The Best Romantic Destination in 2020 for Your Zodiac Sign

Illustration of Getaway destinations for each zodiac sign

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Everyone has a different idea of romance. For every couple that wants to relax on a beach, there's another whose relationship thrives on action and adventure. And sometimes it’s difficult to determine exactly what your partner will think is romantic. Fortunately, your signs can tell you a lot about what will put you both in the most romantic mood, and we've determined the ideal destination for each one! (This can be read for your sun sign as well as your Venus sign, which tells you how you love!).

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Aries: Panama (March 21 – April 19)

Illustration of Panama for Aries

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Have you ever heard someone say that the easiest way to fall for someone is to do something exciting with them? Well, that person was an Aries. Think of Aries as the adrenaline junkie of the Zodiac. Aries will take a bungee jumping date over a spa date any day. Panama has so many thrilling adventures, from ziplining to island-hopping and even a wildlife sanctuary where you can play with sloths. Panama offers up so much excitement that Aries will feel the adrenaline rush and the passion with any partner that can keep up.

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Taurus: Valle de Guadalupe (April 20 – May 20)

Illustration of Valle de Guadalupe for Taurus

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22750 Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

What does a Taurus find romantic? Loyalty and royalty. Treat a taurus like the king or queen they are, and they will love you forever. Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe has everything to make a Taurus feel completely pampered. Sleep in and wake up in the chic (but comfy) Encuentro Guadalupe, take a leisurely afternoon stroll through the beautiful hillside vineyards, and sample all the delicious wine. Valle de Guadalupe is the best destination for a Taurus to indulge and relax, putting them in the perfect mood for romance.

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Gemini: Sicily (May 21 – June 20)

Illustration of Sicily for Gemini

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Sicily, Italy

Geminis are turned on by intellectual stimulation. Keep up with a Gemini’s mind, and you’ll have their heart. Sicily has a very unique identity that will fascinate and intrigue a Gemini, from its unique dialect (it has no future tense, so in a way, you're always focusing on the present!) to its own Greek ruins that differ from the Roman ones on the mainland. Sicily is the perfect place for Gemini and their loved one to cement their bond through exploring, people-watching, and pondering together.

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Cancer: Cornwall, England (June 21 – July 22)

Illustration of Cornwall, England for Cancer

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Cornwall, UK

For Cancers, romance is all about intimacy. They want deep, emotional, heart-to-heart connection and also physical touch (a.k.a. lots of cuddling). A romantic getaway for Cancer should include cozy locations with nature scenes that set the mood. Cornwall has this in spades. Roam the hillsides, and take in the view from the cliffs at Kynance Cove. The easy hikes with consistently gorgeous views in every direction will give you a chance to for deep conversation that will bring you closer to your partner. Afterwards, snuggle up in a cabin and wake up to a sunrise on the beach. Nothing will make a Cancer feel more romantic than this quaint coastal county.

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Leo: Puerto Rico (July 23 – August 22)

Illustration of Puerto Rico for Leo

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Puerto Rico

Leos seek fun and excitement—too much quiet alone time will leave them feeling like the romance is dead. Leos want to travel to where the action is and where they'll have the opportunity to show off their partner (and be shown off as well). Leos need spirited nightlife as well as Instagrammable day trips. If having fun is the quickest way to a Leo’s heart, then Puerto Rico is the place to be. Explore lush rainforests during the day and go salsa dancing in the streets at night. Leos couldn’t ask for more a vibrant destination than Puerto Rico.

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Virgo: Montreal (August 23 – September 22)

Illustration of Montreal for Virgo

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Montreal, QC, Canada

While some might find spontaneity romantic, Virgos are detail-oriented and love a plan. Even for a romantic getaway, they’ll want to fill the itinerary with useful options that appeal to both partners. This is why Montreal would be a great romantic destination for Virgos! Montreal’s cobblestone streets and European flair will make traveling from one point of interest to the next feel romantic, making the best use of their time. The city is also home to countless museums, architectural landmarks, and fine dining options that will assure Virgo they’ve chosen the right getaway.

