The Best Christmas Gifts from Poland

Christmas in Poland is one of the country's most important cultural holidays. The following are Christmas gifts from Poland that will surprise friends and family with their beauty and uniqueness. Shop for Polish Christmas gifts when you travel, and be sure to check out both Christmas markets and souvenir shops for the best options.

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Amber Gifts

Amber in Warsaw, Poland

Kerry Kubilius

Poland is famous for its amber jewelry, which makes a stunning, wearable gift. Though most amber jewelry is geared towards women, and many styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are available, cufflinks and tie tacks for men can also be found. Honey-hued, sparkling green, or deep beer-colored amber is often combined into one piece for visual interest and value. Warsaw's Market Square and Krakow's Cloth Hall are two sources for amber jewelry Christmas gifts from Poland.

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Polish Ceramics

Polish Ceramics
CC BY-NC-SA Van Felt

Hand-painted ceramic wear in traditional designs makes a great gift. While serving dishes and large bowls are available, it's also possible to find coffee mugs, cup-and-saucer sets, and teapots. Practical and durable, your recipients will have these gifts for years to come.

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Polish Vodka

shot of vodka (polish zubrowka actually, that is why it looks a bit dark) right from the fridge, over a glass surface
abalcazar / Getty Images

Vodka is Poland's national drink and is produced in a variety of flavors. Zubrowka, or buffalo grass vodka, is a typical Polish drink and easy to find in stores that sell food and alcohol. Another favorite is honey vodka, which has a slightly sweet flavor.

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Polish Folk Art

Polish Folk Art

Kerry Kubilius

Colorful carved figurines are examples of Polish folk art that will brighten anyone's day. These figurines are available in all price ranges and sizes. They depict peasants in traditional garb, nativity scenes, Santa Claus, saints, angels, or animals. These whimsical souvenirs of Poland make fun stocking stuffers, too.

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Gingerbread Cookies

Polish Gingerbread Cookies
CC BY Klearchos Kapoutsis

Festive, decorated Christmas gingerbread cookies can be found in Poland's Christmas markets. As tree ornaments or stocking stuffers, gingerbread cookies from Poland will greet recipients with Christmas cheer.

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