The Best Golf Grips to Customize Any Golf Club to Your Needs

Improve your game on the green with these golf grips

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The 9 Best Golf Grips of 2022

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 at Amazon

"A soft micro-texture increases traction and comfort, with maximum hand cover for golfers of all sizes and styles."

Best Buy: Karma Velour at Amazon

"Outfit your entire golf set with new grips without breaking the bank."

Best Shock-Absorbing: Winn DriTac at Amazon

"DriTac grips rank among Winn’s most popular models—and it’s easy to understand why."

Best for a Soft Feel: Lamkin Comfort Plus at Amazon

"The Comfort Plus delivers a super-soft feel that adds finesse and agility to every shot."

Best for Irons: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G at Amazon

"If you upgrade to the Tour Wrap 2G, you should see improvements to your game."

Best for Putters: Ping Finger Lock at Amazon

"The diagonal patterns lining this grip provide a solid feel."

Best for Drivers: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 at Amazon

"Reduce hand tension and promote a more powerful swing with the Velvet Plus4."

Best for Beginners: Winn Excel Wrap at Amazon

"An extra layer of firm comfort is more forgiving than grips with lower shock absorption."

Best All-Weather: Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC at Amazon

"No matter the weather, this grip offers a soft, tacky touch thanks to ControlTac."

The sport of golf comes with a wide array of accessories, but changing the grip that came with your clubs is a quick and inexpensive way to make a dramatic impact on your game. They can provide enhanced feel when you strike the ball, promote a more gentle grip pressure, and reduce hand fatigue. Considering the hand is the only part of the body that touches the club, these benefits are significant and can lead to things like improved putting, increased power transfer from swing to ball, and crisper contact. Some are best for drivers, while others are specifically designed for putters or irons. Some are great for wet conditions; others are tailored to beginners.

Here, our list of the best golf grips.

Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Thanks to a large outside diameter, the MCC Plus 4 from Golf Pride mimics the comfort and control of four extra wraps on the lower section of the grip, reducing the taper to allow for lighter grip pressure. This lessens hand tension and allows for more fluid control and power transfer with each swing. Made of proprietary Brushed Cotton Cord, the grip comes with moisture-wicking fibers integrated into the soft rubber to soak up sweat and still perform admirably in wet, rainy conditions. A soft micro-texture increases traction and comfort, with maximum hand cover for golfers of all sizes and styles. The MCC Plus 4 comes in five colors, and sizes range from undersized and midsized to standard and jumbo, with a max weight of 82 grams.

Best Buy: Karma Velour

If you’re looking to outfit your entire golf set with new grips without breaking the bank, Karma’s Velour Golf Grips are a solid choice. This kit comes with 13 midsized grips, each one made of the same durable, tacky rubber compounds. They have a familiar and proven grip pattern that provides both comfort and control. The aesthetic—black grips with white circles at the top and bottom—will stand the test of time, and each grip weighs a modest 60 grams to provide a confident, weather-resistant, non-slip grip applicable to all club types. Users report that they’re easy to install and note that the midsized option is closer to the standard size offered by other brands.

Best Shock-Absorbing: Winn DriTac

DriTac grips rank among Winn’s most popular models, and it’s easy to understand why. The brand employs their proprietary polymer material of multiple polymer compounds to assure a slip-resistant, weather-proof grip. A tapered profile helps cut down on weight and provides a slimmer overall application, with a high rate of shock absorption whenever you need to hit the ball with power. Firmness is balanced—not too soft, not too stiff—which allows for more control on shots you might need to finesse. The TriTac comes in models specific for women and junior golfers, as well as standard, midsized, and oversized versions.

Best for a Soft Feel: Lamkin Comfort Plus

Lamkin’s Comfort Plus typifies the advantages of swapping out your stock grip for a custom model. Made from the brand’s DSX material, the Comfort Plus delivers a super-soft feel that adds finesse and agility to every shot, with a “fingerprint technology” that has a shallow micro-texture surface pattern to improve both comfort and feel. The straight, reduced-taper profile further promotes a lighter grip for better shot control and consistency, the twin goals of all golfers. And thanks to an unbuffed finish, the grip has an extremely tacky surface that provides assured control without effort. It doesn’t always perform admirably in really wet or sweaty conditions, but for golfers with sensitive skin or those yearning for a truly soft feel, the Comfort Plus delivers. It comes in three sizes: undersized, standard, and midsized, with a universal core size of 0.6 inches.

Best for Irons: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Irons are typically the workhorse clubs in your bag, and if you upgrade to the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G for one or all of the irons in your arsenal, you should see improvements to your game. A long-time staple on the world tour circuit, the grip consists of a durable high-tack rubber compound that gives you confident, no-slip control over the club. But it’s also considerably softer than other grips, combining the look and feel of a classic leather grip with the durability of soft rubber. Choose from four different colors in the 48-gram standard model, or go with one of two heavier standard versions. There are also a jumbo, midsized, and undersized versions—plenty of options to assure that you match the ideal grip with each of your irons.

