The 6 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners in 2019

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When people first start golfing, it can be daunting. Unlike other sports, you can’t get by with only one racket or ball. Golfers need to have a driver, a putter, irons and a wedge or two to even play the game at a basic level. That’s why finding the right set of golf clubs for a beginner is so important.

The best beginner sets have at least one driver, two woods, one putter, one hybrid, two wedges and seven irons. When you’re looking for a beginner set, you’ll want to consider the quality of the clubs, the cost of the package and the variety of features. For example, you don’t want to buy high end used clubs for a beginner if the stiff irons and high-difficulty driver will only make the game harder for them to learn. A better approach may be to use a set of simpler, less fancy clubs to get a hang of the game and get comfortable with the motions. Check out these beginner golf club sets for options that will appeal to completely new golfers. 

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Best Overall: Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate

The Callaway Men’s Strata is a popular and beloved set of golf clubs for two reasons: It’s complete and all of the clubs are great. Beginners will especially like the “forgiving” 3- and 5-woods, which can help you easily get out of deep fairway trouble. Callaway explains that the clubs in this set are devoted to distance, ball control and forgiveness — all top qualities a beginner needs.

The 18-piece set comes with a nice, standing golf bag, a 460cc driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges, a putter, lightweight stand bag and several headcovers. This set is comprehensive, but there are also similar 16- or 12- piece Strata sets as well, also good for beginners. Simply put: The Callaway Strata is a complete set of great clubs that will benefit any beginner.

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Best for Women: Bullet .444 Complete Set

Bullet .444 Complete Set

The Bullet .444 Complete Set is an excellent option of women’s clubs for a beginner. This inexpensive set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, a pitching wedge, several irons, a putter and a stand bag all in a stylish light green. Each club packs its own punch, such as the 460cc oversized hyper titanium driver for great speed and distance.

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Best for Men: Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Courtesy of Walmart

Men who are just starting to golf should check out the 16-piece PRE Men’s golf set from Pinemeadow. In addition to a great stand bag with a kickstand and carrying straps, this set will give guys all the tools they need to start their golf games. Including a 10.5-degree titanium driver, a 3-wood and a 3-hybrid as well as irons 4 through 9, a pitching wedge and a putter, this set will allow new golfers to quickly play a whole 18 with the guys. Reviewers, who rate this set highly, repeatedly note how simple and effective these clubs are and that they are well worth the low price.

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Best Value: Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Set

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Wilson offers a complete, standard set of clubs, which gives beginners everything they need to play golf but doesn’t require the investment of a top tier set. The Ultra set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 4 hybrid, irons 5 through 9, a pitching wedge and a putter. This set uses steel shafts and standards grips and is designed for men shorter than 6’2”. The clubs share a stylish black, gold and silver design that will make beginners look like pros on the course in no time.

The set is specifically geared to beginners. Although it may not have the versatility that more experienced golfers want, the durable Ultra set delivers a great return on investment and can last for a long time.

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Best Basic: Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Whereas most beginner sets include a stand bag, the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX golf set strips away those frills for a simpler product that doesn’t have those additional costs. Perfect for beginners who already have a golf bag or other accessories, but are looking for good clubs at a low price point, the PGX set only includes quality clubs.

Customers get a 460cc driver, a 3-wood, a hybrid, irons 5 through 9 and a pitching wedge. This set does not have a putter but does include head coverings. Although customers agree on the excellence of the Pinemeadow irons​, they disagree about how much they like the driver and woods.

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Best for Seniors: Wilson Men's Profile XD Complete Package Golf Set

Many senior golfers have been playing for a long time. However, if you are a senior and only getting into golf now, you’ll love it! And you’ll love it even more with the Wilson Profile XD golf club set.

This men’s set includes a stand bag and deep cavity irons. All of the clubs are designed for faster swing speeds and uniflex flexibility. Senior beginners will get a driver, 5-wood, 6 through 9 irons, a sand wedge, pitching wedge, putter and a hybrid. Match this set with some high compression golf balls and you’ll be ready to play with the best seniors on the course in no time.

What to Look for in Golf Clubs for Beginners

Cost For most beginners, a first or even second set of clubs shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Better, more expensive clubs can certainly affect your game, but a beginner will not be able to detect the nuances like someone with a little more experience. When evaluating the price, it's also important to factor in what is included in the club set. Take a look at which clubs the set comes with as well as whether or not a bag is included.

Adjustable or standard Adjustable clubs have settings built in that allow golfers to shift the weight of the club up or down, which will help reduce or increase spin on the ball, and therefore time in the air. This ability to adjust will allow you to keep the same clubs as your game improves.

Added tech The engineering of golf clubs has really come a long way over the years, and it’s not uncommon to see clubs that utilize special technology to aid where skills might not have developed fully. Some clubs enhance the spin they send the ball flying with, other clever tweaks zoom in on accuracy and distance.

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