into Action With the Best Golf Irons

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The Rundown

Best Overall: TaylorMade P7TW at Dick's Sporting Goods

"Co-designed by Tiger Woods, these irons boast longer blade lengths and thinner toplines."

Best Budget: Wilson Staff Model Utility at Amazon

"Although it started as a prototype for pro golfers, this iron comes at a humble price point."

Best Set: Callaway Epic Forged Star at Dick's Sporting Goods

"These irons deliver all the performance you need without the drawbacks of lesser sets."

Best for Feel: Mizuno MP-20 at Amazon

"If you prefer subtle control over power swinging, the MP-20s deliver."

Best for Speed: Titleist T300 at Dick's Sporting Goods

"Titleist employs its high-impact technology in this iron to deliver maximum ball speed."

Best Mid-Handicapped: Cobra King Forged Tec at Amazon

"Skilled players prefer the Cobra King Forged Tec's classic muscle back shape."

Best for Beginners: TaylorMade SIM Max OS at Amazon

"The ECHO Damping System delivers a touch that's pure and intuitive."

Best for Seniors: Wilson Launch Pad Graphite at Amazon

"This iron is great for all types of players because it comes in a variety of shaft sizes."

Best for Kids: US Kids RS39 at PGA Tour Superstore

"The head only weighs 150 grams, so it's super lightweight and easy to maneuver."

Best Overall: TaylorMade P7TW

TaylorMade P7

Courtesy of Golf Monthly


TaylorMade went to the best point of inspiration when crafting their seminal set of eight P7TW irons—Tiger Woods himself. And the meticulous attention to detail shows in all parts of this club set. The brand boasts that even the box that houses the irons will deliver an “immersive” unboxing experience, with each club beautifully displayed inside. But looks are only the start of the P7TW’s story. Under the guidance of one of the all-time best golfers, the irons boast longer blade lengths, thinner toplines, progressive face heights, and other tweaks from the traditional to deliver a top-performing set. Milled grind on the head cuts out variances in the sole’s geometry to assure precise strikes, with CNC-machined sole geometry to encourage consistent interaction with the turf. And they’ve integrated tungsten weighting on the blade to improve trajectory control and deliver a deeper, more intuitive feel at impact. In short, they perform well enough to play at the top of your game and will encourage you to start cutting shots off your final score.

Best Budget: Wilson Staff Model Utility

The term “utility” might not inspire visions of triumphant golf victories. But don’t let that humble name fool you. The Staff Model Utility from Wilson got its start as a prototype iron for pro golfers on the PGA Tour, with equal focus on delivering reliability, distance, and forgiveness. And that it also comes at a humble price point is just a bonus. The irons boast hollow-bodied heads to amp distance, forgiveness, and improved launch without added heft, even though the clubs are a bit longer than your traditional iron. The club face is made of high-strength C300 material across the entire surface to provide greater ball speed, even with off-center shots, while seven grams of added weight have been added to the lower section of the sole to provide forgiveness and ease-of-strike with increased launch angles. It comes standard with Wilson’s KBS Hybrid shaft and Golf Pride Velvet Grips.

Best Set: Callaway Epic Forged Star

Callaway Epic Forged Star Iron

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

The Epic Forged Star irons from Callaway deliver all the performance you need without any of the drawbacks attributed to lesser sets. Designed to provide max distance through a combo of speed, spin, ball flight, and lightweight materials, the clubs come with a tungsten core suspended in a polyurethane cartridge wrapped in urethane microspheres for controlled launch and long, consistent distance. A shallow, flexible rim wraps around the perimeter of the club face that flexes and then releases at the moment of impact to reliably spring the ball into the air, even with off-center hits. The brand also implemented a new VFT pattern in the mid and long irons to provide spin and control. Yet—thanks to a lighter head, ultra-premium shafts that weigh between 40 and 50 grams, and a 43-gram grip—the clubs aren’t heavy or unwieldy. They also look quite striking thanks to the black finish and precise shaping.

Best for Feel: Mizuno MP-20

Mizuno’s three-set MP-20 Irons have been grain-flow forged in Hiroshima, Japan, where the brand has been refining the art of the golf club for more than 50 years, a rich history that has led to the creation of one of the most feel-sensitive iron sets on the course. The forging process makes the materials six times tighter-tolerance than the industry standard and increases the grain density in the impact area to deliver a consistent, soft, solid feel with each swing. Harmonic impact tech in the fine-tuned head geometry increases feedback, while a thin copper underlay that rides beneath nickel adds another level of feel. But the MP-20s are about more than touch. Flow-tapered blades also assure that you get high launches on the lower, long irons and lower launch control with the more compact scoring irons. If you prefer subtle control over power swinging, the MP-20s deliver.

