The 8 Best Collapsible Luggage Items to Buy in 2018

If you love to travel but don’t have ​space at home for all your luggage, a collapsible suitcase may be the answer. These bags can compress down to be easily stored under the bed, on shelves or in drawers and can save space in an apartment or tiny house. There are a number of different types on the market that range from classic luggage styles to more unique designs that put an interesting spin on traditional travel gear. Here are the best collapsible suitcases to buy for your next trip. 

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    Made of durable material and sporting a unique “Micro Pop” design that easily compresses, the Road Warrior Collapsible Suitcase is a solid overall choice in a collapsible suitcase. The space-saving technology has ripcords (similar to a parachute) that can be pulled to collapse the bag into a more compact size. The bag is made from ballistic nylon, and when expanded, it measures 27 inches high by 20 wide by 13.5 deep​ but can collapse to just six inches deep. The Road Warrior also features an abrasion-resistant molded back panel, a retractable aluminum handle and reinforced corners for stability. Be aware that it does not have spinner wheels. 

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    Capitalizing on the multi-tier design of companies such as Dakine and Beschan, the 40-inch, “Black Large Rolling Wheeled Duffel Bag” by Transworld is a budget-friendly spin on these suitcases. Brown leather carry handles and trimming give it a stylish look, but the price is extremely competitive. The bag has three folding levels with the “carry-on” compartment on top (instead of the lower level) and had 360-degree spinner wheels. When fully expanded, it measures a whopping 20 x 30 x 40 inches​ and can compress down to save space when not in use. Amazon buyers noted that because it doesn’t have a retractable handle (just straps), rolling it can be difficult if the surface is not flat. 

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    For a bag that can be used for short weekend getaways, as well as longer jaunts, the Beschan Waterproof Expandable Wheeled luggage can adjust its size, making it a versatile choice for all trip lengths. When expanded to a checked bag, it measures 33 inches high by 25 wide and 11 inches long, but it can compress to 25 inches high for weekend trips. Made of waterproof high-density oxford fabric, it also packs down to just seven inches – making it very easy to store. This bag does not have a retractable handle, so may not be ideal for taller individuals and you have to be very careful with packing because it is easy to overstuff it. 

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    For a simple foldable suitcase, Ikea has a small suitcase that is lightweight and even fits most budget airlines’ restrictions for carry-on bags. The polka-dot suitcase measures 19 x 7.75 x 13.5 inches and is made from polyester with two wheels and stabilizing “feet,” so that it doesn’t tip over. It comes with a retractable handle with a curved design that is comfortable to hold and a massive exterior pocket. The bag had foldable corners​ so it can collapse lengthwise to compress down to a few inches, and also has clothing straps to hold items in place. However, there are no interior pockets at all, so packing cubes will be useful to keep you organized.

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    If you need a little help keeping your luggage organized, the Dakine Spilt Roller has a thoughtful design that makes it a great checked bag. The 85-liter bag (also available in 115) has two split compartments (instead of a thin lid) providing two distinct areas for interior storage. The “lid” side has two collapsible braces to add support and structure with a side compartment for shoes and a divider for smaller clothing items. The main compartment also has interior, see-through mesh, and there are also two exterior pockets for quick-access items. The bag is made from polyester and comes in 14 fun and bright patterns, plus it has a retractable handle and the ability to fold flat down to 7.5 inches high. 

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    Featured on the television show, Shark Tank, the 31-inch Biaggi Zipsak can pack down into a compact pouch that measures 18 x 14 x 5 inches. The handy pouch can be stored on shelves, closets or under the bed and is great for travelers who live in small apartment spaces. Made from crinkle-free Oxford nylon, the lightweight Biaggi Zipsak measures 31 x 18 x 14 inches and weighs just 5.7 pounds. Due to its folding ability, the bag needs to be full to truly hold its shape, so packing cubes are recommended to add stability. The luggage can hold an impressive amount of gear and rolls smoothly on spinner wheels, however, it does not have a retractable handle. 

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    If you need some more space in your luggage without taking up extra room in your closet at home, the ailouis 36-inch Expandable Luggage is an easy choice at a surprisingly affordable price. The bag is made of waterproof nylon fabric and rolls on five wheels for stability. There’s also exterior quick-access pockets and stylish straps to secure items. The bag has four, separate “main” compartments that can each expand – or be left compressed, with sturdy zippered closures and quality lining inside. The lower level of the bag measures 19 x 22 x 13 inches – fitting most carry-on requirements, and the entire bag can fold down to fit into shelves and drawers. 

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    Frameless carry-on bags are difficult to find, but the Lipault Soft-sided Luggage is specifically designed without a frame to make it lightweight and compact. The bag measures 22 x 8 x 14 inches and is made of 420 denier nylon that’s water-repellent (ideal if you need to board without a jetway). Its soft material also helps it fit more easily in the overhead compartment. The bag doesn’t have spinner wheels but can stand upright on its own and has a comfortable retractable handle. There’s an exterior pocket for grab and go items, additional space in the interior lid and it can even fold down when not in use to around two inches thick, allowing it to fit in the clear plastic casing that is provided. 

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