Tested: The 9 Best Duffel Bags of 2023

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Best Duffle Bags
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For weekends away and other short trips, duffel bags are an ideal pick for your luggage. They’re lightweight, so they won’t dent your airline allowance, and they can be as bare bones or as feature-packed as you’d like. Plus, they can easily fold down for storage or travel flat in your checked bag as a backup carry-on if you do a little shopping on your vacation. And they look cool, whether you go for a classic take on the duffel or a more modern design.

There are a ton of duffel bags out there to choose from, including classic designs, affordable-but-durable canvas bags, and convertible wheeled options. We tested two dozen duffel bag options in our Brooklyn testing lab. Here are our nine favorite picks.

Best Overall

Kipling Bori Duffle Bag

Kipling Bori Duffle Bag


What We Like
  • Very lightweight and durable

  • Spacious with extra smaller pockets

  • Great all-around duffel

What We Don't Like
  • Style is a bit outdated

Kipling’s famous duffels are incredibly well made—one reason why our testers liked the Bori Duffle Bag most. Testers loved how spacious the bag was and how that size could be increased or decreased with side buckles. We also enjoyed the exterior and interior zip pockets and sheath pockets for storing smaller items. It was one of the lightest bags we tested, weighing less than 2 pounds. It also passed our durability tests without a noticeable mark, scuff, or scratch.

Said one tester: "This is a great duffel, although there isn't a separate compartment or bag for shoes or whatever you want to separate, which is a personal preference to be able to have. The design isn't particularly sophisticated either, but as a duffel, it is really great, with a large capacity, very smooth zippers, and it's lightweight for carrying."

I’ve been using Kipling for the past 10 years, including for long-term travel, and there’s barely a stitch out of place (and I’ve found a couple of well-placed bungee cords that can compress the bag if need be). Plus, its soft sides help keep the bag shape flexible, so packing is a breeze—and you have a bit of wiggle room for whatever you find along the way.

Price at time of publish: $119

Weight: 1.6 pounds | Dimensions: 24 L x 10.5 W x 14 H inches | Volume: 49 liters | Planet and social impact: Not listed

Kipling Bori Duffle Bag
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Budget

Gonex Canvas Duffle Bag

Gonex Canvas Duffle Bag


What We Like
  • Good durability

  • Testers liked the external pockets

  • Comfortable handles and detachable shoulder straps

What We Don't Like
  • Nothing yet

Gonex's Canvas Duffel Bag is a classic-looking duffel with handles, a shoulder strap, ample interior space, and many smaller exterior pockets. While our testers could not fit all items into the main center pocket, they were able to utilize the side pockets to complete packing. They also liked that the handles connected via Velcro. And the extra detachable shoulder strap boosted comfort and maneuverability.

The bag's material held up during the durability tests, and our testers were impressed that the cloth material of the bag "wasn't a dirt magnet." Our conclusion? "This is a solid choice for someone looking for a duffel on a budget," one tester summed.

Price at time of publish: $61

Weight: 2.76 pounds | Dimensions: 20.8 L x 9.8 W x 11.8 H inches | Volume: 40 liters (50L expanded option available) | Planet and social impact: Not listed

Gonex Canvas Duffle Bag
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Weekender

Dagne Dover Large Landon Neoprene Carryall Duffle Bag

dagne dover landon carryall bag

Dagne Dover

What We Like
  • Stylish and well-thought-out bag

  • Lots of pockets and accessories

  • Large opening to main compartment made this bag one of the easiest to pack

What We Don't Like
  • Some creasing in the material during durability tests

Dagne Dover is known for stylish, well-thought-out, minimalist bags, and its carryall duffel is no different. With a tapered shape that hugs close to the body (rather than, like some duffels, uncomfortably bouncing against it) and long straps, this bag is a faithful companion for long weekends and shorter trips. It’s full of the thoughtful details the brand is known for, too, and we mean full: Think a padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 16 inches, a shoe duster, key leash, water bottle pocket, and a mesh pouch to keep hand sanitizer and lip balm on hand. Made from super-durable neoprene, which is excellent for travel, the Landon is water-resistant and can be hand-cleaned.

