8 Best Disney World Beverages

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Combine the heat of Florida with the fast pace of a Disney World vacation, and staying cool and hydrated becomes a priority for most theme park guests. Following is a list of the best beverages you will find on Disney property, designed to appeal to guests of all ages and tastes.

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Soft Drinks From Around the World (Club Cool, Epcot)

Club Cool Epcot

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Cool, sweet, delicious...and best of all, free drinks await the thirsty traveler at Club Cool, located in Future World at Epcot. Step right up to one of 16 soda fountains and try a carbonated beverage from another land. Some flavors are familiar, like Ginger Ale, while others are more exotic, featuring flavors like apple and watermelon. Unless you enjoy very strong flavors, approach "Beverly" from Italy with caution, it is very bitter.

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Kaki-Gori (Japan, Epcot)


Walt Disney World

Is it a food or is it a beverage? When something is this cool and tasty, it just doesn't matter! Tucked away in the Japan pavilion in World Showcase is a tiny cart offering one of the most refreshing items in Disney World, Kaki-Gori. Kaki-Gori is a cone heaped with freshly shaved ice and topped with your choice of exotic fruit flavors. This item is non-alcoholic and is included in the Disney Dining Plan.

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Piña Coladas (Pool Bars, Select Disney Resorts)

Piña Colada

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Grab a frosty and refreshing Piña Colada without leaving the pool at your Disney resort. If your resort has a pool bar (most deluxe resorts do), you can order a Piña Colada without heading back to your room or off to a theme park. Pool bars offer Piña Coladas and other frosty beverages with or without alcohol, so every member of your party can enjoy a cool and refreshing treat.

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Fruit Slushes (France, Epcot)

slush, Epcot France

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Delightfully fruity and icy cold, these icy beverages pack a potent punch. Choose from Grey Goose or Grand Marnier varieties, and enjoy a frosty drink served in a martini glass. Enjoy these slowly — even though the glass is small, the alcohol content is quite high! This beverage is not included in the Disney Dining Plan and is not available in an alcohol-free version. The beverage cart featuring these tasty drinks is located across from Chefs de France and offers a selection of wine choices as well.

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Frozen Coke (Multiple Theme Park Locations)

The Lunching pad

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Pick up a frosty frozen Coke beverage to cool off on a hot summer day. Frozen cokes are available at various locations in the Disney theme parks, and are a great addition to your beverage repertoire. Each frozen Coke comes heaped high in a cup with a lid, and other flavors are available at some locations. Frozen Cokes are included in the Disney Dining Plan.

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Unique Beer Varieties (Epcot's World Showcase)

German beer at the Biergarten

Walt Disney World

Enjoy a brew from another land when you visit Epcot. Both Norway and Germany in World Showcase offer a selection of beer varieties on tap and by the bottle. The United Kingdom offers a great selection of beer and ale as well at the Rose & Crown Pub. Beer is not included in the Disney Dining Plan.

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Coffee Confections (Multiple Theme Park and Resort Locations)

Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort

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Now with several Starbucks locations throughout Disney World, it's easy to find the best places to get coffee at Disney World and get the coffee confection of your dreams. Enjoy a frosted iced coffee or warm up with a hot latte on a cool day. No matter what you choose, your beverage will be prepared to perfection by a barista. Snacks and beverages are usually available as well; and, most are included in the Disney Dining Plan.

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Dole Whip (Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom)

Dole Whip

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The legendary Dole Whip, available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland, is a beloved favorite of many Disney fans. This ice-cream based confection comes in a variety of flavors, but most devotees agree that the pineapple version is the one to try. Dole Whip is a frothy beverage that is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. This drink does not contain alcohol and is included on the Disney Dining Plan.

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