The Best Cities in Sweden

Sweden's cities can differ a lot, so it's very interesting to visit more than one. But which cities in Sweden are best for travelers? Well, let's take a look at the characteristics of our favorites and pick the cities that suit you best. Travel from city to city in Sweden provides several transportation options and the connecting journeys between the cities are very scenic.

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The City of Malmö

Malmo Sweden
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The city of Malmö is one of the best Swedish city destinations for year-round travel. Southern Sweden guarantees you mild weather, and the amount of things to do in the area (not to mention the proximity to Copenhagen) make Malmö a visitor's dream. When planning your visit, just keep in mind that it's actually a lot quicker to get from Copenhagen to Malmö than getting from Stockholm to Malmö.

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The City of Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

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Naturally, the city of Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is an absolute must for visitors. You're likely to fly into Stockholm on your way to another Swedish destination. Make sure to take a day or two to enjoy the bustling metropolitan area that is Stockholm, and dash over to the amazing Vasa Museum and to Djurgarden, the idyllic island in the center of Stockholm.

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The City of Gothenburg (Göteborg)

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If you love nature and history but don't feel like dealing with a city full of tourists, Göteborg is the best Swedish city for you. Göteborg is Sweden's second-largest city and, sadly, is often overlooked by travelers. You'll find this charming city on the west coast of southern Sweden. It's also an ideal location if you need a central base from which you want to visit the Scandinavian capitals.

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The City of Uppsala


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Younger travelers will simply love Uppsala. Uppsala is the best city in Sweden for hot and hip nightlife - after all, it's a university town with thousands of students, lots of events and a great transportation network. But there are things that appeal to all ages: The long and interesting history of this city includes a Viking burial site called Gamla Uppsala and the ruins of an 11th-century church. Plus, it's just an hour away from beautiful but quaint Swedish town Gävle.

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