"This bag is made for travel," one tester reported. Our testers loved all the pockets and accessories. They also loved the included zip bag for shoes and how large the top zip opened for packing accessibility. "I loved this bag, and while the price is steep, it does seem like the type of item that will last a long time and can be used for various types of travel," one tester concluded. While the bag falls on the more expensive side, Dagne Dover has become a name travel bag brand. "I think it is a good weekend bag and also chic enough that it can be used for business travel," one tester said. "I would recommend the bag and I think the long zipper makes it perfect for travel."

Price at time of publish: $215

Weight: 2.82 pounds | Dimensions: 15 L x 9.5 W x 12 H inches | Volume: 5 to 42 liters (XS, S, M, L, XL sizes) | Planet and social impact: Lining made with recycled materials, like recycled bottles

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Rolling

Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel

Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.
What We Like
  • One of the most durable bags we tested

  • Comfortable hand straps

  • Loads of storage space

What We Don't Like
  • Shoulder straps could be a bit more comfortable

Eagle Creek's No Matter What duffel basically says it all in the name. With sizes up to 133 liters, this super durable and water-resistant bag comes with wheels, making it ideal for pretty much any trip or adventure. Our testers were impressed by the large capacity. They loved the broader straps, which felt very comfortable. "The handle straps were very nice in preventing the bag from swaying when maneuvering, and it feels comfortable in the hand," one tester noted. "For shorter people, the bag allows the wide handle straps to double as shoulder straps, and it feels more comfortable than the adjustable shoulder strap."

The No Matter What passed all of our durability tests without any scratches or scuffs, and testers noted it felt tougher than most other bags tested. "We would recommend this bag, especially for the traveler looking for a duffel with wheels," our testers concluded. "It holds a lot and is also soft enough so it can make a tight squeeze in an overhead bin."

Price at time of publish: $139

Weight: 2.7 pounds | Dimensions: 33 L x 15 W x 16 H inches | Volume: 39 to 133 liters (S, M, L, XL sizes) | Planet and social impact: Not listed

Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Carry-On

Eagle Creek Expanse Hauler Pack

Eagle Creek Expanse Hauler Pack

Eagle Creek

What We Like
  • Excellent organization

  • Very versatile—would work with a variety of travelers and adventurers

  • Solid durability

What We Don't Like
  • Not the largest in terms of capacity

This bag takes it back to well-designed basics—but with the addition of backpack straps to make toting your luggage a little bit easier. Made from super-durable Bi-Tech Armor Light that’s every bit as rugged as it sounds, the Expanse Hauler is there for the long run, with details like air mesh straps to keep your shoulders cool under the load, ventilated panels, self-repairing zippers, and a pocket just for your 3-1-1 liquids right in front.

Our testers were impressed by the organizational capabilities of this bag. We also love the three-way carry ability with handles, backpack straps, and a shoulder strap. Weighing just 2 pounds, the lightness of this pack also helped make it ideal for carrying. The bag passed all durability tests. And while our testers liked this bag for weekend trips and light packers, they did mention they'd like to see more space for packing items.

"A versatile bag for lots of different uses, the bag seems like a good option for different types of travelers," one tester concluded. "The uses for the bag are really endless, and the size makes it a great carry-on option, especially on stingy airlines."

Price at time of publish: $119

Weight: 2.02 pounds | Dimensions: 21 L x 15 W x 5 H inches | Volume: 50 liters | Planet and social impact: Not listed

Eagle Creek Expanse Hauler Pack
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best for Durability

Yeti Crossroads 60L Duffel

YETI Crossroads 60L Duffel


What We Like
  • Inside partitions boost organizational capability

  • Can carry a lot of stuff

What We Don't Like
  • Pockets could be deeper

Yeti's name has become synonymous with toughness, whether you're buying mugs, tumblers, coolers, or luggage. The Crossroads duffel is no different. This large-capacity bag is constructed with Yeti's proprietary TuffSkin nylon and comes with sturdy, rigid partitions on the inside to separate compartments. "The hardshell bottom makes the entire product feel durable and worth the price," one tester noted.

