The Best Golf Club Sets for Kids by Skill Levels and Age

The TaylorMade Rory 8+ Set is our top overall pick

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Outfitted with seven clubs, the TaylorMade Rory 8+ Kids Set should help beginner golfers fall in love with the game and quickly progress to different clubs. The fairway and rescue clubs are forgiving, and the stainless steel irons should help get high loft on every shot. But if you want to splurge, go with the Ping Prodi G Junior Golf Club Custom Set, which includes the brand’s “Get Golf Growing” program. This lets the junior golfer get the clubs re-shafted (or lengthened), re-weighted, and re-gripped to compliment a growing player’s height and skill level without paying for the service.

Inspiring a child to play golf can require removing many aspects of frustration from the experience so they can understand what makes the sport enjoyable. And finding the correct club set goes a long way in making that happen. The ideal kit will provide the kids with clubs suited to both their age and height, with a lighter head to make it easier to swing, loads of forgiveness to handle the off-center strikes, and a price point that addresses the fact that they’ll likely grow out of the set in a few years. The best ones employ tech similar to adult clubs or come with a bonus program that lets the golf resize the shafts as they start to outgrow the initial clubs. But even the lowest-cost golf club sets will give the budding golfer the correct number of clubs to keep them from getting overwhelmed and let them continue to improve in the sport as their skills elevate.

These are the best golf club sets for kids.

Best Overall: TaylorMade Rory 8+ Kids Set

TaylorMade Rory 8+ Kids Set

Golf Discount

What We Like
  • Enough clubs to support a junior golfer as their skills increase

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Designed for junior golfers eight years old and up, TaylorMade worked with pro golfer Rory McIlroy to design the Rory 8+ Kids Set with the sole focus on making it easier for kids to fall in love with the game. It comes with a 16-degree-loft titanium driver explicitly designed for younger players, forgiving fairway wood and rescue clubs, stainless steel irons to help players dial their loft configurations to launch high balls, and both a wedge and putter for short play. The clubs come in two colorways—blue or pink—and the included bag comes with a stand and backpack-style shoulder straps to make it easy to transport and set up the kit. It even includes a playful St. Bernard signature head cover. TaylorMade also makes a complimentary kit tailored to players ages four to seven.

Set sizes: Includes seven clubs, ranging from a 30-inch putter to a 39.5-inch driver | Material: Stainless steel, titanium, wood

Best Budget: Top Flite 2022 Kids 8-Piece Complete Set

Top Flite 2022 Kids 8-Piece Complete Set

Dick's Sporting Goods

What We Like
  • Provides everything a young golfer needs to get into the sport

What We Don't Like
  • Not as many features as more expensive clubs

The low-cost Top Flite 2022 Kids 8-Piece Complete Set offers an easy gateway for youngsters to dive into the sport. It comes with eight clubs, including a driver with a junior flex composite shaft that will help young players achieve distance and higher ball flight and a hybrid iron that provides the distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron. The mallet-shaped putter allows for an improved alignment to deliver proper aim and line visualization, and the kit includes head covers for the driver and hybrid. The standing bag comes with a four-way topper and full-length organizational dividers, along with padded mesh to protect the clubs, and the padded shoulder strap makes it easy to transport.

Set sizes: 46-52 inches, 53 and above; also available in a girl’s edition | Material: Metal, composite

Best Splurge: Ping Prodi G Junior Golf Club Custom Set

Ping Prodi G Junior Golf Club Custom Set

Golf Discount

What We Like
  • Set is designed to grow with the golfer

What We Don't Like
  • The shoulder strap on the bag is not as easy for carrying

Yes, the Prodi G Junior Golf Club Custom Set from Ping is expensive. But it’s also part of the brand’s “Get Golf Growing” program, which entitles you to a one-time, no-charge service to have the clubs re-shafted or lengthened, re-weighted, and re-gripped to optimize performance as you grow, which naturally extends the usefulness of the clubs for junior golfers. The kit includes a long-distance driver with speed-inducing crown turbulators, forgiving dragonfly tech, and a lightweight graphite shaft, which partners with a titanium head to make it light and deliver serious power. You also get forgiving irons that have been perimeter-weighted, a 22-inch fairway wood, a high-launching hybrid with a machined stainless steel face, specialty wedges, and a lightweight putter with a ball-width cavity to help with focus and aim. 

