The 10 Best Women's Flip-Flops for Summer Exploration

Travel influencers’ top picks for comfort, style, and versatility

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Best Women's Flip-Flops

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TripSavvy's Picks

Our overall favorite women's flip-flops are the Hari Mari Meadows. With a 100 percent rubber traction sole, you can wear these on boats or piers without worrying about slipping. For a budget pick, we like the Sanuk Yoga Spree 4 flip-flops, which have a footbed made from a recycled yoga mat that makes them springy and thick enough to offer all-day comfort.

The flip-flop has been around since the pharaohs ruled Egypt, but in the last few decades, footwear companies have been giving this sandal an update to make them more comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly, and better designed for specific activities. 

We have found the perfect flip-flops for light hikes, days at the beach, and Sunday morning brunches. If comfort is a top concern, we've got you covered. Need a flip-flop that can get wet? We’ve shared a few. 

Read on to see our top picks of flip-flops and some insider information on how the design of a flip-flop can impact your body.

Best Overall: hari mari Meadows Sandals (Women's)

hari mari Meadows

hari mari

What We Like
  • Arch support

  • Memory foam in the toe post

  • Rubber traction makes outsoles boat-friendly

  • A trendy style for day wear and a casual evening out

What We Don't Like
  • Cleaning nubuck leather can be cumbersome

I wanted a flip-flop to wear to the beach, on a boat, and pair with a cute sundress for brunch. Hari Mari’s Meadows flip-flop was the answer. 

Made of nubuck leather, the Meadows flip-flop’s straps and footbed are incredibly soft. The arch support isn’t too high, and the memory foam toe post, which Hari Mari patented, means you get a little cushion between your toes. With a 100 percent rubber traction sole, you can wear these on boats or piers without worrying about slipping. 

The only drawback to these shoes is that if you buy the sand or tobacco-toned flip-flops, you might see an imprint of your foot after some time. The oils and dirt from your feet are the cause. According to Hari Mari, you can’t put these flip-flops in the washing machine, dishwasher, or microwave, so you’ll need to spot clean them occasionally or go for a darker color like espresso, black, or navy. 

Price at time of publish: $75

Sizes: 6-11 | Materials: Nubuck leather, memory foam, and rubber traction soles | Colors: Tobacco, Sand, Espresso, Black, and Navy

Best Budget: Sanuk Yoga Spree 4

Sanuk Yoga Spree 4


What We Like
  • Rubber outsole offers some traction

  • Quality flip-flop at an affordable price

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly product

What We Don't Like
  • May run too small or slim for some

  • Some find the part between the toes uncomfortable

We all need flip-flops that we can wear on a run to the grocery store or around the lake that are comfortable but not too pricey. The Sanuk Yoga Spree 4 is that very flip-flop. A footbed made from a recycled yoga mat makes these flip-flops springy and thick enough to offer all-day comfort. Sanuk actually uses a lot of recycled materials to construct this shoe, including 47 percent recycled EVA foam and a rubber sole that is 6 percent straw and 47 percent virgin rubber. 

Users rave over how comfortable the shoe is, though some note that it took a while to get used to the part between the toes. We should also point out that many users continue to buy the Sanuk Yoga Spree 4 year after year. They’ve made fans out of many buyers who don’t mind if the flip-flop breaks after two years because it’s so affordable and comfortable. 

Price at time of publish: $30

Sizes: 5-11 | Materials: Rubber outsole, yoga mat footbed, synthetic upper, and fabric strap lining | Colors: Mauve Shadows, Black, Silver, Champagne, Coral, Silver

Best Splurge: OluKai Honu Flip Flop

OluKai Honu Flip Flop


What We Like
  • High-quality leather

  • Nonmarking rubber outsoles

  • Comfortable and supportive with a low-profile style

  • A portion of the proceeds goes to the Ama OluKai Foundation

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • May be too narrow for some

At $100, the OluKai Honu flip-flops are an investment, to say the least. You won’t be surprised to learn that these flip-flops feature soft and stylish premium leather. The design and the four different color options make this an elegant yet casual flip-flop that you can wear out for a lovely dinner on vacation. 