The bag comes in 40- and 60-liter sizes and features side pockets, a water bottle or tumbler holder, and a padded laptop "vault." While our testers did appreciate the bag's durability, they noted that it also added some rigidity that won't allow the bag to be packed down small and some added weight. Still, if your travel will take you into outdoor adventures where some amped durability and strength in your luggage are necessary, the Yeti is worth the extra spend and weight.

Price at time of publish: $250

Weight: 4.3 pounds | Dimensions: 23 L x 15 W x 10 H inches | Volume: 60 liters (40 liter version also available) | Planet and social impact: Not listed

YETI Crossroads 60L Duffel
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Eco-Friendly

Lo & Sons The Catalina Deluxe Weekender

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote

Lo & Sons

What We Like
  • Bottom layer is ideal for packing shoes and sneakers

  • Very planet-focused product

What We Don't Like
  • Had some troubles with the zipper

More than just planet-friendly, the Catalina Deluxe is an excellent travel bag. But we also love that this bag is gentle on resources. The bag comes in recycled polyester or organic canvas material. It also doesn't use toxic chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers in its production. Bonus: The brand claims the sourcing and production of the bag encourage species diversity.

But beyond the feel-good environmentally conscious production, our testers loved this bag. They liked how easy the shoulder straps and handles made this bag to carry. In particular, our testers enjoyed the bottom layer for packing shoes and sneakers. If you're looking for a highly functional bag that's also good for the planet, this is it.

Price at time of publish: $215

Weight: 2.7 pounds | Dimensions: 18 L x 10 W x 15 H (5 H second layer) inches | Volume: Not listed | Planet and social impact: Made with recycled poly and organic cotton, claims to reduce carbon emissions and keep 24+ bottles from landfills per each bag

Lo & Sons The Catalina Deluxe
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Best Packable

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag

Patagonia Duffle Bag


What We Like
  • Deceptively spacious

  • Comfortable ways to carry it

  • Collapses in on itself

What We Don't Like
  • Nothing yet

Patagonia calls its duffel bag line the Black Hole series because of its seemingly endless amount of space and ability to swallow up many items and gear. Indeed, our testers noticed and enjoyed the vast amount of space this bag—which comes in 40-, 55-, 70-, and 100-liter sizes—truly has. But perhaps the best part about this bag is its ability to collapse in on itself and be stored in a smaller inner pocket.

Beyond its packability, this solid bag scored highly throughout our testing. Its ultra-durable ripstop fabric is highly water-resistant. Attachable backpack straps give you different ways to haul it around. Zippered side pockets and daisy chain loops help boost the storage and carrying capacity. "This is a very good quality bag with nice design and features," one tester concluded. "This bag can also fit more contents than it seems it can." Hence, the Black Hole.

Price at time of publish: $169

Weight: 2.19 pounds | Dimensions: 22.5 L x 13 W x 8 H inches | Volume: 40 liters (55, 70, and 100 liters also available) | Planet and social impact: Made with recycled fabric, materials, and webbing

Patagonia Black Hole 40L Duffel
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Most Rugged

Thule Chasm Sport Duffel Bag

Thule Chasm Sport Duffel Bag

TripSavvy / Nick Kova

What We Like
  • Good organization

  • Very comfortable straps

  • Included packing cube

What We Don't Like
  • No pockets on the outside

Our testers were thoroughly impressed with Thule's Chasm Duffel Bag. From the organizational capability to the comfort of the backpack straps to the solid materials and waterproof zippers, testers raved about this bag. Thule uses tarpaulin fabric, which is durable and weather-resistant. It also features a padded bottom for extra protection of packed items. Its 2-in-1 design makes it easy to convert from a traditional carry duffel to a backpack. And there are multiple grab handles around the bag for grabbing and moving it quickly.

"The bag, when fully packed, is a lot to carry without the backpack straps," one tester commented. "But, it's easy enough to hold and carry with the straps." Said another: "I like the size, durability, zippers, and backpack straps of this bag. It also comes with a packing cube that can be used for clothing, toiletries, or even a small pair of shoes."

