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Dolores Park, San Francisco

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San Francisco has always been known as a dog-friendly town, for its many off-leash dog parks and dog play areas. But some dog parks are better than others. Here are our favorites. 

Note: California beach areas have more restricted access and leash laws because of the threatened species, the Snowy Plover, which nests in these spots. Off-leash dogs can disturb nests and harm the birds. Other areas may be off limits to dogs for protection natural habitat or endangered plants. Although it can be an inconvenience at times to leash your dog, please observe and be respectful of all laws and signs that pertain to these issues.


Alamo Square 

Neighborhood: NoPa
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 12 acres

This sprawling park has plenty of hills for your pup to sprint up and down and views of the Painted Ladies for you to enjoy. The west end of the park is currently under construction, so make sure to keep your dog away from that area. 

Bernal Heights Park

Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: More than 30 acres

Dogs love this park and you will too. Its wide paved road leading up to the top is off-limits to cars so you can let them roam free and sniff everything without the fear of traffic looming above. 

Glen Canyon Park 

Neighborhood: Glen Canyon
Type: Dogs permitted on leash
Size: Entire park more than 70 acres

Bring the extendable leash for this canyon adventure. There's lot of underbrush and coyotes and racoons have both been spotted here. But as long as you've got control, your dog will enjoy discovering the new nature area. 

Corona Heights

Neighborhood: Duboce Triangle
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 16 acres

This little hillside is a great place to soak in the city views. And the closed off dog park is a great place for your pup to interact with other dogs or play some fetch. 

Crissy Field

Neighborhood: Marina
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 100 acres
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Be careful with your dog off leash here, parts of it are a wildlife refuge and other parts are very close to fast-moving traffic. But by the beach is safe and dogs who love the water will love this spot too. 

Dolores Park 

Neighborhood: Mission
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 13 acres

On weekends, this park is best for dogs who like to lounge right beside you because the crowds get a little bit out of hand. But during the week, it's a great place to throw the frisbee and meet a few new furry friends. 

Coastal Trail 

Neighborhood: Richmond
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 10 acres
Guide to the Presidio

With views out to the ocean, this three-mile trail winds through bushes and back out to the coast. It gets very crowded midday on weekends so try to avoid the peak hours. And definitely keep your dog on leash! Cliffs are dangerous for pups. 

Golden Gate Park 

Neighborhood: Sunset
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: More than 100 acres but four off-leash dog areas

Dog walks in the park are always an adventure, with all the winding trails and open fields. Coyotes are pretty rampant in this park, so it's a good idea to keep your dog on leash, no matter how tempting it may be to let them run free and explore the forest. 

Ocean Beach 

Neighborhood: Sunset
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: 13 acres

Dogs are meant to be on leash at this beach in order to protect the Snowy Plover population. However, you'll probably notice once you get out there that there aren't a lot of dogs on leash. So proceed with caution and awareness and know that it's a pretty hefty fine for having your dog running free. 

Fort Funston

Neighborhood: Lake Merced
Type: Off-Leash dog park and dog areas
Size: More than 200 acres

This is doggie paradise. With plenty of room to roam in the sand dunes, on the beach, and in brushy areas your dog will be very, very happy. Add to that plenty of other off leash dogs, your pup will be making plenty of friends too. 

John McLaren Park

Neighborhood: South San Francisco
Type: Off-Leash area for dogs
Size: More than 300 acres. North section of park has off-leash dog zones.

Redwoods, eucalyptus, and plenty of pathways make this a great place to take the park. It's not quite as crowded as central San Francisco parks too so you can come anytime, any day. 


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