Set sizes: The Prodi G 34 Bag works for golfers from 57 to 62 inches, and the G 30 works for 53 to 57 inches | Material: Titanium, graphite, stainless steel

Best for Beginners: U.S. Kids Golf UL63-s Five Club Stand Set

 U.S. Kids Golf UL63-s Five Club Stand Set

U.S. Kids Golf

What We Like
  • Well-Priced

  • Option to do custom embroidery on the bag

  • The bag can expand for the addition of more clubs

  • Set won't overwhelm a novice golfer

What We Don't Like
  • Depending on the speed at which a player progresses, they may have to buy extra clubs quickly

The five clubs included in the U.S. Kids Golf UL63-s Set come with flexible shafts and specific head weights to help the novice player easily get the ball up in the air. It includes a DV3 driver, a four hybrid, a seven iron, and a pitching wedge and longleaf putter—everything a beginner needs. As you progress, the included standing bag will accommodate other clubs; the company also offers a junior-specific fairway driver, sand wedge, and six, eight, and nine irons.

Set size: Optimal for 63 to 66 inches | Material: Stainless steel

Best for Teenagers: Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen Complete Set

Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen Complete Set


What We Like
  • Well-priced

  • Focused on helping teens advance their game

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in right-handed models

Built to enhance on-course enjoyment, the Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen Complete Set provides everything an ambitious teenage player needs, including a 460cc driver with a larger sweet spot and an aerodynamic design to make it easy to swing and gain serious ball distance. The irons have deep, undercut stainless steel cavity-backs for precise ball strikes, and a lower weighting across the range of clubs helps for better greenside control. The self-activating standing bag boasts solid organization and includes adjustable shoulder straps. 

Set sizes: In addition to the teen version (63-68 inches), this set is also offered in small (ages 5-8; 40-50 inches), medium (ages 9-12; 50-46 inches), and large (ages 12-14; 56-63 inches) | Material: Steel

Best for Intermediates: Cleveland Golf 7-Piece Junior Set

Cleveland Golf 7-Piece Junior Set


What We Like
  • Variations make it easy for the intermediate golfers to get what they need and avoid the extra clutter of unnecessary clubs

What We Don't Like
  • Only configured for right-handed juniors

Each club in Cleveland’s Golf Junior Set comes with technologies complementary to the brand’s standard equipment so the intermediate player can grow to love the game and improve as they play. The set comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) that customize the number of clubs, so you pay for the clubs you’ll need, from a three-piece set for younger players, up to a seven-piece set, which includes an 18-inch driver, a 22-degree fairway, hybrid, seven and nine irons, a 56-degree wedge, and putter. Head covers come in all versions, and the stylish bag has a stand and a backpack-style shoulder strap system. 

Set sizes: 36-43 inches, 44-53 inches, 54-63 inches | Material: Steel

Best for Advanced: Callaway XT 10-Piece Teen Set

Callaway XT 10-Piece Teen Set


What We Like
  • Accommodates left- and right-handed golfers

What We Don't Like
  • Only comes in teen size

Ready to help the proficient junior golfer up their game, the Callaway XT 10-Piece set layers in Callaway’s long history of tech advances in club design to help junior golfers add distance, hit the most accurate shots, and improve their scores. The titanium driver provides plenty of forgiveness to hit the ball solidly, with distance, every time, while graphite shafts in all the clubs lighten the club weight to make them easy to swing with confidence and control. The kit includes a driver, fairway wood, four irons, two wedges, and a putter—a complete arsenal of reliable clubs that an advanced player needs, while the standing bag has loads of storage options along with an easy-to-use carrying system.