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Libra: Cartagena (September 23 – October 22)

Illustration of Cartagena for Libra

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Cartagena, Cartagena Province, Bolivar, Colombia

Libra exudes class and charm, so their romantic destination should do the same! Cartagena has enough charm to win over even the most indecisive of Libras. The cobblestone streets and colorful homes will offer the perfect backdrop for romantic walks while the nightlife and salsa dancing will activate their social butterfly side. This Venus child will also love lounging on the gorgeous beaches and indulging in the top-rated seafood cuisine. Cartagena will win a spot in a Libra’s heart for sure!

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Scorpio: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (October 23 – November 21)

Illustration of Jackson Hole for Scorpio

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001, USA

Scorpios want nothing more than their partner’s full attention. Grand gestures and high octane activities won’t interest a Scorpio heart—instead, they want a chance to really connect with their loved one. Scorpios will love Jackson Hole’s laid back atmosphere, which will give them a perfect chance for quiet romantic dinners, beautiful mountaintop sunsets, and a chance to cozy up on cold winter nights. Deep heart-to-hearts and a sense of intimacy will always win over a Scorpio, and Jackson Hole presents the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal.

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Sagittarius: The Azores (November 22 – December 21)

Illustration of The Azores for Sagittarius

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Azores, Portugal

Romance for a Sagittarius is unique because they truly live life to the fullest. You can’t pin a Sagittarius down, so instead, go with them! For ultimate romance, they want to experience new things with their loved one and make new memories along the way. The Azores has flown under the radar for a while, but Sagittarius will love being one of the first to explore its incomparable beauty. From volcanoes to whale watching, and from mountain tops to waterfalls the Azores provides all the newness and excitement that a Sag needs to feel like they're falling in love all over again.

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Capricorns: Wisconsin (December 22 – January 19)

Illustration of Wisconsin for Capricorn

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Wisconsin, USA

Romance for Capricorns isn’t about flashy presents or exotic getaways. In fact quite the opposite. Being so practical and pragmatic, Capricorns will feel the need to take the lead to make sure a vacation goes exactly as planned, often making it more stressful than relaxing. A simple plan and easy getaway is best for Capricorns, so we suggest Wisconsin. While flying under the romantic radar for most, Wisconsin has a lot to offer that will get Capricorn’s heart beating faster. Beautiful lakefronts, sprawling mountain ranges, laid back cities, and quaint countrysides, there are enough options to keep a Capricorn busy while allowing them to truly unwind with their partner.

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Aquarius: Belize (January 20 – February 18)

Illustration of Belize for Aquarius

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Aquarius is a forward-thinker, people-watcher, and eternal student who is always wanting to learn and understand more about the world around them. While they enjoy a beautiful beach as much as the next person, they’ll want something more unique about their romantic getaway, a place where they can learn new things together. And Belize checks all those boxes. Scenic beaches are a given, but Belize also offers up exotic rainforests with animals only native to Belize, the infamous Blue sinkhole, as well as ancient Mayan temples. The country will leave an Aquarius awestruck, and they’ll love learning beside their partner.

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Pisces: Tahiti (February 19 – March 20)

Illustration of Tahiti for Pisces

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French Polynesia

Pisces love love. When they fall, they fall hard. They’ll want to whisk their loved one away to a secluded world where only the two of them exist. When picking a romantic destination, sending Pisces to a remote tropical location is almost a given. These fish are at their best when by the ocean! Tahiti has everything this dreamy sign could want—world-famous beaches, overwater bungalows, luxurious resorts, and a GPS coordinate that is isolated from other tourist hot spots. A pisces will soak up every second of that perfect bubble with their partner until it’s time to go home.

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The Best Romantic Destination in 2020 for Your Zodiac Sign