The Best Restaurants for Dinner in Niagara Falls

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    Where to Have Dinner in Niagara Falls

    The Rainbow Room Niagara Falls.
    The Rainbow Room

    The first thought that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of Niagara Falls is understandably the massive natural wonder, but what many may not realize is that the region has an internationally celebrated reputation for it’ wine and culinary scene.  

    The surrounding area is home to over 60 wineries, many of which have expanded to incorporate restaurants in recent years. In addition to the local favorites, these restaurants have quickly turned Niagara Falls into a destination worthy of more than just a day or two trip.

    So, whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a place with a family-friendly atmosphere, there are plenty of options to choose from on both sides of the Falls. Here’s a list of my top choices.

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    Niagara Falls restaurant AG
    Restaurant AG

    From the first course to the last, the focus at AG is all about local. The wine selection is a curated list of the best that Niagara has to offer and the local ingredients are all sourced from nearby farms.

    The restaurant is just off the main strip of Victoria Avenue, right in the heart of town so you're close to everything, including Queen Victoria Falls. It's an easy seven to eight-minute walk to the park with unobstructed views of the Falls.​

    Cost: $23-$45 per person 

    5195 Magdalen St
    Niagara Falls, ON

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    Oban Inn

    Oban Inn Niagara Falls
    Oban Inn

    The Oban Inn has a storied history that has made it one of the most popular hotels and restaurants in the area. After a devastating fire on Christmas Eve over 20 years ago, the entire place was rebuilt with particular attention paid to the historic details.

    Diners have the choice of sitting in one of three distinct dining rooms including a fireside lounge, a sunroom overlooking an English garden, or a more private historic room.

    Cost: $23-$45 per person (including entree, tax, and tip)

    160 Front St
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

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    Revolving Dining Room at Skylon Tower

    Skylon Tower
    Skylon Tower

    If you’re looking for a spot with the most stunning views of the Falls then Skylon Tower is your place.  Standing at 520 feet the tower offers truly unobstructed views and it doesn’t matter where you sit since the dining room revolves, so you’ll always have a change of scenery.

    Their menu usually holds variations of the regular staples like filet mignon and grilled fish filet, which always draw great reviews, but it’s their desserts that draw the most attention—aside from the views of course. Go for the chocolate amaretto torte or the cheesecake if you’d really like to be impressed.

    Cost: $70-$95 per person

    5200 Robinson St
    Niagara Falls, ON

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    Savor, Niagara Falls restaurant.

    Savor offers an experience unlike any other in the area with more of a dinner and a show atmosphere. The restaurant is housed within the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute and the meals are prepared by students, all in front of the waiting guests.

    Due to the constant rotation of chefs and dishes, there are no specific signature dishes to keep your eye out for but a pizza from the wood-stone oven is highly recommended.

    Cost: $40-$50 per person

    28 Old Falls St
    Niagara Falls, NY

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    The Rainbow Room

    The Rainbow Room Niagara Falls.
    The Rainbow Room

    Head chef Massimo Capra not only brings talent and sophistication to his dishes ​but also plenty of personality. The classically trained chef brings Italian flair to his thoughtfully recreated American dishes and makes sure to keep things local by sourcing much of his produce from local vendors. The food isn’t the only draw of course. With sweeping views of the Falls through the floor to ceiling windows, the Rainbow Room offers some of the best vistas in town.

    Cost: $25-$50

    5685 Falls Ave
    Niagara Falls, ON

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    Tide and Vine Oyster Company

    Tide and Vine Oyster Company, Niagara Falls.
    Tide and Vine Oyster Company

    You’d imagine that the seafood in Niagara Falls has to be out of this world seeing as though it’s right at the base of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario but you’d be surprised to hear that spectacular seafood is kind of hard to come by. That is, it was hard to come by until Tide and Vine opened shop.

    While the Buffalo Oysters and lobster profiteroles are quite impressive you shouldn’t pass up the raw bar. There’s a wide selection that changes and it’s the only place I know of in the area that offers a raw bar.

    Cost: $15-$25

    3491 Portage Rd
    Niagara Falls, ON

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    Wine on Third

    Niagara Falls restaurants. Wine on Third
    Wine on Third

    Most of the action always seems to happen on the Canadian side of the Falls, but with a slew of accolades ranking Wine on Third as one of the best places to eat in the area, there's a reason to check out both sides. Their artisan pizzas are a local favorite and ranging from $11 to $15 they're a great deal.

    The restaurant is only about a five-minute walk from Niagara Falls State Park which offers direct views of the American Falls.

    Cost: $25-$35 per person

    501 3rd St
    Niagara Falls, NY