Best Destinations to Visit from Lleida

Visit some of the smaller sights or head straight to Barcelona or Madrid

Lleida's small airport has a few great budget flights from around Europe, which means you might those on a budget might find themselves in the city without much of an idea of what to do.

Lleida has a surprising number of things to do for such a small city, but, let's face it, it's not likely to be your number one destination when visiting Spain. So check out this page for some of the best places you can visit from Lleida.

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    Tapas bar in Logroño
    (c) Damian Corrigan

    Logroño is one of the easiest day trips to take from Lleida. The capital of the Rioja wine region is a great place to sample Spain's fantastic reds. But even better, it is now a fantastic city for tapas.

    Furthermore, it is good stepping stone for continuing your journey to the Basque Country

    Best Way to Get to Logroño

    There are regular trains to Logroño throughout the day. Travel times start from two-and-a-half hours. There are no buses.

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    Barcelona (and Barcelona Airport)

    February 2013 in Barcelona
    Image: Bengt Nyman (Some Rights Reserved/Creative Commons)

    Barcelona is perhaps the most obvious destination to visit from Lleida, with its direct train and the many, many sights to see there. But if you've been to Barcelona before, why not consider one of the smaller destinations on this page?

    The direct buses from Lleida to Barcelona airport make a great alternative departure point for your trip to Lleida if you manage to get cheaper flights from there.

    How to get to Barcelona from Lleida 

    The train from Lleida to Barcelona takes about an hour and can cost anywhere from 20 euros to about 40. Tickets vary in price considerably even though the journey time is the same. If you aren't going to book online, look up the times online and make sure you get the cheaper ticket.

    Trains from Barcelona to Lleida depart from Barcelona Sants station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Barcelona

    Buses from Barcelona to Lleida cost about 20 euros and take about two hours. uses from Barcelona to Lleida depart from Barcelona Nord station.

    There are also buses direct to Barcelona airport from Lleida. ALSA bus company runs buses direct from Barcelona Airport to Lleida. Tickets cost around 20 euros and take between two-and-a-half and three-and-a-half hours. 

    The 180km drive from Barcelona to Lleida takes about two hours, traveling mainly on the AP-7 and AP-2 roads. Note - AP roads are toll roads.

    The 170km from Barcelona Airport to Lleida should take about 1h45 by car, following the E-90 and LL-12 roads. Note that some of these are toll roads. Read more about Hiring a Car in Spain.

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    San Sebastian and Bilbao

    The Guggenheim in Bilbao
    Andrea Ciambra/Creative Commons

    The Basque Country is the most popular destination in northern Spain. Though connections are exactly better from Madrid, Lleida is still a good option for visiting San Sebastian and Bilbao.

    Consider stopping in Logroño along the way (see above).

    Read more about Planning a Trip to San Sebastian and Bilbao

    Best Way to Get to the Basque Country from Lleida

     The best way to get to the Basque Country is the train to San Sebastian, which takes around four-and-a-half hours. You should then visit Bilbao as a day trip from San Sebastian

    If you'd prefer to go to Bilbao, there are overnight buses and a few trains during the day. The train is cheaper and takes roughly the same amount of time (about six hours).

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    Calle Cuchilleros in Madrid de las Austrias
    (c) Damian Corrigan

    The capital of Spain is also served by direct trains straight from Lleida, making it another great place to visit. But train tickets are quite expensive, so you'd probably be better off flying straight to Madrid from your home country than visiting from Lleida.

    How to Get from Lleida to Madrid by Train and Bus

    Trains from Lleida to Madrid take two hours and cost about 80 euros. This is Spain's high speed AVE train.

    The bus from Lleida to Madrid takes about six to seven hours and costs approximately 25 euros.

    How to Get from Lleida to Madrid by Car

    It takes approximately five hours to drive the 450km from Lleida to Madrid. Note that some of the roads are toll roads.

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    Andorra and the Pyrenees

    Skiing in Candanchu, Spain
    Mikel Ortega/Creative Commons

    Do you ski? The Pyrenees have some of the best slopes in Europe and with regular buses from Lleida it's a great place to head to.

    How to Get from Lleida to Andorra by Bus

    There are buses from Lleida to Andorra. the bus takes about two-and-a-half hours and costs under 20 euros. 

    There are no trains. 

    How to Get from Lleida to Andorra by Car

    It takes about two-and-a-half hours to drive the 150km from Lleida to Andorra.

    Other popular destinations in the Pyrenees include the following. Most are best accessed by car.

    • Baqueira-Beret (Catalan Pyrenees) 166 km – about 2 hours 30 mins.
    • Formigal (Aragon Pyrenees) 207 km – about 3 hours 15 mins.
    • Vall de Nuria (Catalan Pyrenees) 213 km – about 3 hours.
    • Masella (Catalan Pyrenees) 203 km – about 2 hours 45 mins.
    • St Lary Soulan (French Pyrenees) 187 km – about 3 hours.
    • Piau-Engaly (French Pyrenees) 181 km – about 3 hours.
    • Peyragudes (French Pyrenees) 207 km – about 3 hours.
    • Val de Louron (French Pyrenees) 206 km – about 3 hours.
    • Tourmalet (French Pyrenees) 238 km – about 3 hours 45 mins.
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    Zaragoza cathedral
    Juandc/Creative Commons

    Zaragoza's main appeal if you're visiting Lleida is that it is so close. If you don't want to spend too much time traveling, the impressive cathedrals (yes, plural!) of Zaragoza are worth a visit.

    Best Way to Get to Zaragoza from Lleida

    There are regular trains throughout the day, taking around 45 minutes. There are a few buses, which are a little cheaper, but they depart at awkward times of day. 

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    Girona and Figueres

    Andrew Moore/Creative Commons

    Girona, with its Jewish heritage, and Figueres (famous for the Dali Museum) are popular smaller destination in Catalonia, but the lack of direct transportation makes them slightly less attractive to visit from Lleida.

    How to Get from Lleida to Girona

    There is no train or bus from Lleida to Girona. Go via Barcelona.

    It takes about two-and-a-half hours to drive from Lleida to Girona. Note that some of the roads are toll roads.