Guide to the Best Discount Offers in Los Angeles

Bargains on Dining, Attractions, Museums, Hotels and more

Go Los Angeles Card
Go Los Angeles Card from Smart Destinations. Courtesy of Smart Destinations

In addition to the Top Free Things to Do in LA and Cheap LA Eats that don't require a discount, you can save money on just about everything else from restaurants to attractions to entertainment with these discounts.


The first place to check for discounted attractions is the local CVB website. LA Tourism has eliminated their special offer page, but the Anaheim CVB and the Long Beach CVB websites both share special offers from their members. The AAA also offers many discounts for members travelling to L.A., including discounts on major attractions.


These major attractions often offer discount coupons or packages.

  • Disneyland - Doesn't offer any single day discounts. However, a 3-day Disneyland Park-Hopper Ticket is included in the Southern California CityPass.
  • Universal Studios – has local discounts on the website, and it's also included in the 3 to 7-day Go Los Angeles Card.
  • Knott's Berry Farm - Knott's has the biggest online advance discount, and when you factor in fees, Knott's has tickets lower than their own discount price on Goldstar, or it's also included in the Go Los Angeles Card.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain – If you keep an eye on the Six Flags website, they have promotions throughout the year where bringing specific branded products will get you a discount on admission at the gate. It's also included in the Go Los Angeles Card.
  • The Queen Mary has a discounted combo ticket with the Aquarium of the Pacific on either of their websites. They sometimes also offer discount tickets through Goldstar. It's also included in the Go Los Angeles Card.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific has a discounted combo ticket with the Queen Mary. They also offer discount tickets through Goldstar, or it's also included in the Go Los Angeles Card.

Some museums offer dollars-off coupons on their websites. Some offer discounts on Goldstar, Groupon, or Living Social. You can also check out this list of Free LA Museums and Museum Free Days.

If you take Starline Tours Hop-On Hop-Off Tour, your ticket also gets you 2 for 1 or percent-off discounts at many attractions.

Theatre and More

Goldstar offers discounted tickets to many theatre productions in Southern California as well as sporting events, musical events, museums and attractions, spectacles, spa discounts and more. Most tickets are half price. Some are free (with a hefty service charge). A few have only a slight discount that almost cancels itself out with fees.

LA Stage Tix and Plays411 both offer advance half-price theatre tickets online for L.A. area theatres.

Attraction Discount Cards and Packages

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For additional savings, the following companies offer dining, entertainment and attraction discount packages, cards and coupon books.
The Go Los Angeles Card is a flat rate card based on number of days used, which offers free entry into over 30 attractions including museums, tours and venues not included in other cards or packages.
The Entertainment Book is a coupon book and discount card with discounts at fine dining and fast food restaurants, attractions, tours, cruises, hotels, rental cars, groceries and more.
CityPass offers the Southern California CityPass for discounts on a combination of major theme parks including Disneyland, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld.

Websites offers an interesting way to save money on food, attractions, travel and random activities and services in the LA area by providing volume discounts for a minimum number of purchases.You can subscribe for daily deals to your inbox or just search the site to see that offers are available now. Originally all the deals were time limited, but many deals now run indefinitely.
Living Social is like Groupon, offering daily deals to your inbox including restaurants, attractions, travel, spa services and more. LivingSocial Restaurants Plus program lets you register your credit cards in advance and automatically gives you 10% back at a selection of participating restaurants. 

GiltCity is a high-end version of Groupon, offering discounts on a more limited selection of luxury services, fine dining, health and beauty treatments and goods.
Here are more LA Restaurant Discounts and Coupons as well as Cheap Eats in LA that don't require a special discount.