Nightlife in Bergen: Best Bars, Clubs, & More

Get ready for some great nightlife in Bergen, Norway. Travelers quickly find out that the local nightlife in Bergen offers great entertainment across numerous clubs, bars, and other places to go clubbing and partying - and here are the best locations in town:

No Stress Cocktail Bar

For a somewhat relaxed cocktail bar without the booming music or a grinding club atmosphere, try No Stress. It opens at 5:00 pm daily. The bartender here has a large variety of drinks in offer, including some with chilli and other rather unusual ingredients. The place is a bit on the pricey side, but definitely worth it and located right in the center of Bergen. And what in Norway is both central and cheap, anyway?

Dyvekes Vinkjeller

For less partying but more upscale-feeling nightlife in Bergen, visit this popular wine bar. Dyvekes Vinkjeller offers a medieval looking wine cellar year-round, and a very nice outdoor terrace that both visitors and locals love in the months with warmer weather in Norway. The place is away from the tourist crowds and makes for a wonderfully charming night out. Very historic and cozy feel down in the basement - don't miss going downstairs!

Zachen Pianobar (AKA Zachariasbryggen)

Zachariasbryggen Pianobar in Bergen
Zachariasbryggen Pianobar

This bar in Bergen is one of Norway's best piano bars. The view is wonderful, showing you part of Bergen fjord right outside the harbor-facing windows. At this bar, nightlife fans of all ages come together to party, karaoke, and listen to live piano music (except Mon/Tue). Try Jack's Burger for an awesome meal during the day in the restaurant part of this place. The portions are nice and big here. At night, have a couple of drinks with the locals and work your way down the large selection of beers and drinks.

The Fincken

Fincken is the oldest place for gay nightlife in Bergen. If you want to party - no matter what your orientation is - you can't miss this place with its lively atmosphere and friendly staff. Either way, order a drink named "Kyoto" here and enjoy a surreal interior showing very odd decorations on the walls!

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