Price at time of publish: $170

Weight: 4.22 pounds | Dimensions: 30.5 L x 13 W x 10.5 H inches | Volume: 40 liters (70, 90, and 130 liters also available) | Planet and social impact: Not listed

Thule Chasm Sport Duffel Bag
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Final Verdict

For the best overall duffel bag, we like Kipling's Bori Duffle Bag (view at Amazon). It struck the best balance of functionality, carrying capability, and durability. If you're looking for a budget option, you can't go wrong with the Gonex Canvas Duffle (view at Amazon). And if your travels will also include camping or adventure that requires a more rugged and durable bag, Patagonia's Black Hole bag (view at Backcountry), Thule's Chasm (view at Amazon), and Yeti's Crossroads (view at Amazon) are all good options.

Other Products We Tested

Herschel Sutton Duffel Bag (view at Amazon): This bag is at a reasonable price for what it is. It isn't flashy and won't hold a tremendous about of clothing, but our testers thought the price makes it a good gift option for a weekend warrior or college student.

Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag (view at Amazon): This is a solid choice for anyone wanting an inexpensive bag that holds a lot. Our testers saw this bag as better for a road trip than carrying it through an airport or train station.

Leatherology Kessler Duffle (view at Leatherology): Our testers thought this was a good option for a high-end leather bag. But for the casual traveler or someone looking for a decent weekender, it's a bit much in price. We envision this being a solid hop-off-the-plane-and-go-to-work bag.

L.L.Bean Adventure Rolling Duffle Bag (view at L.L.Bean): Our testers thought this was a solid bag. They enjoyed how it rolled and, despite a smaller opening, were impressed by how much it could hold. Testers definitely recommend it.

Carhartt Trade Series 2-in-1 Packable Duffel (view at Amazon): This bag is another good pick for anyone looking for a solid weekender bag. This is a good option for a small bag that's meant to look worn.

Cuyana Leather Triple Zipper Weekender (view at Cuyana): This would make a chic weekender bag, but the overall functionality and practicality were lacking. If style is what you're going for, this bag will work. If your goal is getting the most function and storage out of a bag, we suggest others on the list.

Rains Duffel Bag (view at Rains): Our testers liked this bag. It's a solid waterproof weekender option. While testers said they'd like to see the cross strap be more padded, they did conclude that this bag would be recommended for anyone looking for a durable waterproof weekend bag.

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Big (view at Baboon to the Moon): This bag will hold a lot and is durable. Our testers recommend it for anyone road-tripping or car camping. However, they did not suggest it'd be suitable for plane or train travel. There are also only backpack straps, making this essentially a backpack duffel.

Tumi Double Expansion Travel Satchel (view at Tumi): Our testers were not impressed with this bag, especially considering its price. "This feels like a common bag," one tester concluded. "Most of the cheaper bags performed comparably, and some even out-performed this bag by a lot." Overall, the bag felt slightly flimsy and didn't hold as much as our testers saw in other bags.

Olympia 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag (view at Amazon): The Olympia 8-Pocket is a good option for anyone looking for a simple bag to make it from point A to B. But for anyone looking for a tougher bag able to hold up to more adventure or rugged travel, other options on the list are better. And while our testers loved the rolling feature, they did find it annoying to carry.

Made by Design Heather Gray Duffel Bag (view at Target): This bag was fragile. During our drop test, it was the only one that resulted in damaged coffee mugs. The outer material also seemed flimsy. If you have any concerns about things breaking inside your bag, we don't recommend this one.

Yeti Panga Duffel (view at Amazon): This bag is probably overkill for the average traveler. But for the adventure traveler or anyone looking to have a duffel that can double as a rafting, camping, or overlanding bag, Yeti's Panga is a solid choice. It's basically a Yeti soft backpack cooler in duffel form.

The North Face Base Camp Medium Duffel Bag (view at Nordstrom): This is an adventurer or gearhead duffel similar to the Yeti bag directly above. It's got excellent organization, great space, and is super durable. It might be a bit much for the casual traveler taking a few trips a year.

Paravel Foldable Bag (view at Amazon): While this bag had a few things we liked (foldable and lightweight), we couldn't recommend it for extended or airplane travel. After a few drops from the ladder, the test coffee mug shattered, making us unwilling to recommend it for checked luggage. It could work if you're looking for a lightweight bag that packs down into itself for a weekend trip. But just be prepared that fragile things stored in this bag will likely break if dropped from a moderate height.

