The 7 Best Golf Gloves of 2019

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Anyone who has looked at their hands after playing golf barehanded quickly understands the importance of a good glove. Scratches, bruising and red lines are par for the course without one. In addition to protecting your hand from bruises and marks, a glove can help you gain the optimal grip and make your swing feel better.

One of the most important things in searching for a golf glove is the size. Take the time to have your hands sized properly. A well-fitting glove won’t feel too tight and won’t have excess material between your fingers. Once you determine your size, it’s time to find the right gloves for your game. Take a peek at our picks of the best golf gloves to buy today and bring with you on the course.

Our Top Picks

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Best Overall: Bionic StableGrip Gloves

Bionic StableGrip Gloves

Enormously popular, reasonably priced and ready to fit just about anyone, the Bionic StableGrip Gloves are sure to up your recipient's golf game. Available for a range of sizes and orientations for either right or left hands, the Bionic StableGrip gloves are made of genuine leather for the best grip and a soft touch.

It's the design of these gloves that sets them apart. The palm boasts an additional pad for a better grip and less wear and tear. Lycra between the fingers gives your gloves a better and more breathable fit, while the shape of the glove reduces bagginess or commonly damaged areas. This glove even has Lycra spots where the knuckles are for improved motion and reduced tightness. Machine washable and easy to clasp, the stylish white and black gloves will be at home in nearly any golf bag.

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Best Budget: MG Golf DynaGrip Gloves

Most golf gloves aren’t very expensive, but when it comes to golf gear, it’s always nice to save money where you can. The MG Golf DynaGrip gloves are made completely of Cabretta leather and are very popular. MC Golf points to FootJoy’s Sta-Sof as a comparable product at a higher price.

For many golfers, the low price lets them buy a backup pair without forking over a large sum in case one is lost or damaged on the course. MC Golf explained that these leather gloves are soft on the hand, but tacky on the allowing for a looser hold on the club. Available in large sizes and with either hand, these gloves simply work well and cost little.

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Best Lightweight: FootJoy Pro FLX Golf Gloves

The FootJoy Pro FLX golf gloves are made to give you all the benefits of a glove but feel like you’re barely wearing anything. Microvent FiberSof material covers the back of the gloves to allow heat to escape during play and to reduce sweat. Additionally, the knuckles are covered with #D PowerNet material, which is not only breathable but allows for added flexibility in these important tension points. Water- and sweat-resistant, these leather gloves will give you added grip on the club and should breathe so well you don’t need to take them off while you play.

The unique closing tab allows for added comfort not found with every glove. These gloves weigh just over one ounce when they ship.

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Most Versatile: Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove

Are your hands large? Small? Wide and small? Large but not wide? Callaway’s Dawn Patrol gloves have you covered no matter your hand size and shape. Available in right- or left-hand orientations, the Callaway Dawn Patrol has a simple all-white design made completely of leather. The biggest design flourishes on these gloves are the perforations for breathability and sweat reduction.

Coming from a top name in golf products, the Callaway Dawn Patrol stands out for its versatility. People with hands of any size and any playing style can use this universal glove. The closure tab even has variable tightness with a secure fit. The cuff of the glove is cotton for added comfort.

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Best Women’s: TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon Golf Glove

The highly-rated TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon Golf Glove is the best women’s option on the market. These full finger gloves feature a AAA Cabretta leather palm for added grip on the course. Additionally, these gloves are designed with stretchy Lycra and perforations so that your hands can breathe and your gloves will fit exactly how you want them too, forming around your hand.

TaylorMade offers its Ribbon Golf glove in a cool silver, teal and white design to match clubs or golf attire. The gloves include a unique closure with an ergonomic tab for comfortable tightening and a snug fit that won’t fall off mid-swing.

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Best Cadet: Finger Ten Men’s Premium Soft Cabretta Leather Tour Fit Grip Gloves

Cadet gloves are all about proportion. If you have a wider palm, a cadet size glove may be the most comfortable option for you. Cadet sizes are available in large sizes, as well as small sizes. It can be difficult to find a great cadet glove because not every glove is available in cadet sizes. However, if you want a great cadet glove, Finger Ten has you covered with its Men’s All Premium Soft Cabretta Leather Tour Fit Grip gloves.

These Finger Ten gloves have a soft feel and a good grip on the club due to their leather construction. Additionally, the closure tab has three points of contact for a quick and secure process every time you put them on. These gloves are high quality and customers often comment on how great of a value they are. 

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Best for Arthritis: Bionic ReliefGrip Golf Glove

For senior golfers with arthritis or hand pain, getting the right glove is crucial to being able to actually play on the course. The Bionic ReliefGrip gloves have additional finger grips not found on many gloves, which allows golfers to get a better grip on the club with less effort to reduce pain. The gloves also sport a lightweight construction with Lycra “motion and web zones” for stretch and breathability in the areas where your hands need it most. Padded finger relief and “pre-rotated” finger designs make this one of the best gloves for arthritis.

Additionally, the ReliefGrip has added support in the wrist and for the thumb with the LightPrene material and easy-to-close clasp on the back. The glove is made completely of Cabretta leather and comes in all sizes and both hand orientations. 

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