Best Ethical Shopping in London

Shops That Care About More Than Profit

Ethical... fair trade... organic... green... eco... We hear these phrases regularly. And it seems shoppers are much more aware of where their goods come from and how they are made these days. I've been looking into the 'green scene' in London and have found some great shops to recommend.
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    Alara wholefoods shop on Marchmont Street has been around since the late 1970s. Alara sells organic, vegetarian and vegans foods, plus organic beauty cosmetics and household products. There is a popular salad bar and hot food takeaway area with a few tables outside. All food is made on the premises. It's a great central location, near many backpacker hostels and cheaper London hotels.
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    Content Wellbeing London shop
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    Content supply natural alternatives to conventional beauty and grooming products. Their boutique store in Marylebone is dedicated to natural skincare and organic ingredients without compromising on luxury and indulgence.
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    Eco Age Ltd

    Eco Age Ltd Chiswick London
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    Colin Firth (yes, Mr Darcy!) is one of the founders of this eco-friendly retail store in west London. As well as contemporary, ethical, Fairtrade and eco goods, you can request the services of environmental experts. The intention is for Eco Age to be a one-stop-shop for people to find inspiration, ideas and advice.
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    Ekyog is a French ethical clothing label that specializes in organic cotton clothes for women and babies, plus organic beauty products and skincare.
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    Ganesha is an alternative trading outfit that markets the traditional industries of India, working directly with the producers. Their aim is to add as much value to handmade products, through quality in design and production, thus maximizing the earning potential of the (often rural) producers, at source.
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    Green Baby

    Green Baby logo
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    Green Baby is the leading eco-friendly baby and children's brand. Green Baby offers a range of natural, organic, environmental and fair trade products including baby underwear, organic cotton seasonal clothing, baby accessories and much more.
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    Howies casual and sports clothes are designed to last to give them a 'low impact' on the environment. But don't think that this functional ethical clothing is uncool; Howies is super-cool and its jeans are some of the best in town. They are well-known for their connection with skaters and BMX riders so you get the idea how laid-back but well-dressed their style has become.
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    Terra Plana produces fashionable shoes from recycled materials using an unusual combination of artisan techniques and modern technology. Terra Plana shoes are kinder to the environment and to factory workers, yet they are also good for your feet. With Terra Plana you can now buy ethical shoes to go with your ethical clothing.
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    The Unpackaged store in London believes that most packaging is unnecessary so are doing something about it. Unpackaged is the better way for you to buy organic wholefoods and environmentally friendly products for your home. If you bring your own containers the price is cheaper but if you forget they also offer reusable containers that you can bring back next time.
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    Whole Foods Market Kensington High Street London
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    Whole Foods Market is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods. The flagship Whole Foods Market store in London is the Barkers Building,an iconic building on Kensington High Street. Find out more about this store and the chain called 'Fresh and Wild'.