Best Chinese Food Delivery in Austin

Who Delivers Good Food Fast?

Chinese takeout
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When you feel a Chinese food craving coming on, you probably already know what you want. The only question is: Who can get it in my mouth the quickest (without giving me food poisoning)? Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Austin that offer delivery.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl has attracted a loyal following in south Austin by delivering the food quickly and keeping it warm in transit. Popular dishes include the kung pao tofu, General Tso’s chicken and beef lo mein. 719 West William Cannon Drive; (512) 445-3399

Rice Bowl Cafe

Located in north Austin, Rice Bowl Cafe offers servings that are easily big enough for two. In addition to all of the standard dishes, the restaurant has a few notable specialties, such as crispy walnut shrimp, green onion pancakes and the spicy Szechuan radish appetizer. 11220 North Lamar Boulevard; (512) 835-8888

First Wok

A south Austin institution, First Wok is much better than its run-down exterior might suggest. Tucked away in a small strip center at the corner of South 1st and Stassney, the restaurant does have a small dining room, but it’s clearly focused on cranking out to-go orders. Despite the high volume, First Wok doesn’t scrimp on quality. Expect crunchy vegetables, spicy soups and well-crafted entrees. Crowd favorites include the orange chicken, sweet-and-sour chicken and moo shu pork. 603 West Stassney Lane; (512) 444-0077

Shu Shu’s Asian Cuisine

If it’s greasy, deep-fried Chinese food you’re looking for, this isn’t the place. However, if you want surprisingly fresh and affordable Chinese fare, you can’t go wrong at Shu Shu’s. The restaurant has excellent versions of General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian beef and broccoli and chicken. The business earns extra brownie points for using environmentally friendly to-go containers. 8303 Burnet Road; (512) 291-3002

Bamboo Bistro West Gate

A quaint family-owned eatery, Bamboo Bistro is known for top-notch noodle dishes, including Bangkok spicy noodles and Tom Yam spicy noodle soup. Other standout dishes include the crispy shrimp and honey chicken with curry fried rice. Leave room for one of the decadent desserts, such as fried cheesecake or the green tea ice cream. 6818 West Gate Boulevard; (512) 243-5588

China Palace

China Palace offers several vegetarian dishes, including basil marinated eggplant, broccoli with garlic paste and sesame tofu. For meat eaters, the orange chicken, Mongolian beef and spicy Hunan chicken are popular choices. A dish that rarely earns high praise, the egg drop soup from China Palace is a cut above the bland concoction made at most take-out places. The drivers generally do a good job of keeping the food hot on its way to your home. 6605 Airport Boulevard; (512) 451-7104

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