Best for Putters: Ping Finger Lock

Ping’s Finger Lock has amassed an army of loyal followers who claim drastic improvements to their game after installing the grip. Finesse is a must as you get closer to the hole, and the diagonal patterns that line this grip provide a solid feel with a tacky touch, letting you grip your putter lightly without losing the feel you need to better guide the ball. It weighs in at 86 grams, with a 0.58-inch diameter.

Best for Drivers: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4

Swinging a driver is all about power. And Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet Plus4 Grip has been designed to reduce hand tension and promote a more powerful swing. Its large outside diameter features a reduced taper that cuts hand tension and fatigue by promoting a lighter grip pressure. This translates into more fluidity and strength throughout the swing. Moisture-wicking properties assure a no-slip grip even in sweaty or wet conditions, while a moderate degree of feedback helps you feel at one with your driver. It comes in only one color—classic black—and in two sizes that’ll accommodate most golfers.

Best for Beginners: Winn Excel Wrap

Winn was the first brand to introduce polymer grips to golfers; the material is formulated to deliver a wide spectrum of firmness, textures, and weights to suit all golfers. All the options might overwhelm a novice, so simplify things by selecting the Excel Wrap, which uses a variation of that polymer material to seriously amp shock absorption, combat hand fatigue, and improve control. This extra layer of firm comfort also proves more forgiving than grips with lower shock absorption. It leans toward the softer side of the firmness spectrum, so you can learn with each swing, while the extra-tacky surface provides a no-slip grip, especially in dry-weather play. It comes in traditional black and includes standard sizes, as well as midsized and oversized, as well as a women’s (or men’s undersized) version.

Best All-Weather: Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC

Serious golfers know that the game must go on, even when the weather turns foul. When wet weather hits, it’s best to reach for the Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC, a modern-style grip that’s crafted with ControlTac, a proprietary rubber compound that has a soft, tacky touch even when it’s soaking wet. GeoSpeed Channels spiral the length of the grip and encourage golfers to ease their grip pressure while a tapered lower hand area has been engineered to reduce hand tension. This helps improve club head speed and promotes square impact between the club head and the ball. Choose between red and black and from standard, midsized, or jumbo grips. All lengths are 10.5 inches, and the core diameter measures 0.6 inches.

Final Verdict

Golf Pride’s MCC Plus 4 (view at Amazon) gives the best overall feel by lessening hand tension and increasing traction. This grip also has moisture-wicking fibers that soak up sweat and perform well in wet conditions. If you are looking to outfit your entire golf set without breaking the bank, Karma’s Velour Golf Grips (view at Amazon) will get the job done.

What to Look for in Golf Grips


There are four different golf grip sizes—undersized, standard, midsized, and oversized—each of which can be added to with tape to refine how it feels in your hands. How the grip fits in your hands is extremely important as it can affect your swing significantly.


You’ll want to test out the grip while swinging your clubs to make sure that it feels right. There are different types of traction a grip can provide, with ribbed, corded, and smooth options. The type you want ultimately comes down to personal preference.


Grips are designed to perform best in certain conditions, and knowing what the weather conditions are generally like when you play will go a long way toward finding a great grip. Some grips use special material that’s made to feel tacky for better holding power, which will be helpful in rainy or really humid conditions. Comfort and softness play a big role in your final decision, too.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I really need a different grip?

    Swapping a stock golf club grip for one more suitable to your golfing style is a low-cost way to improve your game. Firmer grips offer solid torsion control, ideal for players with high swing speeds, while comfort-style grips encourage less hand fatigue, a tackier touch, and more feel and control on finesse shots.

  • What size golf grip is best for me?

    Measure your hand (from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger) to determine the right size. Most grips come in junior/undersized versions for hands that are smaller than 7 inches, standard sizes for hands between 7 to 9 inches, midsized for 8 to 9.25 inches, and oversized or jumbo for anything about 9.25 inches. Some brands also make women-specific models.

  • What surface texture should I consider?

    What feels right should help considerably narrow your options. In general, rougher grips and more elaborate textures provides more hand traction and work well with golf gloves, especially when swinging your driver or irons. Smoother-feeling grips add a softer touch, an ideal consideration for finesse shots and putting.

  • How well do grips stand up to wetness?

    It largely depends on the grip you choose. If you golf in wet or humid conditions or tend to sweat, look for a grip that’s made of durable rubber and those with moisture-management technologies that wick away sweat and water to assure you’ve got a solid grip even when things get wet.

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