Set sizes: Teen (63 inches and above) | Material: Titanium, stainless steel

Best Lightweight: PreciseGolf Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

PreciseGolf Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set


What We Like
  • Graphite shafts throughout provide a light package that eases swing effort

  • Various colors

  • Kit sizes accommodate a range of junior golfers

What We Don't Like
  • The tallest club kit is sized out for players who are 60 inches

Boasting graphite shafts across the entire line of clubs, the Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set shaves the ounces to make it easier for junior golfers to swing their clubs. In addition, the X7 driver and a hybrid wood have thin layers of carbon fiber embedded for added lightweight strength, and a more intuitive feel, with a larger-than-average head to increase the chances of a clean hit. The cavity back irons provide a generous offset to add forgiveness, with a wide soul design to handle a variety of shots, while the putter has been designed with aiming lines and balance to deliver accurate shots. Note that of the three kits, the 6 to 8-year and 9 to 12-year kits include an extra iron.

Set sizes: Ages 3-5 (36-44 inches), ages 6-8 (44-52 inches), ages 9-12 (52-60 inches) | Material: Graphite, steel

What to Look for in Golf Club Sets for Kids

Included Clubs

Most experts agree that junior golfers don’t need an arsenal of clubs. Golfweek’s Brian Hill suggests starting with a “putter and a nine-iron for younger juniors.” And the experts at Haggin Oaks, a Sacramento, California course founded in 1932, suggest adding a wedge. “It is important to prioritize short game practice. Starting with smaller swings and focusing on accuracy over distance is paramount,” Hill advises. But the advantage of getting a set with more clubs means it’s easy for them to add them to the bag as they progress without having to make additional purchases.

Golf bag

Most golf club kits include a bag, but be sure it has an adjustable shoulder strap and that the junior golfer can easily handle it. Bags with backpack-style shoulder straps are even better—they carry more evenly and position the bag higher on the body so that the weight of the clubs distributes evenly to both shoulders and the waist. Storage via zippered pockets for the 1,001 items needed in the fields is also a solid feature. And most also come with stands, some that self-activate.


First and foremost, club size should be dictated by a player’s height, not their age. “A lanky 10-year-old needs a longer club than would a shorter 12-year-old,” writes Hill. Junior clubs are sold within a range of heights, broken out for both beginners and advanced, and the eventual transition into adulthood. Haggin Oaks recommends “purchasing a club one step higher than the child’s current height if you expect them to continue growing quickly. While the club will be too long for them at first, the lifespan of the club will be greatly increased.”


Second, only to height, the club’s weight is vitally important. Lighter clubheads make them easier to swing, increasing speed and distance, improving balance, and helping them develop a smooth, natural swing. Start with either ultralight or light club sets with graphite shafts for younger players, while older juniors or more experienced players could go with a tour series set, which is a bit heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I know if the clubs will fit?

    Junior golf clubs come in size ranges that correspond with the golfer’s height, allowing a bit more flexibility in working with a golfer as they grow. But some experts recommend sizing up one level, especially for new golfers, which will give the clubs a bit more shelf-life as the golfer ages.

  • What clubs do I need as a beginner?

    The putter is the best first club. It’s unintimidated, focuses on the short game, and is likely the most familiar club for newcomers. Pair that with a nine-iron and a wedge, and then add additional irons as needed. Hold off on buying woods until they get more experience under their belt; they’re heavy to use, and most young golfers don’t have the strength to achieve the kind of loft that those clubs can generate. Instead, when they’re ready, start with a hybrid club.

  • Is it better to buy clubs in a set?

    Sets often cost less than if you assembled a collection of golf clubs one at a time, and most sets also include other nice-to-haves-like bags. They also make it easy to outfit the junior golfer with everything they might need as they progress in the sport, leaving behind the heavier clubs until they grow into golf. 

  • How do I clean and care for my golf clubs?

    While on the course, it’s a good idea to have a cotton cloth (or microfiber fabric) handy to wipe off any dirt or debris that might accumulate and potentially impact the accuracy of your shots. The tip of a tee can also be used to clean out any dirt or grime that might build up in the grooves of a head. To clean the shafts after a round, use a damp cloth to wipe them down, then dry with another cloth. If harder stains or appearances of rust start to accumulate, look for a golf club cleaning mixture. The head can be cleaned with a brush like an old toothbrush, and you can use the same club cleaner to treat the grips. And whenever they’re not in use, store them out of sunlight, and use club covers, especially on the higher-priced clubs.

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