4 Best Day Spas in Portland, Oregon

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To find the best day spas in Portland, you have to take it neighborhood by neighborhood. From fancy Laurelhurst to funky Belmont, Portland has day spas for every taste and budget. Some of the downtown spas cater to a tourist market. These are typically more showy and design-centric (not necessarily a negative), and sometimes pricier than day spas found even a mile away. Here are some of the best spas in Portland.

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    Steeped in Ayurveda principles and modalities, this day spa intends to still the mind, mend the body and uplift the spirit. Top signature treatments include Abhyanga (2 or 4-handed Ayurvedic massage), Garsha, a body exfoliation using raw silk gloves and an assortment of skin care treatments.

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    Dosha day spa has three full-service salon and spa locations in Portland: Dosha Northwest, Dosha Fifth Avenue, and Dosha Hawthorne.  (There are three more locations that offer salon services, manicures, and waxing, but no massages).  

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    Rejuvenation Day Spa aims to "rejuvenate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.” Therapists use assorted natural herbs, plants, and minerals in essential oil/aromatherapy treatments. The water on site is doubly purified and the air is circulated through the highest quality filters. From pregnancy massage to collagen dermal peels, this day spa covers the gamut. Special skin care includes treatment of Rosacea and other conditions.

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    Zenana Spa and Wellness​ Center caters to a very special clientele: pregnant and parenting families. While open to the general population, this is Oregon’s first day spa and wellness center that focuses on this population. From numerous massage treatments and wellness services to counseling classes and playgroups, Zenana Spa takes its mission quite seriously and offers a unique place for mothers-to-be as well as post-partum.