The Best Day Trips to Take from Faro, Portugal

Faro is a great ​jump-off point to explore other parts of Portugal and Spain. Of course, the rest of the Algarve and its beach towns are popular but you can get away to other cities, or another country, for a day trip. Faro is well connected by public transit, putting even Lisbon within reach.

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    Praca do Comercio at night
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    You don't have to choose between the beach or the city for your vacation. Lisbon can be done as a day trip, allowing you to base your beach holiday in the Algarve but still getting to see Portugal's capital city. Lisbon is three hours by car or high-speed train.

    You can also book a Lisbon Day Tour from Faro, which includes hotel pick-up and tours of the most important sites in Lisbon—a convenient option when you are short on time and only spending a day in Lisbon.

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    Seville, Plaza de Espana
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    Spain is very close to Faro and Seville is only a 2-hour drive by car. You can get to Seville by guided tour for not much more than the cost of taking the bus.

    You can also reach Seville by bus which costs around 50 Euros round trip and takes about 3 hours each way.

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    Portugal, Algarve, Lagos, Camilo Beach
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    Lagos is a popular beach destination on the western Algarve coast with plenty of restaurants, beach activities, and an active nightlife. But Lagos is also steeped with an interesting history which can overlook by visitors going to the beautiful beaches.

    If you are interested in delving into the historical side of Lagos, you visit Silves, which was the capital of the ancient Arabs, as well as Sagres, the most southwestern point in Portugal.

    You can get to Lagos by train or bus in under 2 hours.

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    Market hall, Loule, Algarve, Portugal
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    The Algarve is more than the beaches on the coast. If you wish to take in some historical sites and get a taste of inland Algarve, a popular place to do so is in Loule.

    There are ancient quarters and castle ruins. Be sure to check out the traditional crafts still being made in workshops around town and go to the Loule Market.

    You can also get to Loule by train and bus. The bus takes about 40 minutes and costs around 3€.

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    Monkey Sitting On Retaining Wall Against Cloudy Sky At Gibraltar
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    This territory of the United Kingdom is an interesting day trip from Faro. See the Rock of Gibraltar and enjoy the views from this melting pot of cultures that has passed hands from the Muslims to the Spanish and now the United Kingdom.

    You can get there by guided tour, but if you prefer, you can take the bus to the Spanish Border (La Linea de la Concepcion bus station). From there it is only a few minutes walk.

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    Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima
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    The main star of Fatima is the Sanctuary of Fatima, commemorating the place where there were reports of an apparition of the Virgin Mary. You can take a ​guided day trip to Fatima from Faro, or, if you prefer to go it alone you can get to Fatima via Lisbon, though it may be a bit of long day.