Modoker Garment Duffel Bag (view at Amazon): Less of a travel duffel and more of a gym or day bag, our testers did like the Garment Duffel Bag. Overall, testers reported wanting more space and pockets, but its durability and versatility rated well.

Away The Everywhere Bag (view at Away Travel): Our testers thought this bag was OK but not great. It is a chic bag but doesn't have the functionality or practicality our testers were looking for in a proper travel bag. "I like the style of the bag, and it would make a good complement as a carry-on, but I think travelers would need a larger size for more than an overnight," one tester concluded.

Duffel bags testing
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

Product Selection

Products were selected based on our editors' prior knowledge and experience with luggage brands and products. We also based selections on highly reviewed and rated duffel bags on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. A finalized list of 25 duffel bags was created to meet a wide range of budgets and intended uses.

How We Tested

Dotdash Meredith editors tested all 25 bags mentioned in this roundup in our testing lab in Brooklyn, New York. Attributes like organization, maneuverability, durability, and value were all considered. After weighing and measuring each bag, we packed each bag with five shirts, five pairs of pants, two jackets, two pairs of shoes, one toiletry bag, and one coffee mug. We then rated each bag's organizational features based on that packing.

With the bags fully packed, we carried the bags around the testing lab, assessing the maneuverability of the bag. We carried each bag with handles, shoulder straps, and cross straps when available. Lastly, with the bags still packed, we pushed each bag off the top of a ladder three to five times, making sure the bag landed on a different part of the bag each time. We assessed if the coffee mug inside the bag broke and if there were any visible scuffs, scratches, or marks on the bag's exterior.

Duffel bag testing
TripSavvy / Nick Kova.

What to Look for in a Duffel Bag


Duffels come in all sizes, from an overnight carry-on to bags that can hold a week’s worth of gear. Envision your likely load, and think about sizing up a bit to give you some additional space. If you want an easy-to-carry bag to bring souvenirs home from a trip, look for ones that collapse into themselves so you can stash it in your other luggage and pull it out for the trip home.


If you’re in the market for one big bag to carry everything, models with a big main pocket will suffice, though they typically come with a few additional zippered pockets for smaller items. Other designs distribute their storage into a handful of different sections, which helps you keep things more organized.


Every duffel bag comes with a shoulder strap. Look for an adjustable, padded, and removable one for optimum comfort. Bags with wheels often include telescoping handles, which allow you to roll through airports and across pavement with ease, then lift the pack to carry it with the shoulder strap when the terrain gets rough.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best way to pack a duffel bag?

    Sometimes it can be challenging to pack a duffel bag because of the lack of interior pockets and organization. It is best to put large, bulky items like shoes and things you won’t need access to on the bottom. Fold your clothes and place them on top of those with items you would like easy access to, like a jacket or phone charger at the top. The outer pockets can be used for small items like jewelry, travel documents, etc. If you are strapped for space, packing cubes can help you make the most of your bag’s space.

  • How should I carry a duffel bag?

    Carrying a heavy duffel bag can strain your shoulder, so it is helpful to rotate which shoulder you are carrying your bag. Pay attention to what type of strap you are using for the bag because some offer more cushioning than others. Also, try to carry the bag close to your body as it can reduce the stress put on spinal muscles.

  • Can a duffel bag be used as a personal item or carry-on?

    Depending on the size of your duffel bag and how much you pack into it, a duffel bag can be a personal item. Most airlines consider a personal item to be anything that can fit in the space under the seat in front of you. If you plan to pack more in your duffel bag, it will be considered a carry-on bag and can be stowed in the overhead compartment.

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Nathan Allen is TripSavvy's Outdoor Gear Editor. He's used duffel bags made by Yeti, Patagonia, Cotopaxi, The North Face, and Outdoor Research. Durability and water resistance or waterproofing are the essential features he considers when picking a duffel bag.

Jamie Aranoff, an associate editor at Travel + Leisure, helped lead testing in our Brooklyn testing lab.

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