Although they have a low profile and a slim design, reviewers note that they offer enough arch support and padding in all the right areas to keep you comfortable. The outsole is durable and made with rubber—perfect for preventing slips on wet flooring. 

Bonus: A portion of proceeds goes to the Ama OluKai Foundation, which seeks to preserve and celebrate the Hawaiian culture. 

Price at time of publish: $100

Sizes: 6-11 | Materials: Leather and rubber | Colors: Black, Golden Sand, Tan, Pink Copper

Best for Wide Feet: Hoka Women's Ora Recovery Flip Flop

Hoka Women's Ora Recovery Flip Flop


What We Like
  • Super cushioned

  • Updated toe post for additional comfort

What We Don't Like
  • Non-rubber soles

  • Outlandish color options (besides the black one)

Let’s begin by saying that the HOKA Ora flip-flop is a recovery flip-flop you’d wear after a hard run or a race. But in the reviews, it was easy to see that most buyers purchase the HOKA Ora flip-flop because they struggle with finding supportive, comfortable, and beneficial flip-flops for their foot issues.  

The HOKA Oras have a very thick EVA foam construction, offering a significant cushion for all-day wear. And the toe post is updated for a more comfortable fit. Unfortunately, you won’t find rubber soles on the bottom of these flip-flops, but the grooves provide solid traction for most activities (just be careful on wet surfaces). 

Price at time of publish: $55

Sizes: 5-11 | Materials: EVA foam and jersey strap | Colors: Blue and Orange, Black, Red, Yellow, and Fuschia

Best for Water: Sperry Women's Windward Float Thong Flip-Flop

Sperry Women's Windward Float Thong Flip-Flop


What We Like
  • Can submerge and float in water

  • Contoured sole and arch support for comfort

  • Great selection of color options

What We Don't Like
  • Lacks a rubber sole, so be careful with traction

We didn’t want just to provide you with a waterproof flip-flop—we wanted it to float, too. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Sperry Windward Float Thong, and never worry about losing a flip-flop in the lake or ocean again. 

A 100 percent EVA construction means you can submerge the Windwards underwater without worrying about water absorption. Lightweight material helps boost their buoyancy. The folks at Sperry also ensured the flip-flop had a wave-contoured footbed for the utmost comfort and support on land. 

Price at time of publish: $35

Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: EVA and rubber | Colors: Champagne, Black, Blush, Navy, White, Lilac

Best Leather: Rainbow Women's Las Flores Sandals

Rainbow Women's Las Flores Sandals


What We Like
  • Nonslip sole

  • Subtle floral pattern on slim straps

  • Single-layer arch for comfort

  • Attractive nubuck leather

What We Don't Like
  • Straps must be broken in over a few wears

I wear my Rainbow Las Flores flip-flops all the time. The attractive flip flop—which comes in two brown color options—pairs well with jeans, a swimsuit, or a dress. Comparable to the Hari Mari flip-flop made of nubuck, the Las Flores flip-flop isn’t as suede-like in texture. That said, it’s still very soft, smooth, and buttery on your feet. 

A slight arch offers support for extended wear, and the toe post never causes any discomfort when I wear these flip-flops for long periods. I didn’t think I’d like the flower etching on the straps, but the subtle design added a stylistic element that I’ve enjoyed. Thanks to a nonslip sole, I’ve never had to worry about wet surfaces. 

Rainbow does advertise that the straps are designed to be tight and require breaking in over time. I didn’t notice this in my testing, but that may be because of the shape of my foot. It’s something to be aware of if you go with the Las Flores flip-flop. 

Price at time of publish: $57

Sizes: 5.5-11 | Materials: Nubuck leather, nylon | Colors: Dark brown, Sierra brown

Best for Hiking: Teva Women's Revive 95 Slide

Teva Women's Revive 95 Slide


What We Like
  • Great for wide feet

  • Made with recycled materials

  • Hook and loop straps adjust the fit

  • Thick foam sole for all-day comfort

  • Rubber soles offer ultimate traction

What We Don't Like
  • Only two color options

Let’s start by saying—if you want to go on a hike, you should wear proper hiking shoes (at the least, tennis shoes!) to prevent falls and injuries. That said, you could wear a flip-flop on a very light hike, like trekking over dunes at a beach or a small forest loop with the kiddos.

