The Best College Towns To Visit in 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Best College Towns To Visit in 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Whether you’re dropping someone off or calling it your new home, a college town can be a great place to explore! When venture outside the university campus you can find delicious eats, natural wonders, and a whole lot of history. However just like picking a college, picking which college town to go to might be overwhelming. So follow your chart, and find out which of these studious towns are matches you best!  

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Aries: Auburn, Alabama (March 21 – April 19)

Illustration of Auburn, Alabama

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So many things about this quaint town will appeal to the rambunctious Aries. Firstly, Auburn is conveniently located to plenty of outdoor adventures like hiking in Chewacla State Park, befriending falcons at the The Southeastern Raptor Center, or golfing 18 holes at the Grand National Golf Complex (which won an award for “World’s Best Public Course"). And with warm temperatures year round, the Aries can explore these places at any time to satisfy their wild side. Aries also loves the energy of tailgating parties before football games, and Auburn is a football fan's bucket list destination. But even if the game gets rough, the sweet southern charm of Auburn will never set off that fiery Aries temper.

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Taurus: Burlington, Vermont (April 20 – May 20)

Illustration of Burlington, Vermont

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Taurus will love this cozy New England town. Tauruses love to reconnect with nature in a way that is relaxing and helps them slow down during busy times. The Burlington Greenway is a great scenic bike path where Taurus can take their time, admire the views, and stop to have a picnic on the shores of Lake Champlain. They can also enjoy a lake cruise that shows off all the best views of the surrounding mountains. Taurus can get hangry sometimes, but that won't be a problem in Burlington. Restaurants in the popular Church Street Marketplace, numerous funky independent coffee shops, and of course, the original Ben & Jerry’s shop will all satisfy the hungry Taurus.

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Gemini: Bloomington, Indiana (May 21 – June 20)

Illustration of Bloomington Indiana

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For Gemini, variety truly is the spice of life. This dual-sided sign needs a location to please all sides of their personality. Bloomington's surrounded by beautiful nature (such as Lake Monroe and the Hoosier National Forest) and also boasts a historic downtown for sightseeing. (The B-Line Trail, an urban pathway, shows off Bloomington’s highlights, starting with the bustling downtown area.) For a dose of culture, Geminis can stop by the Eskenazi Museum of Art, a free museum that showcases local, up-and-coming artists, or the Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center, which hosts a full calendar of events that include meditation classes, yoga, and lectures. Bloomington’s diverse offerings will delight the ever curious Gemini. 

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Cancer: Bozeman, Montana (June 21 – July 22)

Illustration of Bozeman, Montana

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Cancers crave coziness. Whether that is at home or in a small quaint town, Bozeman is the perfect getaway for Cancers who never truly want to leave their bed. The quaint, small town of Bozeman has an everyone-knows-everyone vibe, which is comforting for a Cancer. In town, they can spend a whole afternoon browsing the many antique shops, or they can escape into the gorgeous nature just outside town—after all, nature is Cancer’s favorite kind of getaway, and Bozeman is an excellent jumping off point for the famous natural landscape of Montana. From the nearby Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks to the local hiking and skiing trails, Cancers have their pick! After a long day outside, this water sign can warm up in the Bozeman Hot Springs Spa which offers nine different pools. With so much coziness Cancers, might find a second home in Bozeman.

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Leo: Chapel Hill, North Carolina (July 23 – August 22)

Illustration of Chapel Hill, NC

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Leos love to be in the middle of the action. Chapel Hill, located in the college-town epicenter that is The Research Triangle of North Carolina, offers up a wealth of colleges and universities that meld into one huge college town—i.e., a lot of young, hip students which will please Leo’s “in the know” sensibilities. There are plenty of photo ops for Leo, including day trips to the selfie-worthy North Carolina Botanical Garden, the iconic Old Well at the UNC campus, and more. Other great options for the party-loving Leo are the Top of The Hill Distillery where they can tour and taste organic spirits all distilled right in Chapel Hill, and the Crunkleton, a swanky members-only cocktail bar. Let’s not forget the lively Franklin street that is the heart of downtown. Top all of that off with some good old-fashioned comfort food at Mama Dip’s Kitchen or Crook’s Corner. There is plenty for the indulgent Leo to enjoy in Chapel Hill.

