The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Orange County

Escape Rooms in Orange County are a great way for groups of friends, families, and colleagues to spend an hour testing your wits as a team. Escape rooms generally require you to work together within a specified time frame to find clues in the room, decipher codes, and solve puzzles that lead to your escape or a specific conclusion. There are scary escape games with horror themes designed just for adults; tense, realistic escape situations; or fun mystery and puzzle scenarios designed for all ages. There is always a way out for anyone who can't take the pressure.

Unless otherwise stated, all escape games are 60 minutes, and you should allow 15 minutes before and after for briefing and debriefing. The end times listed are the last booking slot of the day. 

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    Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim

    The Hex Room at Cross Roads Escape Rooms
    ••• The Hex Room at Cross Roads Escape Rooms. Photo courtesy of Cross Roads Escape Rooms

    Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim are two rooms.  The horror-themed Hex Room is a private game for 5 to 10 players 16 and up. It adds additional scares for the Halloween season. The circus-themed Fun House is a public game. If you don't buy out the room, you may be partnered with strangers.  ​​​​

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    Timebomb Escape Room at Escape the Place in Mission Viejo
    ••• Timebomb Escape Room at Escape the Place in Mission Viejo. Photo courtesy of Escape the Place

    Escape The Place has four non-horror escape rooms including two all-ages rooms - The Chamber (4-6 players per room in 2 twin rooms), where you're trapped in a building scheduled for demolition and the Blacksite (4-8 players), where you are a team of spies escaping an interrogation center.   The other two rooms are the Hangover for 4-6 players age 13 and up, where you're trapped in a hotel room after too much partying; and Timebomb, a private room for 6-12 players age 16 and up.

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    Puzzle Workshop Escape Rooms
    ••• Puzzle Workshop Escape Rooms. Photo courtesy of Puzzle Workshop

    Puzzle Workshop Escape Room has two non-scary escape rooms.  Secrets of the Illuminati (4-6 players) sends you to retrieve a sacred artifact from the Illuminati. Scarlet Starlet (4-6 players) requires you to follow clues to rescue a kidnapped actress.

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    EscapeX Rooms in Irvine
    ••• EscapeX Rooms in Irvine. Photo courtesy of EscapeX Rooms

    Escape X Rooms has two escape rooms, Murder Manor and Casino Heist, both of which are private games for six to 13 people. That means you must book the entire room for your group. Murder Manor is a less-difficult mystery of the ghosts that haunt the manor. Casino Heist is all about how many stolen items you can retrieve from the King Pin's casino without getting caught. There is a six ticket minimum per room. you can play with less but must buy at least 6 tickets.

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    The Candy Factory Mystery Experience at Brainy Actz
    ••• The Candy Factory Mystery Experience at Brainy Actz. Photo courtesy of Brainy Actz

    New mysteries include the Halloween Candy Factory, where you have to steal the recipe that's having a strange effect on consumers; The Great Car Heist, where you're seeking proof to convict the guy who stole all your cars; and The Legend Of The Lost Art, where you're following clues to solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous painter and his work.Their rooms take from 2 to 10 players. You may be paired with strangers if you don't book the whole room.

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    Exodus Escape Room has multiple locations including Sherlock's Study (2-10 players) and Masquerade Manor (4-8 players) in Anaheim Hills and Bank Heist ( 2-6 players) and Apocalypse (4-10 players) in Rowland Heights.  If you don't buy the whole room, you may be paired with other individuals or groups.

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    Fox in a Box has two escape rooms, Cold War Bunker and City Bank, that put you in the position of the robber or the hero, respectively. They accommodate 2 to 6 players each with 3 to 5 recommended. 

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    Professor White's Lab at Eskape Rooms
    ••• Professor White's Lab at Eskape Rooms. Photo courtesy of Eskape Rooms

    Eskape Rooms in Irvine has two rooms for three to eight people. Professor White, designed for beginners, asks you to solve the professor's disappearance. Operation Dream State, for escape experts, requires you to thwart an act of terrorism.

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    Doll House at PuzzleMazement Escape Rooms
    ••• Doll House at PuzzleMazement Escape Rooms. Photo courtesy of PuzzleMazement

    PuzzleMazement has four escape rooms located in a three-story house and a log cabin on the grounds of the White House Event Center next to Adventure City amusement park. The creepy Doll House (2-8 players) occupies three stories of the house and requires some stair climbing. Paranormal (2-7 players) involves exorcising some errant spirits. Professor S! (2-6 players) tasks you with saving the world from a super weapon. Saving Christmas (2-6 players) puts you on the trail of a missing elf and other calamities that put Christmas at risk. If you don't book all the spots in a room, you may be paired with others.

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    Square Room Escape has a popular Harry Potter-themed Sorcerer's Study and the less beloved submarine-themed Phantom Soldier, which many find unnecessarily vexing. They recommend four as the perfect number of team members, but allow 3 to 6. All groups are private, with a minimum of 3 active participants (you can't pay for 3 and play as 2).