We found the perfect "hiking" flip-flop in Teva’s Revive 95. The design minds at Teva revived a 1995 flip-flop design and made it more eco-friendly with recycled materials. The footbed is broad, and you can adjust the fit of the straps with the hook and loop closure. 

With a rubber sole, you don’t have to worry about slipping on the trail, and the thick EVA foam bed makes them incredibly comfortable and supportive. While we’d love to see more color options for this flip-flop, we were happy to discover that these flip-flops are recyclable through Teva. 

Price at time of publish: $60 in size 5

Sizes: 5-11 | Materials: Rubber, EVA foam, recycled Repreve polyester | Colors: Sesame, Black, and Rococco Red

Best Eco-Friendly: Indosole ESSNTLS Flip Flops

Indosole ESSNTLS Flip Flops


What We Like
  • Waterproof

  • Various color options

  • Minimal design with a slight arch

  • Ethically made vegan and recycled flip flops

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey for such a simple design

Although many flip-flops on this list have some aspect of recyclable material, Indosole takes it to the next level with their ESSNTLS flip-flops. The company is a Certified B Corporation, which indicates a responsible, cruelty-free, and zero-waste production process. In fact, the flip-flops are vegan with recycled rubber tire soles that offer extra surface grip. Even the fiber strap includes an eco-friendly construction with less water and dye. 

In terms of style, these flip-flops are simple in look with many different color options. They have some arch support in the footbed and a textured surface so that your feet don’t slide on the sandals themselves. Because these flip-flops are handmade (with machines that require hand operation), they’re a little spendy. That said, the hand operation aspect means that the company doesn’t leave a carbon footprint which is better for the environment. 

Price at time of publish: $45

Sizes: 4-11 | Materials: recycled rubber tires, fiber strap, rubber midsole | Colors: Black, Light Leaf, Light Shore, Leaf, Shore, Granite, Soil, Soil Light, Yellow

Best for the Beach: Havaianas Women's Slim Flip Flop Sandal

Havaianas Slim Flip Flop


What We Like
  • 100 percent rubber

  • Affordable price

  • Slim, stylish shape

  • Wide range of color options

What We Don't Like
  • Lacks arch support

People have been going bonkers for Havaianas since they hit the market in Brazil—perhaps because they’re a simple, classic flip-flop that you can wear anywhere (and the price is affordable, too). 

Made of 100 percent rubber, you can wear these flip-flops in the shower or on the beach, or make them a colorful addition to a summery outfit. Even though they don’t have arch support, people rave about their comfort. There are reports of the toehold ripping out, but fans don’t seem to mind—just buying another pair to replace their old ones. 

Price at time of publish: $26

Sizes: 6-12 | Materials: Rubber | Colors: Pink Flux, Ballet Rose, Galactic Green, Black, Navy Blue, Copper, Lilac, White, Green, Rose Gold, Champagne, Gray, Brown

Best for Comfort: Chaco Women's Chillos Flip Flop

Chaco Women's Chillos Flip Flop


What We Like
  • Vegan

  • Great for wide feet

  • Float in water

  • Amazing arch support

  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association

What We Don't Like
  • Inner tag on the strap is bothersome

In reality, most flip-flops don’t offer the support many people need. That’s why it’s so exciting that the American Podiatric Medical Association accepted the Chaco Chillos flip-flop. Made with EVA and a LUVSEAT arch-support design, you’ll experience a cloud-like experience and ultra arch support when wearing these sandals. 

Many users wear these flip-flops around the house and while running errands in the summer. However, these flip-flops can float in water, making them an excellent choice for the pool, ocean, lake, or river. They come in various colors and funky strap designs like tie-dye, too. 

The biggest complaint about the Chaco Chillos flip-flop is a white tag placed inside the strap. You’ll probably have to cut it out. Also, note that if you have narrow or slim feet, the straps may be too big for you. 

