The 6 Best Fake Engagement Rings for Travel in 2019

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When planning an upcoming vacation, you might want to consider taking that expensive rock off your finger and switching it out for a fake engagement ring. Bringing the real deal with you on vacation runs the risk of loss or damage – especially for active and adventurous explorers. If you’re heading to a beach destination, you don’t want your diamond to end up lost in the sand or the ocean, and adding an expensive insurance policy can also put a strain on your travel budget. Sightseeing tourists toting cameras and gawking at attractions can already draw attention a thief's attention, so if your engagement ring is particularly flashy, it can make you a bigger target. We all remember what went down with Kim Kardashian in Paris, right?

To avoid these risks, some might wonder why they should wear a ring at all; real or fake. However, keeping a ring on your finger will help to ward off unwanted advancements from persistent locals – especially if you’re a female traveling alone. But for many travelers, there’s the emotional, sentimental connection to wearing their engagement ring, and not having one can often feel like something is “missing.”

Instead, you can find a copy-cat ring that looks similar to your own (or try something different), so that you and your significant other can still appear “engaged” while traveling. So we put together a list of the best fake engagement rings to don when you're traveling.

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Best Overall: Macy’s Cubic Zirconia Ring

Cubic Zirconia Ring in Sterling Silver
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With a band made from sterling silver, this classic-looking ring has tiny cubic zirconia stones sparkling along the sides of the larger, round stone. Specially made for Macy’s, the ring looks authentic with a little flash and classic elegance, and the sizing charts are accurate as well. 

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Best Simple Design: Maikun Cubic Zirconia Solitaire

Maikun Womens Platinum-Plated-Cupronickel
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If you’d like a more inconspicuous ring at a rock-bottom price that’s still elegant, Maikun has a .5 carat cubic zirconia “diamond” ring that has a simple design with a platinum-plated band and a round stone. It is recommended to use a jewelry-polishing cloth (not soap) when cleaning this ring to prevent oxidation (turning your finger green), and take the ring off when washing your hands.

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Best Princess Cut: JewelryPalace Princess Cut

JewelryPalace Princess Cut
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The princess cut is the second most popular stone shape (next to the round cut diamonds), and for a handcrafted, artisan ring with a princess cut stone, the .6 carat cubic zirconia by JewelryPalace is a solid choice. The budget-friendly ring has a sterling silver band and also comes with a small jewelry bag for safe keeping.

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Best Emerald Cut: Diamond Bliss Emerald and Trapeze Ring

The emerald cut is a rectangular shape that shows off the clarity of the diamond​ but is less common than the round or the princess cut. The emerald cubic zirconia ring by Diamond Bliss frames the main stone with two trapeze-cut stones on either side, for a dazzling faux engagement ring at a fraction of the price.

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Best Radiant Cut: The Tenfit

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If your engagement ring has a large stone on it, and you’re looking for a faux replacement that makes a statement, the radiant cut ring by Tenfit does just that. The unique band design is made from .925 sterling silver with small round stones fitting inside, and it nicely puts the large, dazzling stone on display.

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Best Infinity Band: Metal Factory Sterling Zirconia Ring

Metal Factory Sterling Silver 925 CZ Cubic Zirconia Infinity Wedding
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Just as different stones come in different cuts and sizes, there are several variations on the ring bands, including the infinity shape adjacent to the stone. The sterling silver ring band from Metal Factory has rhodium plating (used on all white gold and platinum jewelry) to add to its shine, and the signature infinity “braids” frame the round stone. 

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