The Best Chocolate Shops in Charlotte

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    From "Just Chocolate" Shops to Decadent Bakeries, Here's Charlotte's Best


    If you're one of the many Charlotteans with a sweet tooth, you no doubt already have a favorite chocolate shop that you frequent. But if you're looking for something new, you're in luck. Charlotte has plenty of places to fill your chocolate cravings. Whether it's a quick snack or a special gift, here's a look at six of Charlotte's best chocolate shops.

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    The Secret Chocolatier


    The Secret Chocolatier

    Providence Plaza
    2935 Providence Rd, Ste 104

    and also at

    11318 N. Community House Rd
    Suite 203

    This local family owned, artisan chocolate shop is Charlotte favorite, and with good reason. They have an incredible variety of truffles and other assorted goodies, including their legendary "cake in a jar" and "sipping chocolate." No, that's not hot chocolate - its chocolate in liquid form (that's about 10 times as rich as hot chocolate). If you're looking for Charlotte-specific goodies for out-of-towners, you'll find them here at The Secret Chocolatier.

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    Twenty Degrees Chocolates


    Twenty Degrees Chocolates
    2820 Selwyn Ave
    Ste 160

    This shop located in Petit Phillipe does chocolate right. When you see how elegant the displayed choices are, you'll know that you're in for a special treat. According to one review, the chocolates here at Twenty Degrees Chocolates are, "gorgeous, the flavor is rich, inventive and gourmet." As a side note, the name "Twenty Degrees" doesn't refer to a temperature - but a reminder that the cacao tree (where chocolate comes from) only grows within 20 degrees of the equator

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    Bar Cocoa


    Bar Cocoa
    201 E Trade St.

    A decadent restaurant and retail experience in one, Bar Cocoa features all things chocolate. Bar Cocoa offers all day dining, chocolate retail treasures, daily chocolate afternoon tea, weekly five-course chocolate and champagne all-dessert dinners, and pastry cooking classes in their Cocoa Lab, where customers can see what it truly takes to make decadent chocolate desserts.

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    Chocolatier Barrucand


    Chocolatier Barrucand
    1 Union St S
    Concord, NC 28025

    Just glance at reviews, and you'll know what's in store here. "Unreal," reads one customer. "There is an amazing selection of chocolates here. Each one tastes like the best thing you've ever eaten" reads another. Chocolatier Barrucand's specialty is their "Chocolate Passions," a unique confection with a tart Passionfruit Caramel filling, covered in chocolate the shape of lips. They are available in six different flavors.

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    Davidson Chocolate Company


    Davidson Chocolate Company
    1235 A E Blvd

    Located in the Dilworth Neighborhood, Davidson Chocolate Co. knows chocolate. Their store is small, but it's still excellent. They even have a "first timers" box - an assortment of all their "must try" favorites
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    Amelie's French Bakery


    Amelie's French Bakery
    2424 N Davidson St

    If I had to pick a personal favorite from this list, it would be Amelie's. The thing is, I've only actually tried one thing here - the salted caramel brownies. They're just that good. My friends have tried plenty of other treats though, and they can all attest that just about anything from here is excellent. The chocolate croissants really stand out here as well.