Best for Speed: Titleist T300

Titleist T300

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Titleist employs their proprietary high-impact technology in the T300 iron to deliver maximum ball speed—without dampening forgiveness—across the entire mid-sized club face, allowing you to make fast shots swing after each swing. They also worked with Titleist’s golf ball research and development to design a polymer core for precise sound and dampening qualities when the head meets the ball. Tungsten has been slipped into the club’s toe to place the center of gravity where you need it most, while the longer blade length increases the moment of inertia, even with off-center shots. It also comes with an open back cavity to generate a fast feel, and a thinner top line and less offset for a classic club profile. Each T300 iron comes with a choice of stock shafts and grips, including true-temper ATM Red and Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 shafts and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat Cap grip.

Best Mid-Handicapped: Cobra King Forged Tec

Optimally suited for better players looking for top performance, the Cobra King Forged Tec utilizes the brand’s forged “PWRSHELL” face to expand the sweet zone for higher launches and faster ball speed, while still providing a compact, classic overall club shape. The equally classic muscle back shape preferred by skilled players conceals a hollow core infused with foam microspheres for a lower center of gravity to help control distance and maximum playability with a soft feel that’ll fend off frustration. A tungsten toe weighting centers the lower end of the face, right behind the striking one, to add precision with off- and on-center hits. And all clubs come with Arccos sensors embedded in the grip, which pairs with the Arccos Caddie smart app that leverages real-time data to help you make smarter decisions on the fly, a feature all mid-handicapped golfers will appreciate.

Best for Beginners: TaylorMade SIM Max OS

Designed in consort with TaylorMade’s sound engineers, the SIM Max OS iron set comes with an improved Speed Bridge and an ECHO Damping System to deliver better sound and a forged-like feel for distant shots that travel and a touch that’s pure and intuitive. The dampening tech stretches across the entire thin face, from heel to toe, for solid impact, while inside, a progressive inverted cone optimizes accuracy. The lower section of the face has been separated from the sole of the iron to create a free-floating face to increase stability without sucking ball speed. And while the oversized construction makes it a touch hefty, it also increases the sweet spot and improves overall forgiveness, with a low center of gravity and a face mass that thins from the top of the club head, down to the bottom of the sole to generate high, penetrating ball flights.

Best for Seniors: Wilson Launch Pad Graphite

The aptly named Launch Pad Graphite four-piece iron set from Wilson has been engineered to let the clubs’ sole float above the turf, resulting in higher ball flight, greater distance, and less chucking. Hollow construction at the head supports a whisper-thin head to max ball speed and increased distance, letting you improve with every shot. These are irons that encourage the golfer to swing and play with confidence, which bolsters improvement—along with a touch of forgiveness that recognizes that even the best player pings the occasional off-center shot. And a variety of shaft flexes—regular, senior, and women’s—means that all types of players can benefit from the Launch Pad Graphite’s sophisticated tech.

Best for Kids: US Kids RS39 Yard Club

Kids US RS39

Courtesy of PGA Tour Superstore

This iron from US Kids has been designed specifically for younger players, with modified lengths, widths, and lofts. Its super lightweight and easy to maneuver, since the head only weighs 150 grams. The head is also over-sized, making it easier to launch the ball upwards and evoke the sense of satisfaction essential to fuel the love of the game. Plus, it has a molded grip to help beginners perfect their swing.

Kids can learn how to putt with the three soft golf balls, which come included. This affordable club is available in right and left-hand figurations and has a red-colored shaft.

What to Look for in Golf Irons

Skill level Irons come in three different categories: player’s irons, made for skilled players; game-improvement irons, which are for golfers with a midrange skill level; and super-game-improvement irons, which are especially forgiving for beginners. Don’t “play up." Get the irons right for where you are in your game. 

Shaft flex Flex refers to the amount of bend a club has, and stiffness tends to correlate with how fast you swing your club. If you go too fast without enough stiffness, your ball could veer off in any direction. Look for labels like “regular,” “stiff,” and “extra stiff,” then play around with them to figure out what fits your swing best.

Price Irons, like all golf clubs, have a huge range when it comes to price. While typically you get what you pay for in terms of quality, it is possible to find clubs that outperform their price tag at all sorts of points. Be sure to consider how much you’ll actually be using the clubs and how long you want to stick with whatever you choose, and let that guide you toward a budget that feels right for you.

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