Price at time of publish: $40

Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: Padded polyester webbing and EVA foam | Colors: Black, Dark Tie Dye, Light Tie Dye, Sadie Aqua Gray, Sadie Clay, Sadie Sparrow, Tube Breeze Lilac, Tube Breeze Teal, Tube Spicy Orange

What to Look for in Women's Flip-Flops

Materials and Intended Use

When choosing a pair of flip-flops, there is a lot to consider, but the materials included in the flip-flop’s construction should be very high on that list. Leather is a particularly posh material that elevates the flip-flop style to casual footwear. If you plan to use flip-flops at the beach, ocean, lake, or pool, you’ll want to invest in a pair made of waterproof materials with rubber soles for maximum grip. 

It is imperative to consider the material of the straps. Do you find that rubber straps rub blisters on top of your foot? Are material straps more comfortable? Or do you require the softness of nubuck leather? 

Of course, remember that fabric and leather are more likely to get dirty. If you’re not willing to go through the effort of cleaning such materials, you may want to choose a rubber or all-EVA flip-flop or one that is machine washable. 


Shoes—no matter what type they are—should be comfortable. And unfortunately, flip-flops are known to be one of the least comfortable shoes. Many do not have arch support or padding, and some have straps that rub blisters. 

It’s best to buy flip-flops with some form of arch support, even if they are low profile. Thicker flip-flops are incredibly comfortable, especially those with EVA foam and contoured support. 

Before buying a flip-flop, look through the reviews and see what other users say about the toe post—the part of the flip-flop that goes between your toes. One of the reasons we chose a Hari Mari flip-flop as our overall choice is that the brand has integrated memory foam into all their toe posts, making their flip-flops even more comfortable.  


Flip-flops aren’t necessarily expensive shoes. They can cost as low as $5. However, we suggest purchasing flip-flops for $15 or more, as they are likely made of better materials and have design features that are more beneficial to your foot. The costliest flip-flops on this list are $100, but you can indeed find stylish and comfortable flip-flops for any activity for between $20 and $60. 

Remember that flip-flops made of eco-friendly materials or produced through responsible business practices will likely cost a little more than mass-produced flip-flops.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I care for and wash flip-flops?

    Before buying a pair of flip-flops, you should research how to care for them. Some flip-flops are machine washable, making them very easy to throw into the washing machine with your dirty clothes. However, that’s not the case for a lot of flip-flops. 

    For instance, you can’t throw a leather flip-flop in the washing machine as it’ll damage the leather. You’ll have to do spot cleanings with wet rags (no chemicals) to remove dirt and stains. It’s best to dry them quickly so the leather doesn’t absorb the water and crack over time. Some people report using a leather degreaser or leather cleaner on leather flip-flops. Test it out on a small section to ensure it doesn’t stain or ruin your sandal. 

    If the flip-flop includes EVA, rubber, or waterproof materials, you can soak them in warm water and use a brush or an old toothbrush and dish soap to scrub dirt and grime off. If the straps have fabric, use a little detergent and water to scrub them clean.

  • Are flip-flops bad for your feet?

    We aren’t experts on feet or shoes, so we didn’t feel it best to speak on this subject. Instead, we turned to an expert: Dr. Saylee Tulpule, DPM, a foot and ankle specialist based in Maryland and Washington, D.C. 

    "Yes, flip-flops can negatively impact feet,” Tulpule says. “The sole of most traditional flip-flops is made out of a thin rubber, so it lacks arch support. This can lead to strain on ligaments, such as the plantar fascia, or even joints, in the case of a bunion.”

    Tulpule says other complications from flip-flops can include blisters and heel fissures (friction between the sandal and one’s skin). Tulpule also advises not running in flip-flops.

  • Should you get flip-flops with particular features or materials for comfort?

    "The most comfortable flip-flops have supportive footbeds, straps that don't irritate the skin, and traction to prevent slippage,” Tulpule says. “Footbeds should have arch support, cushion for shock absorption, and should be made out of soft material, such as EVA or cork (think Birkenstock). Straps should prevent blisters or irritation to the skin. Most straps are soft, thick, and made out of leather or polyester. Last but not least, having a synthetic sole will minimize the flip flop from falling off the foot and can reduce chances of an injury.”

  • Are any brands of flip-flops better than others?

    "Some of the most comfortable, supportive brands are Vionic, Birkenstock, Oofos, Teva, Olukai, and Fit Flop,” Tulpule says. “They all have a varying degree of cushion, arch support, and material type, but they are significantly better options than a cheap drug store flip-flop.”

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