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Virgo: Lawrence, Kansas (August 23 – September 22)

Illustration of Lawrence Kansas

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Virgos like structure and order and usually aren’t a fan of a lot of downtime, so their ideal destination should have plenty of options for a packed itinerary. They can explore one of the 50 public parks in Lawrence, and then wander along downtown's Massachusetts Street to spot impressive architecture that dates back to 1856. Next stop on the itinerary can be one of the many museums, such as the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, the Watkins Museum of History, and the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics. Virgo will thoroughly enjoy finding the gems that others often overlook.

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Libra: Berkeley, California (September 23 – October 22)

Berkeley, Libra

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Libra is the sign of the scales, meaning they cherish balance, justice, and fairness, which is why there is no better place for a Libra to visit than Berkeley, California. Berkeley is notorious for its student activism, so Libra will thrive in an atmosphere where people care just as much about equality as they do. Libras also care about natural beauty (a close second behind justice), and Berkeley offers that as well. Libra can see the gorgeous view of the bay and the bridge from famed Grizzly Peak in Tilden Regional Park or hangout by the water in Berkeley Marina. The sociable Libra will also love mingling with locals at the bustling yet rustic Gather, or join the masses at Albatross, the oldest bar in town. With such a vibrant history and active social scene, Libra will love every moment here.

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Scorpio: Olympia, Washington (October 23 – November 21)

Illustration of Olympia, Washington

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Scorpio requires space for solitude and rejuvenation, and Olympia is the perfect getaway for the Scorpio that loves some alone time. Within driving distance of Mount Rainier and the Olympic National Forest and Tolmie State Park, Olympia is positioned perfectly to explore the picturesque Pacific Northwest landscape. There are also plenty of activities within city limits for a Scorpio, including the excellent Olympia Farmers Market and the picturesque state capitol building. This college town has so much tranquility and beauty to offer that it will balance out the Scorpio’s intense nature.

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Sagittarius: Ann Arbor, Michigan (November 22 – December 21)

Illustration of Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Sagittarius is a sign that bores easily, but this Midwestern town has so much to offer to keep this sign engaged throughout their trip. Sagittarius will definitely get swept up in the fan frenzy of the Michigan Wolverines by attending a game at the Big House and maybe even sporting a blue face! They are also considered the life-long learner, so they’ll love expanding their knowledge at one of the many excellent museums including Michigan’s Museum of Art, the Hands-On Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. In the warmer months, Sag can head out for a hike or play on the Huron River.

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Capricorn: Flagstaff, Arizona (December 22 – January 19)

Illustration of Flagstaff, Arizona

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Capricorns are often workaholics that struggle to fully relax, worrying more about budget than fun, and having more of a “my way or the highway” attitude. One of the biggest draws is Flagstaff’s proximity to the Grand Canyon and Sedona National Park, two crowd-pleasers that will impress even the Capricorn and force them to get off the grid. Capricorns are also more comfortable at a beer garden than they are a swanky, pricey cocktail bar, so they'll enjoy the several local breweries including Dark Sky Brewing and Mother Road Brewing, which will also fit nicely into their budget, as will the mom-and-pop shops and local restaurants that contribute to Flagstaff's small-town feel. Capricorn will get so much bang for their buck in Flagstaff that they’ll finally be able to unwind a bit.

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Aquarius: Ithaca, New York (January 20 – February 18)

Illustration of Ithaca, NY

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This hippie town is filled with so many unique features that Aquarius will learn just as much from the town itself as any school. From the local Ithaca currency (the Ithaca Hour, created to support local businesses) to Porchfest, a music festival where bands play on neighbor’s porches instead of stages, they'll feel truly embedded within this quirky culture. Aquarius can also be at one with nature in the many “gorges” hikes (the town's slogan is "Ithaca is Gorges") around the area, including Six Mile Creek and Watkins Glen State Park.

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Pisces: St. Augustine, Florida (February 19 – March 20)

Illustration of St Augustine Florida

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Pisces has a wandering mind, but St. Augustine will help keep their attention in the present while they explore all of the city's amazing historic sights from the past. St. Augustine has so much history from the Old City, including a house from 1723 and the Castillo de San Marcos fort built in 1695. Even the St. Augustine Distillery, where Pisces will be more than happy to treat themselves to a beverage break, is located in an old ice factory from 1907. Pisces can get wrapped up in learning about the tales of long ago instead of getting lost in their daydreams. Luckily for this water sign, St. Augustine has more than 20 miles of public beaches so a little daydreaming and relaxing is always an option.