Places for the Girls Only Weekend in Las Vegas

Just the Ladies in Las Vegas

Are looking forward to a girls getaway to Las Vegas? You know, that weekend where the 5 of you sit around and talk about how great your boyfriends and husbands are.Those three days where you talk about kids and share recipes...

I dread the mention of it, my wife points out that the weekend has come where she and her friends will get together and do Las Vegas. All I envision is some guy with a hairy chest and way too much cologne trying to hit on my wife. "It's Las Vegas and the place is crawling with creeps", I try to warn my wife and she laughs as she empties my wallet of the funds she will use to buy a $600 bottle of Bordeaux and indulge in toenail and hair treatments.

Plan a girls get away to Las Vegas

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Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?

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    You need a hotel with some space but you also want something that is different. Delano Las Vegas has to be your command center for the ultimate girls getaway. It's close to everything while being just far away enough to make sure you don't run into anyone you know. It's connected to Mandalay Bay so you get the benefits of a big resort while still feeling like a boutique property. The Mandalay Bay Pool is great but if you need a smaller pool to bask in the sunshine the Delano Beach Club is just right.

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    ••• Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas. Photo Courtesy Of MGM International

    You'll have to eat so you might as well eat very well. Le Cirque at Bellagio is amazing or try Rivea at Delano or Costa Di Mare at Wynn. You'll need drinks before so consider the Sky Fall Lounge at Delano or Parasol Down at Wynn. Don't smile too much because you don't want any creepy guys hanging around. If the girls want to let loose while eating try STK at Cosmopolitan as it feels like a nightclub opened up around a steakhouse.

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    ••• TI Thai Treatment at the Spa at TI. Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirgae

    You will need a Spa Treatment so there is no reason to go anywhere but the bathhouse at Delano. There is no worse way to ruin a good day at the spa then getting in a cab and driving back to your hotel. At the Bathhouse you linger for the better part of the day and then you stroll back to your room and get ready for the debauchery that women can create.

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    Late night only means that you will hop into a cab and change venues until the sun comes up. Hakkasan at the MGM Grand takes care of everything for the entire night. You can start with dinner and move on to drinks and then glide into dancing. This multi level club has everything you require to get the ladies in a full blown Las Vegas frenzy.

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    Blvd. Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
    ••• Cosmopolitan of Las vegas Pool. Zeke Quezada

    As the sun comes up, you should get a good spot at the pool. If it was a good night you probably have collected a few hotel room keys so take your pick of the best pools in Las Vegas and recharge for another girls night out.

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    Once the girls get to TAO at the Venetian the vultures will start circling but the best part of Tao is that it is laid in such a way that you can still get free drinks while not being hounded by too many guys. Spend the extra money and go VIP for the girls weekend out and you will not be disappointed.

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    Check Prices on Clubs

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    Before you head into town do a little research on prices for clubs, you might save some money and time in line.